Agartha (Solo Instance)

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Agartha (Solo Instance)
Agartha (Solo Instance).jpg
Zone: Agartha
Type: Solo Instance

This solo instance is used by the To Catch a Thief or Rogue Agent faction missions.

Note: This area is completely separated from the normal Agartha zone, and is only accessible while on the To Catch a Thief or Rogue Agent mission. While on the proper Tier of that mission, you will be unable to access Agartha using the normal portals, as they will try to take you into this Solo Instance. However, if you do need to get into the regular Agartha instance for some reason, your Agartha Token will still take you there.

NOTE: This is a solo-only instance


Involved In


This is a fairly convoluted map, and if not following the map below can take a fair bit of trial and error to find your way through. Not all portals behave the same - some work the same forwards and backwards and some take you to one place in one direction but do not take you back to the original portal if you go back through them.

Agartha (Solo Instance).jpg


Environmental Hazards

  • Like normal, if you fall off the branches, you will be returned to the start of the zone. Although jumping down off one branch to land on another is permissible (and even required).


  • None