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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Angels & Demons/tsw
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Start Location: Cafe Giza
Start Coords: 560,450
Given by: Zhara
Type: Investigation
Reward: 559,800 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Outside forces have long been interested in al-Merayah. Even demons have stalked these streets. In more current times, a subsidiary of the Orochi Group began operating here under the guise of advancing new farming projects. Their murky presence has raised the suspicions of Zhara and other locals


Dialogue Scene Name

Zhara: "When angels arrive, the demons leave."
Zhara: It is a nice saying, no? It gives me hope. Except...
Zhara: The angels are here.
Zhara: But so are the demons.
Zhara: They have been here a long, long time and they are not leaving.
Zhara: Some say the demons come only a little while ago, but this is not true.
Zhara: We have been living among demons for as long as anyone can recall.
Zhara: We have become blind to them.
Zhara: They are as much a part of this town as we are.
Zhara: But the others...
Zhara: Long before you came, long before the earthquakes and meteors and ruined cities opened up, there were others.
Zhara: Why would anyone come to this town, in the middle of the desert?
Zhara: I came here to escape,
Zhara: to hide.
Zhara: Unless you were born here, or want to die here,
Zhara: I can think of no other reason to live in this place.
Zhara: They were good at keeping secrets, the foreigners.
Zhara: They smiled and spent money, but kept to themselves...
Zhara: and no one, no one, questioned this!
Zhara: So I stayed quiet, because that is what you do.
Zhara: I am a stranger too, and I cannot afford to make enemies.
Zhara: I have a business to run. Still!
Zhara: Even as we face the plagues of Egypt, I have my customers to serve.
Zhara: And you angels, you need to eat and drink as well,
Zhara: so that you can finally drive the demons away!

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Orochi sends it's subsidiaries into all corners of the world. Their operation in al-Merayah goes through Plethron, a genetic research and bioengineering firm whose precise dealings are obscure and merit more investigation.
    • Find and examine a Plethron sign that offers more info about the firm
    • Locate and enter the Plethron office
  • Tier 2: Inspect the office to find out more about Plethron
    • Read all the messages on the computer
  • Tier3: Locate the shipping warehouse
    • Access the surveillance footage
    • Access the crate




The man in the dark hat has stolen something precious from Orochi. You have seen his shadow; you have seen the shadows of many things.

Plethron leads to Orochi, which leads to something called Prometheus, parts of which have been redirected to Cape Town by a man called B.

A long treacherous chain lies before you. Gauge your distance. Too close and it will hang you. Too far and you will lose sight.



Plethron have no operations in Cape Town. Yet, sensitive material they've gone to great lengths to acquire is currently on its way to Cape Town. Understandably, they're pissed.

"B" infiltrated their mysterious operation and rerouted its shipments. Infiltration, rerouting, acquiring sensitive information while getting under people's skin. Isn't that supposed to be your skill set?

Whoever this guy is, he's making you look bad. Figure out what Prometheus is and let's get ahead of the ball on this.

Fun fact: Orochi suspects that B was one of ours. I wish.



Plethron has done good work in the world. Their website assures us of this. But this "Prometheus" operation is alarming, even before considering the dead director and a series of shipments gone wrong.

We shall do our best to determine what is being transferred to Cape Town, and why.

In the meantime, we know that Orochi - working through Plethron - was shipping something other than foodstuffs and farm equipment. And we know that someone else became involved.

I wish I could tell you more about the man in the dark hat. Rather, I wish you could tell me.

R. Sonnac


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/3

  • Find and examine a Plethron sign that offers more info about the firm
There is one on the outside wall of the Cafe Giza building
Clue 1:
The door is locked, you'll have to find another way in
Go to (551,407) (West and outside of the area marked on the map - in a sort of courtyard). There is a door to a different building with stairs leading up. From there you can go across to yet another building and then from there to the target building

Tier 2/3

  • Inspect the office to find out more about Plethron
Clue 1:
Inspect the dead body on the 2nd floor
Clue 2:
Use the computer on the ground floor
Clue 3:
Computer's password hint - My surname is common in classic literature. And my clearance level is the key.
Clue 4:
His clearance is "GOLD-BUG"
Clue 5:
If you google "gold-bug" and "classic literature" you get The Gold-Bug, by Edgar Allan Poe
Clue 6:
One of the major features of that story is the encrypted message and how to encrypt/decrypt it
Clue 7:
Use the employees name
Clue 8:
Use an online encryption/decryption site to help, like this one - Substitution Cipher
The password is "305))". On the website given in clue 8, you leave the alphabet key as normal, set the encryption method to "Text:Gold-Bug" and then in "Message to Encode" enter his name, "Glass". That will give you "305))". Then read all the messages on the computer.

Tier 3/3

  • Locate the shipping warehouse
    • Marked on your map
  • Access the surveillance footage
There is a red-outlined set of controls in one corner of warehouse.
  • Access the crate
Clue 1:
The answer is in the cutscene from the surveillance cameras.
Clue 2:
You have to listen very carefully to the cutscene
The code is 2435. The sounds you hear on the video are the sounds the numbers make when pressed in that order.

Other Information

  • The man seen in the video is Berihun (not a spoiler - just related lore-type information)

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