All Roads Lead to Rome/tsw

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All Roads Lead to Rome/tsw
Mama Abena.jpg
Region: Hub
Zone: London
Start Location: The Haitian Market
Start Coords: (137,154)
Given by: Mama Abena
Type: Investigation
Faction: Templars
Reward: No Data
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: [[Update TSWicon.png Update 1.4 / SWLicon.png 1.0]]


If something is marked with the TSWicon.png icon, it pertains only to The Secret World.
If something is marked with the SWLicon.png icon, it pertains only to Secret World Legends

Mama Abena knows much about London - its history, its people, and its hidden truths. To her, the city is a living entity, one that must be respected and listened to. Open yourself to London's past, and it will open itself to you.



Mama Abena: (calls for attention)
Mama Abena: Slow down, child. Why you rush so sharp-sharp?
Mama Abena: Delay yourself.
Mama Abena: Temple Hall has been here for a thousand years.
Mama Abena: It will perhaps stand a little longer, while you take time to breathe in the magics.
Mama Abena: This is not the London you knew before, the London of brick and mortar.
Mama Abena: This is her heart, her soul. Let her speak to you through the wind in the trees, the smoke on the air...
Mama Abena: and the prophets on street corners.
Mama Abena: All you need to do is listen.
Mama Abena: The Templars, they tell you about the power, the magic and the glory.
Mama Abena: That is why you're here.
Mama Abena: The bees, they are anxious. They feel the storm coming.
Mama Abena: (chuckles) But no one was born a hero, child, they got to learn.
Mama Abena: And the teaching, it come from all places.
Mama Abena: Not just the Templars.
Mama Abena: Not even the blessing of the bees.
Mama Abena: The truth, it does not come with a fancy office or a tailored suit.
Mama Abena: The fallen king, now he has neither, but appearances deceive.
Mama Abena: His words hold deep truth.
Mama Abena: Remember this well.
Mama Abena: As for me, I tell you a little truth.
Mama Abena: It is not about glory or power. Do not run blindly into this war.
Mama Abena: Open your eyes and you will find what you search for.
Mama Abena: Just like the powers of the Earth found you. Ibi so, ibi so.

The Fallen King

The Fallen King: "Knock knock!" No takers?
The Fallen King: Ah, fair enough, I'm not convinced I can remember how the rest of this one goes.
The Fallen King: Ah. the gist of it is that the planet doesn't like you.
The Fallen King: Ha-ha! Don't expect to be on her recycled Christmas card list.
The Fallen King: Oh, I know, snap judgements are hurtful. She's only had a few millennia to get to know us.
The Fallen King: It takes time for a person's true personality to come out.
The Fallen King: Ask the Romans, they had a good run.
The Fallen King: Laid this pretty paint-by-numbers under your feet, and that road too.
The Fallen King: Ask the stones. Lot of blood and sick and kebab sauce split on those stones.
The Fallen King: They turn up in the strangest places, these Romans. So
The Fallen King: ask their stones, lay your head down on them and go the whole milia pasuum.
The Fallen King: Not right now, you'd look crazy and I'd be done for inciting mass hysteria. Again.
The Fallen King: Here's what they'll say:
The Fallen King: nothing. Ha-ha! Sorry!
The Fallen King: Their whole empire meant nothing.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Mama Abena spoke of teachings and deep truths coming from all places, including fallen kings and street corner prophets whose appearances may deceive.
    • Follow Mama Abena's guidelines.
  • Tier 2: In his latest raving, the Fallen King speaks of Romans and roads and empires that meant nothing. He urges you to ask their stones if you want to know more.
    • Find out what's so special about the stones.
    • Follow where the stones lead.
    • Follow the paths of memory.
    • Explore the excavation.
  • Tier 3: Inside the Londinium excavation is a Roman temple of uncertain purpose. At its heart is a familiar image that seems incomplete.
    • Inspect the image.
    • Complete the image.
    • Proceed further into the temple.
    • Pass through the earthgate.
    • Finish the Roman journey.
    • Enter the portal.


"The Secret World" "Secret World Legends"
997,360 Experience total 1,875 Anima Shards
249,340 Experience for tier 1 9,569 XP
498,680 Experience for completion of tier 3, at report Patron Patron Bonuses: 282 Anima Shards, 984 XP
25,000 Pax Romana Pax Romana Weapon Reward Bag, 2 x Talisman Reward Bag, Glyph Reward Bag
Golden Coin QL10 Luck Talisman
Torch (Non-combat QL0 "A lit stick wielded to shed light") Torch (Non-combat item, increases movement by 25%)


width Dragon

The legacies of the Roman Empire pervade the modern world. From culture to currency, there is no escaping what they have done. We are fortunate that they never succeeding in marching through the centres of the world. The resulting models would have been imperial and excruciating.

Of course, we cannot rest on good fortune. The ambitions of the Romans - or rather, of that particular offshoot we are monitoring so closely - persists like a bad meal in the stomach of the world to this very day.

width Illuminati

We've been getting some nasty reports about the Romans recently. I don't mean like incest and throwing people to the animals. I mean like serious global threat to our operation. After all this time, their legacy is still causing problems. And as far as I can figure it, invading Agartha was just the tip of the iceberg.

It's going to take some time to line our Roman ducks up in a row. In the meantime, I'm going to need you to go ahead and learn Latin.

Fun fact: Caligula was never one of ours, but that doesn't mean he can't be my favorite.

width Templar

We must strive to be both efficient and impeccable in our investigations, especially on the home front. Abroad as well, of course, but the thought of others knowing more than us about our own backyard is repugnant. Imagine, hordes of Illuminati and Dragons scurrying beneath our feet and carrying precious knowledge out of the cracks. I would think a plague is coming. As to to the Romans who scurried beneath our feet all those years ago, it looks like their obsession with road systems was far more ambitious than we imagined. We are not yet certain what plans they had for the roadways of Agartha, or whether this pursuit has survived in any way. However, given what we've learned of certain Roman cults in other parts of the world recently, this new information is equal parts pertinent and troubling. R. Sonnac


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

TSWicon.png Obtain a sword, any sword will do, you will not lose it.

Tier 1/3

Tier 2/3

  • Find out what's so special about the stones.
    • Click on the faint image on the ground
  • Follow where the stones lead.
Clue 1:
Look at the stones at the edge of the mosaic
Clue 2:
Reading clockwise the stones are "blank, blank, sub, maximus, arbor, blank, ille, flevit, dixit, 'inferius, sicut, superius'"
Clue 3:
It's latin
Clue 4:
"Sub maximus arbor, ille flevit dixit 'inferius sicut superius'" translates to "Under the biggest tree, he wept and said, 'below as above'"
Clue 5:
There is a large tree in Ealdwic Park
Go to the tree tree north of the stage in Ealdwic Park, at (147,288), you will see a message about the trees whispering above. Use the "/cry" emote
  • Follow the paths of memory.
    • Follow the golden trail to a door in the Bazalgette leading to the solo instance Londinium Excavation.
  • Explore the excavation.
    • Lingering Caretakers do not attack.

Tier 3/3

  • Inspect the image.
  • Complete the image.
    • The right hallway: Fire burns, take your time. Get to the end, pick up the gold coin, use the lever.
    • The left hallway: Pick up the torch, go right again, go straight back. Pick up the coin, turn around and head back to where you came from.
    • The mouth:
TSWicon.png Disassemble the broken sword hilt. Reassemble using the glyph and the sword from your inventory. (Your sword will not disappear.)
SWLicon.png Use the sword hilt, it will extract the glyph. Use the sword and it will attach the glyph to it.
    • Complete the image by placing the three items.
  • Proceed further into the temple.
    • A stone tablet says Consequuntur Veneris Alter, Alter Mercurii Cursus, in Infimoque Orbe Luna Radiis Solis Accensa Convertitur as you enter.
    • It translates as Followed by all of Venus and Mercury running and, in the rays of the Sun, the Moon revolves, lighted sphere still lower
    • This is a reference to how the Roman's viewed the solar system, specifically Ptolemy's seven planetary spheres (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn).
    • Light the braziers in the correct order. From the tablet (South) to the door (North) you would light 4 (273,232), 5 (273,241), 6 (273,249), and then 3 (273,224).
  • Pass through the earthgate.
    • As you enter the room the Construct will attack. There is no need to attack the construct. Just run around until it enters it's repair phase.
    • Make your way to the Agartha portal and begin to levitate.
    • Repeat the attack/run and repair phase until you proceed to the next mission step. After 4 to 5 repair phases you will be able to proceed through the portal.
  • Finish the Roman journey.
    • Notice that the step has changed.
  • Enter the portal.
    • Click yes.

Other Information


  • TSWicon.png This mission requires you to have at least Faction rank 10 in your faction
  • SWLicon.png This mission requires you to be level 50.

Related Achievements


  • "Ibi so" is Latin for "there"
  • "milia pasuum" is Latin for "mile"




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