Adorable Backpack

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Adorable Backpack
Adorable Backpack, store.png
Gender: Unisex
Slot: Coats
Source: Item of the month

The Adorable Backpack is the July 2014 Item of the month reward for members and grand-members. Also awarded is a Backpack, grey.

This item was picked by players in an Item of the month poll

The backpack is shaped to look like an animal of some sort, perhaps an owl.



The Adorable Backpack is only available in the following color:

  • Brown - The main body is brown, with pink stomach, feet, and face. There is a brown heart in the middle of the stomach.


Female Male
Adorable Backpack, brown, female.png Unknown.png

▪ Chest ▪ Coats ▪ Face ▪ Feet ▪ Hands ▪ Hat ▪ Head Accessory ▪ Legs ▪ Uniform