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Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Mission

Akma is one of the most rare and despised of creatures: half human, half demon. While most of his kin are born of violence and bloodshed, Akma was born of love. His human mother and demon father were building a life that was violently and tragically curtailed by fanatics who saw Akma’s parents as race traitors. His home burned to the ground, young Akma fled into the wildnerness, alone and afraid.

Caught between two worlds, accepted by neither, the orphaned Akma was captured by slavers and sold to a Mongol warlord. At first, he was a trophy, a lucky charm for a conquering army, but as he grew into a young man his powers manifested and his strength became evident. The khan made him a soldier, and eventually a leader of men; feared because of his heritage and demonic left hand, respected for his courage and bravery. He led the khan’s armies to many bloody victories.

Akma eventually won his freedom. Tired of war, he left his adopted homeland to wander China and Korea, eking out a living as a journeyman. But Akma’s talents lay in death and violence, and he could not escape his fate. Eventually he took on the trade of many an exiled demon: a hired hand, a bodyguard, a killer.

Through the centuries, Akma has served many masters, but favoured none. He did his job, kept to himself, avoided contact with the rest of humanity and with the demon dimensions. Until, that is, he met his current employer.[1]

Now residing in a Seoul hotel, he lives to serve his mistress, and she in turn serves the The Dragon in ways of the heart, spirit...and body.[2]


Involved in

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