Amaya Yu

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Amaya Yu
Amaya Yu.png
Region: Venice
Zone: The Sunken Library
Coords: (268,263)
Children: Twin Sons
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
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Amayu Yu is an employee of the Orochi Group, working in Kaidan on the Mitsubachi Project, was last seen in Ginpachi Park with her twin sons.[1] Her twins are bees, [2] and since evacuating Kaidan, she and her twins can currently be found idling in the The Sunken Library.

She is also an online friend of Harumi Nakahara. [3]

Other Information

It's uncertain which division of Orochi Group she worked for.

While trying to find her for Harumi you discover evidence that seems to suggest she was able to not only travel into Agartha, but was also able to bring her children with her. Since this is deadly for most normal humans, she was mostly likely able to do so with the help of her twins, who are bees.


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