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Achievements are acknowledgements that a character has performed some special deed. They could be earned by fully exploring and area, completing a number of missions or certain missions, killing a number of monsters, collecting lore, etc.

Most achievements award Achievement Points, a number you can use to compare how many achievements you have completed. Since Update 1.11.3, you can buy special items from the Doctor Caligari located in each hub based on how many Achievement Points you have gathered. Most achievements give Experience points awards, and select achievements also give rewards upon completion - titles, clothing, etc.

Achievements can be earned in any of the following areas:

  • Global - Global achievements are general achievements that don't fit in any other category.
  • Regional - In addition to exploring, there are achievements that can be earned by doing various things that are specific to a region.
  • Exploration - Earned by exploring all the various nooks and crannies on the map, there are achievements for each zone in a region as well as the region as a whole.
  • Lore - Similar to exploring, there are achievements for gathering various bits of Lore that can be found throughout the world.
  • Pets - Achievements for collecting various Pets
  • Decks - Achievements for completing the Decks of your faction as well as for purchasing the inner-ring of each weapon.
  • PvP - There are achievements for each of the PvP Zones as well as for various actions that are common to all the zones.
  • Monsters - These are achievements you get for killing various monsters, rather than other players.
  • Bosses - Achievements for killing unusual monsters - rare spawns, lair monsters, etc.
  • Missions - There are achievements for completing special types of missions, missions for various groups, missions from various regions, or total number of missions completed.
  • Scenarios - Achievements related to scenarios content.
  • Dungeon - Each dungeon completed, at each difficulty level, awards an achievement.
  • Raids - Achievements related to raid content.
  • Issues - Achievements related to issue-specific content.
  • Sidestories - Achievements related to Sidestories DLC
  • Events - Achievements for various events that only happen during certain times of the year.

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