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Eight enormous Golems are spawning across the world, in places where the The Filth corruption is strongest. These monsters are being animated by The Gatekeeper, as one of Gaia's automatic defense mechanisms against the black liquid. In places identified as critically damaged, he enters through the nearest Agartha portal and walks to a particular location to create the Golem.

The Council of Venice has decided that, despite their purpose, these creatures are a danger to the 'secret' nature of the secret world, as well as to the residents of these areas, so members of the secret societies have been authorized to eliminate them.

The Anniversary Event celebrates the launch of The Secret World. It takes place each year around the beginning of July. It encompasses the "Guardians of Gaia," "Anomalies of the Filth," "The Love Generation," and "Corrupted Gatekeeper" events.


Each zone has a particular Golem associated with it. The related mission for that Golem is obtained while fighting it. Note that there is a 2-hour cooldown for these Golem missions, but each is unique and thus on a separate timer.

To start, the easiest thing to do is join the #Event chat channel "/chat join event". Players will announce Golems spotted in various zones and you can meet-up on them (right-click their name and select "meet up") to enter their zone and help fight the Golem. Many players also use the ShoutOut! mod, which makes the process of announcing a Golem somewhat easier.

When you enter a zone containing one of these bosses, there will be a skull icon on the zone map with the Golem's name next to it. Note that there are physical limitations on the number of players that can enter a specific zone on a particular Dimension, so if after Meeting Up you find yourself in a zone with no skull icon on the map, it is likely because the Dimension with the Golem filled up.

Before a Golem appears in a particular zone, The Gatekeeper spawns at the zone's Agartha entrance. It then walks to the location where the Golem will spawn. Upon arriving, The Gatekeeper will summon the appropriate Golem. Note that The Gatekeeper does not appear on the map as a golden skull, only the Golem does after it is spawned.

Most of the Lore and Achievements related to this event drop from the Golems or are near them. See the individual pages below for details.

Note: Starting in 2016 each Golem now gives tiered rewards depending on the player's contribution - Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The Gold tier reward bag has a chance to drop a corrupted Shard corresponding to the Golem that was killed. These Shards are used to summon the Corrupted Gatekeeper.


  • 2016 - 4th year anniversary. From 29-June-2016 until 13-July-2016
  • 2015 - 3rd year anniversary. From 01-July-2015 until 15-July-2015
  • 2014 - 2nd year anniversary. From 03-July-2014 until 17-July-2014
  • 2013 - 1st year anniversary, From 03-July-2013 until 15-July-2013


Name Golem Type Zone Mission Gold Reward Bag Pet Drop Clothing Drop Shard Drop
Pitiqtu Nasiru Mud Kingsmouth width The Guardian of Earth Genizah Shem of the Living Clay Eye patch, black Crazed Shard
Anzanunzu Nasiru Water Savage Coast width The Guardian of Water Genizah Shem of the Raging Torrent Eye patch, black Roiling Shard
Abnu Nasiru Stone Blue Mountain width The Guardian of Stone Genizah Shem of the Flowing Stone Eye patch, black Destructive Shard
Isatis Nasiru Fire Scorched Desert width The Guardian of Fire Genizah Shem of the Liquid Fire Monocle, black frame Agitated Shard
Basi Nasiru Sand City of the Sun God width The Guardian of Sand Genizah Shem of the Unforgiving Sand Monocle, black frame Furious Shard
Halbu Nasiru Forest Besieged Farmlands width The Verdant Guardian Genizah of the Elder Forest Shem of the Elder Forest Glowing eyes, green Ruinous Shard
Erbu Nasiru Pestilence The Shadowy Forest width The Guardian of Pestilence Genizah Shem of the Crawling Plague Glowing eyes, green Frenzied Shard
Kasu Nasiru Ice Carpathian Fangs width The Guardian of Ice Genizah Shem of the Frozen Truth Glowing eyes, green Aberrant Shard
Kaspu Nasiru Lunar Metal Fusang Projects width The Guardian of Strife Genizah Shem of the Lunar Metal Eye patch, black Frenetic Shard
The Patchwork Horror Tech Kaidan width The Patchwork Horror The Patchwork Horror (Bag) Patchwork Mech-Man Hakama, white
Jingasa hat, white
Kimono, white
Irate Shard
Corrupted Gatekeeper N/A Deep Agartha width The Gatekeeper Spoils of the Hallowed Earth Shem of the Seething Sliver The Dapper Buzz - Infused fingerless bracers, faction colored
The Dapper Buzz - Infused dress shoes, faction colored
The Dapper Buzz - Infused dress pants, faction colored
The Dapper Buzz - Infused open jacket, faction colored
The Dapper Buzz - Honeycomb t-shirt, faction colored

NOTE: All of these missions have a 2-hour cooldown.







All of the same as the 2015 event, including the Bohemian Grab Bag and Bohemian Party Sack, with the following changes:


3rd year anniversary. From 01-July-2015 until 15-July-2015.

Official announcement - Monthly Development Update - June 2015

All of the same as the 2014 event - including Missions and Lore, with the following changes:


2nd year anniversary. From 03-July-2014 until 17-July-2014.

Official announcement - Love & Loathing and a huge anniversary event

All of the same missions, lore, and achievements from 2013 with the following changes:

The additional bonuses offered this year were all offered concurrently rather than on specific days. Although, despite the event lasting until the 17th of July, these bonuses are only mentioned as being available until the 11th of July. The bonuses given to all members include:

The following bonuses were offered to Members and Grandmasters:


1st year anniversary, ran from 03-July-2013 until 15-July-2013

Official announcement - The Secret World's First Anniversary

A number of Golems appears, Gaia's second line of defense apparently. Supposed to be like an auto-immune system to fight off the filth and other corruption. However, they are going on a rampage and destroying indiscriminately. And so the secret societies have decided to kill them off and try to keep handling the situation on their own.

The following bonuses were offered to all players:

The following bonuses were offered to Members and Grandmasters: