Algernon (Monster)

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the Monster. For other uses, see Algernon.
Type: Wendigo
Level: 27
Rarity: Rare monster
Damage Type: Physical
HP: 6,100
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Map Co-ords: (662,437)
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL

Algernon is to all appearances a typical Wendigo. He is perhaps slightly tougher than other wendigo in the area, but if so not by much.

Special Abilities

Related Missions

  • None

Other Information

  • Walking around on top of the burrow at the given location causes Algernon to appear at a location slightly south-west of the burrow, at (657,428). He will not be visible until you approach his mound.