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Achievement Points are, simply, points that are gained by completing Achievements.

General Information

Added in Update 1.11, all achievements were given point values (although some could be worth 0 points) that are awarded to your character upon successful completion of the achievement.

Each successful completion of an Achievement adds to your total amount of Achievements Points. The amount added is dependent on the achievement completed, see individual achievement articles for point values.

Spending Points

Unlike other types of points (Ability Points or Skill Points) - you do not truly "spend" Achievement Points. Instead, your total number of Achievement points is used to determine what you are able to purchase from the related vendor, Doctor Caligari. The items he has for sale require a minimum amount of Achievement Points in order for you to be allowed to purchase those items. However, the items themselves do not "cost" achievement points, and your number of points do not decrease upon purchasing an item.

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