Ak'ab Cocoon

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Ak'ab Cocoon
Ak'ab Cacoon.jpg
HP: 200
Region: Solomon Island

Ak'ab Cocoons can be found anywhere on Solomon Island that Ak'ab are encountered. Unlike Draug Brood Pods, they will not spawn a monster just from players being in proximity or from a stray attack/hit, but must actually be attacked and destroyed before the monster appears.

Upon destroying an Ak'ab cocoon, there are three possible results:

  • The cocoon disappears, and nothing else happens
  • The cocoon disappears, and a Loot Bag appears in its place
  • The cocoon disappears, and spawns an Ak'ab monster. The exact monster that appears is dependent on the area the cocoon is found in, and will be of a similar variety to the other Ak'ab in the area.