Albion Theatre Control System

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Control System
The Albion Theatre Control System allows for customization of a variety of stage effects.

The Albion Theatre Control System enables players who have paid the rental on the Albion Ballroom to add a variety of theatrical effects to their presentation. The controls, which are accessed backstage, allow customization of the curtains, backdrops, cutouts, setpieces, lighting, effects, and audio available to the player who "rented" the Ballroom. Players can acquire additional backdrops and effects by completing missions in game, or by purchasing certain items from the Set Designer located on the second floor of the Ballroom.

Control System Detail

Each subsection is available by entering the number of the choice in the text box at the bottom of the interface.

  • Option 1 controls the curtain.
  • Option 2 allows access to variety of backdrops earned by the player, including colored gradients, faction backgrounds, a starry sky, a matte black backdrop, and a greenscreen.
  • Option 3 allows access to cutouts that have been earned by the player, including generic, adventure, and monster cutouts.
  • Option 4 allows access to setpieces that have been earned by the player, including generic, adventure-themed, and landscape setpieces.
  • Option 5 allows access to a variety of lighting effects, including spotlights, house lighting, and more.
  • Option 6 allows access to a variety of stage effects, including snow, rain, wind, confetti, fire, and filth.
  • Option 7 provides sound effects and music to enhance the performance.
  • Option 8 allows player stage managers to "set" certain scene choices for easy access mid-performance.

Earning Theatrical Items

A base set of controls are available by default. However, by pursuing the Opening Night achievement, the player can add to his or her available features.

Stage Ambiance
Players have substantial control available over the setting for their performances using the Albion Theatre Control System.