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Ability Categories are used to define the mechanics of certain weapon abilities. Many passive abilities modify all active abilities within a particular ability category, thus creating various synergies among abilities within the same weapon skill in addition to abilities from different weapons. Along with ability categories, abilities can also cast a certain State on the target

List of Ability Categories

  • Blast - Attacks that deal damage in a cone in front of the player
  • Burst - Rapid fire of three or more attacks at once
  • Chain - Abilities that will target multiple enemies in a chain
  • Direct Heal - Large single target heals
  • Focus - Channels
  • Heal Over Time - Small single or multiple target heals over a period of time.
  • Frenzy - Attacks with an area of effect
  • Strike - A normal attack on a single target
  • Summon - Abilities which call forth Drones, Turrets, or Manifestations to do damage or healing.

Categories by Weapon