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Analogue Revival
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Coords: (694,1123)
End location: [[(694,1123)]]
Given by: Strange radio
Type: Item
Reward: 149,600 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

An old military radio lies on the back of a track surrounded by Red Hand crates. This is no Cold War relic, but an essential part of the Soviet hybrid operations that have been taking place.


  • None

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: There's no telling the importance of the signals this radio may be used to broadcast - information regarding shipments, tactics, reconnaissance. If only there were a way to listen in.
    • Examine the radio
  • Tier 2: A faint signal can almost be heard, something distant, a scraping at the back of one's mind. With the right tools, it should be possible to verify that the radio is in working order. Perhaps the frequency could even be strengthened to make it easier to intercept and monitor.
    • Find tools to inspect the inner workings of the radio (0/3)
    • Inspect the radio and strengthen its frequency




We are familiar with the kinds of signals being broadcast in the region. We may or may not have been instrumental in their development. The Russian Woodpecker. The Buzzer. The Siberian Pulse.

Great experiments.

The frequency of this radio is not designed to broadcast information, but signals and triggers - ones that you may or may not be able to hear, but which resonate in the minds of the hybrids and thereby control their operation.

Thanks to your efforts, we are not tapped in to the latest variation of these signals. We will learn to decode them, and manipulate their to our favour.


Really, people still use these things? Ugh, analog revivals make me sick.

This Soviet hybrid operation is extensive and there's no doubt transmissions need to be sent to control and order things. However, there are competing theories about the exact nature of a radio like this.

a) the radio is being used to transmit basic messages regarding shipments and tactics. b) the radio is being used to transmit signals/codes that somehow control the hybrids.

Either way, we're tapped in now and cross-referencing with the UVB-76 file. If there's a code to break, you'll be the first to know.



Signals intelligence is a rarefied game, my friend. Your work here shall further confirm that we are the very best in the business.

The frequency is now being monitored by a select group of our finest polyglots. Nothing is coming through at the moment - other than a very distant scraping sound. Like cutlery from a neighbour's dinner party. One hopes this isn't UVB-76 all over again.

I have no doubt there will be words sooner or later, hopefully ones that describe more than the local weather.

Speaking of which, we are having a spectacular spell in London. One is almost tempted to wear shorts.


R. Sonnac


There are 1 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/2

  • Examine the radio
    • On the truck at mission start

Tier 2/2

  • (0/3) Find tools to inspect the inner workings of the radio
    • There is a yellow-outlined toolbox labeled "repair equipment" inside the building the truck is parked next to
    • Another one in the small guard shack next to the gate arm
    • And a third one in the round bunker across the road
  • Inspect the radio and strengthen its frequency
    • Go back to the truck and use the radio again

Other Information


  • "The Woodpecker" is a nickname for a Soviet radar system, Duga-3
  • "The Buzzer" is a nickname for a Number Station also known as UVB-76
  • "UVB-76" - UVB-76 is a Number Station that emits a buzzing noise when not broadcasting words or numbers
  • "The Siberian Pulse" is Unknown



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