A Piece of the Road/tsw

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A Piece of the Road/tsw
PIecemeal Chopper.png
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Start Location: Sheriff's Office
Start Coords: (170,345)
End location: [[(725,818)]]
Given by: Sandy "Moose" Jansen
Type: Action
Requires: Franken Chopper
Reward: 68,920 Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.11.3

Given just enough spare time and spare parts, Moose has cobbled together a motorcycle. He would like you to take it for a test drive and find the parts to put the finishing touches on it.



Moose: "Call no man happy until he is dead."
Moose: Herodotus said that.
Moose: As a kid, I thought he was making bitter commentary.
Moose: But what it actually means is that the value of something can't be determined until you can look at the whole -
Moose: until the final tally.
Moose: When that tally comes, where do you think you and I will stand, my friend?
Moose: When I busted out of my cubical coffin and found the road,
Moose: I though I was adding to that tally.
Moose: Then I abandoned the road to help Andy and Helen and the rest of the survivors.
Moose: That added something new and special.
Moose: But I still get pangs for the open road. Two loves pulling me like a wishbone.
Moose: Can't complain though. Some people drift through life feeling no pull at all.
Moose: Guess longing for the road set me to tinkering.
Moose: Found a little free time and spare parts and the next thing I know, I've nearly completed a bike.
Moose: I like to keep busy. Idle hands are the Devil's playthings, or so they say.
Moose: But it's more complicated than that.
Moose: What you craft with your hands eventually crafts you.
Moose: I don't want implements of death to be the only thing these hands work on.
Moose: I don't want that defining me.
Moose: I've got the bike stashed nearby. It's not finished.
Moose: In fact, it's running very rough, but you can take it for a test spin.
Moose: I'll give you a call when you're on the road.

Tier 1

Phone call from Sandy "Moose" Jansen while heading to Edgar's Scrapyard

Moose: Engine sounds rough, don't it?
Moose: Head over to Edgar's. He has some parts set aside.
Moose: Should be just the thing to get that ride up to speed.

Tier 2

Phone call from Sandy "Moose" Jansen after repairing the bike

Moose: If the engine's purring, you've done right, friend.
Moose: Should be handling like a dream now.
Moose: But you might be able to coax a little more speed.
Moose: One of the survivors, who came to us from the airport, told me about odds and ends she saw there,
Moose: and I think you'll find just the thing to give you a boost.

Tier 3

Phone call from Sandy "Moose" Jansen after upgrading the bike

Moose: Sounds like that bike is ready for the big country.
Moose: I'd like you to have it. You've done a lot for us,
Moose: and a piece of the road is the best gift I know how to give.
Moose: So go rev the engine. Romance the horizon.
Moose: When the final tally comes,
Moose: I'd like to think you'll look Herodotus int he eye, give him a wink,
Moose: and say it was a good ride.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Moose says it will run rough, but that you should take the patchwork motorcycle out for a ride and find the parts to complete it.
    • Examine the bike
    • Get on the bike
    • Exit the sheriff's station
    • Reach Edgar at the scrap yard
  • Tier 2: You should be able to find the parts you need at Edgar's scrap yard.
    • Find fuel pump lubricant
    • Find new exhaust
    • Repair the bike
  • Tier 3: The bike is complete, but Moose thinks you can get more speed out of it. He thinks the airport will have what you need.
    • Go to the airport
    • Find parts for an engine upgrade
    • Find a bottle of nitro
    • Upgrade the bike
    • Pickup the bike




Sometimes, the road is the dragon's tongue. You can hear the stories when the breath of the wind plays off it. We have heard the stories of the successful walking corpse that was Sandy Jansen, who died and rose again as the living Moose. We know of the black dog that tailed him on the desolate, cornfield roads in Central Illinois. We know the family he helped from a feral pack of vampires in Mexico. We know of the Vodou mambo who promised him a favour of eternal gratitude in Louisiana. We know what the writing on the wall said in the motel room in Nevada. Does Moose follow the weird, or does the weird follow him?


There's an office pool still going to see if Moose and Andy get together. Sandy "Moose" Jensen's file has some surprises. Before turning Easy Rider, he was quite the power-playing Wall Street analyst. Traded it all in for a Harley-Davidson-Jack-Handy philosophy. Does not compute. Oh well.



A knight errant on the lonely road. Free of master or creed or responsibility. The world is his kingdom. I wish Sir Moose well, but we are not free of responsibility. We have much to do, though I do not begrudge you your new chrome steed.

R. Sonnac


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/3

  • Examine the bike
  • Get on the bike
    • Use it to get on it
    • While you are on the bike you will have the Piecemeal Chopper buff in addition to your normal Sprinting buff
    • While you are on the chopper, your normal ability bar is replaced by a special bar. Initially only ability #7 is available, which is "Dismount" to get off the bike.
  • Exit the sheriff's station
  • Reach Edgar at the scrap yard
    • Head down the road towards Edgar's Scrapyard
    • Stay on the road, and follow the red arrows. If you go the wrong way or leave the road you will get a warning message
    • At least 2 or three times the bike will stall out and you will be Hindered by a Backfire be unable to drive any further for at least 10 seconds. During that time, you will be attacked by 3-4 Ravenous Hordes or Returned Townies
    • The trail will lead you to just outside Edgar's Scrapyard, at (607,663)

Tier 2/3

  • Find fuel pump lubricant
    • Inside a shipping container, located at (661,690)
    • Use the yellow outlined "Fuel pump lubricant"
  • Find new exhaust
    • In a box, located at (607,714)
    • Use the yellow-outlined "New exhaust"
  • Repair the bike
    • Go back to where you parked the bike outside of Edgar's Scrapyard and use it to repair it
  • Pick up the bike

Tier 3/3

  • Go to the airport
  • Find parts for an engine upgrade
    • Inside the left-hand building, against the far wall
  • Find a bottle of nitro
    • Inside the same building, on near the wall opposite the engine upgrade
  • Upgrade the bike
    • Go back outside to where you parked the bike and use it
  • Pickup the bike
    • Use it again to get on it
    • Now that the bike is complete, whenever you use it you will have the Franken-Chopper buff when you are Sprinting

Other Information


  • "Franken-Chopper" is a combination of slang words.
    • Franken is a shortend form of Frankenstein and is used as prefix to words to indicate that the item has been put together from various similar pieces
    • Chopper is slang for a motorcycle that has either been modified from its original manufacturer build or has been custom built
  • Herodotus was a Greek historian
  • From the Dragon report:



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