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Type: Unknown
Difficulty Rating: World Boss
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Damage Type: No Data
HP: Elite:?
XP Awarded: Elite:?
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Slaughterhouse
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
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Aleksei-Chetyre is the sixth and final boss encounter in The Slaughterhouse dungeons.

Special Abilities

Phase 1 – Aleksei-Chetyre
Phase 2 – Aleskei-Dva
Phase 3 – Aleksei-Chetyre
Spawned adds


Phase 1 – Aleksei-Chetyre

To start, approach Aleksei-Chetyre in his cryogenic chamber and he will break out (causing a small amount of physical damage with Cryo Explosion). The tank should take him down off the platform, which is now covered in Cryptobiotic Hazard. Walking or standing on it will give the Cryptobiotic Effect DoT.

The boss casts Ice Shot, which is a ground target AoE, shown by red circles, under all the players except the highest threat (the tank). The group has a few seconds to position themselves so that the circles don't overlap. If the circles overlap when they turn to ice, players in those circles take significantly more damage.

Next, Aleksei-Chetyre will return to the platform and shoot ice bombs across the encounter area, which should be easily avoided. He will follow that with an ice spray on either side of the area.

When he casts Ice Imprison, 1-2 players will be encased in ice and become the Ice Prisoner. All DPS need to quickly focus the Ice Prisoners to break out the players or they will die after a few seconds.

The cycle will repeat until Aleksei-Chetyre is at approximately 40% health, at which time the floor will break apart and the group will fall into the chamber below.

Phase 2 – Aleksei-Dva

The group will find themselves in front of Aleksei-Dva (32k HP), a large flesh lump. He will cast New Flesh to summon Failed Experiment adds. Ignore the adds and focus down the boss.

As soon as Aleksei-Dva is dead, kill the adds and then quickly run in the opposite direction to Aleksei-Chetyre.

Phase 3 – Aleksei-Chetyre

If the group does not move to Aleksei-Chetyre quickly enough, he will begin to Yank each player. Lower health players may not survive.

The boss casts Toxic Ooze Release to spray poison across the group. It is not as easy to avoid as the ice, so healers should watch party members.

Aleksei-Chetyre also casts Splatterhouse which encases 1-2 players in flesh. DPS need to focus down the resulting Flesh Clump or the players will die within a few seconds.

When the boss is down to about 15% health, he will reactive Aleksei-Dva, who will summon the Failed Experiements. Simply focus down Aleksei-Chetyre.