Ancient Marya Atheneum (Instance)

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Ancient Marya Atheneum (Instance)
Region: Scorched Desert
Zone: Valley of the Sun God
Type: Instance
Faction: Marya

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You enter the Ancient Marya Atheneum while on the The High Cost of Dying mission. The entrance is a set of doors set inside a small cave located at (905,456), in the area marked Ancient Archive on the Scorched Desert map.

NOTE: This mission was once a solo-only instance, but it is no longer solo-only and is open to all group members.


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A fairly simple layout. The only bit that may not be obvious is that the entrances to the east and west wings don't open (or even appear as doors) until the appropriate time in the mission. So players may not realize they have to backtrack from the fire room to the central room before proceeding with the mission.

Ancient Marya Atheneum.jpg


Environmental Hazards

  • There is a pit immediately in front of you after coming down the stairs. Falling in that pit will cause you to take lava/fire damage until you die and respawn at the instance entrance again. The pit is relatively small and very easy to avoid. But, with the various stairs and daises and such it can also be overlooked until the player runs into it.


  • None

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