Agartha Custodian

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Agartha Custodian
Region: Agartha
Zone: [[:Category: Characters|]]
Background Information
Species: Human
NPC Information
NPC Type: Lore

Agartha Custodians are the mechanical guardians of Agartha. They are the mute sentinels that point to the various locations throughout Agartha where there are working exits from Agartha back to real locations throughout the world. Custodians appear to be indestructible, but there is at least one instance of a Custodian being rendered inoperable by a powerful artifact from Shambala[1]. While they appear to be lumbering gentle giants, it is fairly obvious that they have a more important role than just looking impressive.

It can be surmised from their appearance and sturdiness that they are the protectors of Agartha. From what or from whom they protect Agartha, is not known at this time. It is also not known who created them, and set them about their tasks. The Stationmaster probably knows more about them than anyone, and he currently is not saying a lot about the mysteries of Agartha, including the Custodians.

It is possible that they were created during the "Third Age of Man" when much of the technology was Anima and Clockwork driven[2]. This is given additional support by the miniature guardians found in the City of the Sun God during the The 3rd Age mission, which appear to be very similar to the Agartha Custodians[3]



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Involved In


There are several dialogue options available when you talk to the Custodian:

  • New England - Kingsmouth Town
  • New England - The Savage Coast
  • New England - The Blue Mountain
  • Egypt - The Scorched Desert
  • Egypt - City of the Sun God
  • Transylvania - The Besieged Farmlands
  • Transylvania - The Shadowy Forest
  • Transylvania - The Carpathian Fangs

For each dialogue option, the Custodian does not actually say anything, but turns and points to the Agartha exit that leads to that location.