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Anastasia is a seer, with the gift of clairvoyance.[1] She was taught something of how to use it by her grandmother, Baba.[1]

At the age of 14 she ran away from her home, the city of Târnăveni in order avoid an arranged marriage. [1]

In approximately 2003 (assumed, based on the clue of 'ten years ago' and the release of TSW in 2013) she was in northern India staying in an Ashram.[2]. She met an old woman there, who was also a seer, and became friends with her. The old woman had a vision of the wagon, the spirits that owned it, and knew that those spirits had selected Anastasia to be the wagon's next caretaker.[2]

Visions led Anastasia to the wagon, and she has been with it ever since. The wagon is at lest somewhat sentient, and is a huge storehouse of knowledge. Anastasia is able to understand it and acts as both its caretaker and an interpreter.

She has had a strong vision that prophecies: "on the day Owl and Eagle and Dragon soar together, and the Eye brings the Champions forward, the Dark Sovereign shall fall."[3]. She came back to her come country of Transylvania where she met the Romany and traveled with them to her current location. She knows this site is the location she is supposed to be in for both her vision and her Indian friend, and so she waits to see what occurs.[3]



Involved in



Yourself #1
Anastasia: So you're telling me Alexander the Great left his three daughters here
Anastasia: to rule the forests as singing warrior sisters?
Anastasia: Fascinating.
Yourself #2
Anastasia: The question isn't who I am, not anymore, it's who we are. The wagon and I.
Yourself #3
Anastasia: He is a vessel of the Vântoase.
Anastasia: He belongs to the forest spirits, and he walks - well, rolls, I suppose -
Anastasia: around as a...repository of knowledge, of history and ancient languages.
Anastasia: A four-wheeled Wikipedia, edited by actual faeries.
Anastasia: Everything the forest spirits ever knew is in there.
Yourself #4
Anastasia: I was chosen to be his companion. To be his conduit to the world.
Anastasia: We complement each other.
Anastasia: Even though we've only been together a few years, it's hard ot imagine my life without him.
Yourself #5
Anastasia: I don't know how I was chosen, or why.
Anastasia: All I know is that I was drifting until I found him,
Anastasia: and then everything just made sense.
Anastasia: Te-he-he. He's my soulmate. It's a nice feeling.

The secret world

The secret world #1
Anastasia: The forest is the secret world at its purest.
Anastasia: Here the walls between the known and the unknown, between myth and the mundane,
Anastasia: between science and magic are thin enough to see through.
The secret world #2
Anastasia: There's been a truce in place here, between humans and the fearie, for centuries.
Anastasia: A symbiosis, an understanding of mutual respect.
Anastasia: The fay folk keep to the shadows of the forest,
Anastasia: and in return their human neighbours have given them what they need the most.
Anastasia: Faith.
Anastasia: They believe in them, and they keep the myths and legends, the songs and stories,
Anastasia: alive from generation to generation.
Anastasia: And now...that balance, that truce,
Anastasia: is in danger of crumbling completely.

The wagon

The wagon #1
Anastasia: The only, uh, person I talk to regularly is my wagon.
Anastasia: Well.
Anastasia: To call him mine would be a gross exaggeration.
Anastasia: He's his
The wagon #2
Anastasia: Life as his partner can be a bit lonely at times.
Anastasia: After all, a single woman living alone in the woods, engaged in conversations with a wagon...
Anastasia: Let's just say it's been a while since I had a date.
The wagon #3
Anastasia: But while it may get a bit lonely, it's never boring.
Anastasia: You should hear some of his stories.
Anastasia: With everything I've seen, he still manages to surprise me.

Random Dialogue

The following dialogs can be overheard randomly when standing close to Anastasia

Random #1
Anastasia: Well, the Drăculești were his family, at least in spirit.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: I don't mean that they're all necessarily related by blood, but they are related in purpose, in devotion.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: I admire that. They have that purpose, something they believe in so fiercely. It must be gratifying.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: I suppose there's some truth to that, but sometimes if feels like I just sit here, doing nothing. They go out, they act. They go head to head with darkness, and they go about it with such...vigour. There's something incredibly stoic and heroic about them. I feel like I'm just waiting in limbo, that disaster is looming and I'm just...
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: (giggles) Well, you certainly know how to make a girl feel better about herself.
Random #2
Anastasia: Were they always called deathless?
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: Well, I'm not so sure. History points to them being something completely different. The fact that they came here during the Crusades and the height of Templars involvement can't be-
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: Yes, I'm sure the Order was an important part of it, but that was later. I don't think-
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: Now you're just being deliberately obtuse.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: (laughs)
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: And you'd think they'd get tired of that life, or unlife.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: I wonder if they believe it still. If they think there's an end. If they want it to end.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: We can always hope.
Random #3
Anastasia: So Mara and Dracula were married before she was turned. What happened.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: Oh, you're such a hopeless romantic. There must be so much more than that. I'm sure it was a great love, but I can't believe she was turned for no reason. Someone must have used her to get him.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: The whole thing makes Romeo and Juliet sound like a lighthearted comedy.
Wagon: ...
Anastasia: Let me just get a cup of tea, and then you must tell me more about the Iele.