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SUMMARY of A New Mission Begins is in no longer in progress. Pardon any incomplete or erroneous parts on this page in the meantime.

At the end of The Secret War, each faction was presented a rabbit hole in the form of their community un-lockable. The mouth of the hole was different for each faction; on May 29 everyone who agreed to venture further was contacted by email or text message and directed to www.blackwatchmen.com and given a BWC terminal code.

As the clues were followed, a disturbing pattern emerged. A game was played with an Inspector, on the hunt for a serial killer, by a man who refers to himself as Mr. Whitechapel from the Black Watchmen.

Sidenote: If you clicked the blue pill by accident or followed the clues for the wrong faction you can start back at the community unlockable and work forward again.

Individual faction paths

To read about the paths taken by the individual factions, from May 20th through 28th, visit the following pages.


May 29, 2012 - Seal 1

Anyone who agreed to be contacted later at the end of the individual faction rabbit holes received either an email or a text message. The message contained a link to the webpage http://www.blackwatchmen.com and a unique six or seven digit BWC terminal code (here shown as 0's). Upon visiting the webpage, viewers are prompted to enter their code after which they are taken to the disclaimer page.


We are contacting you because you have chosen to embark on this mission. You passed the test, this is your reward. All faithfulness requires a proof. So far no blood is necessary. Just acquire some data. If you are The One, you will understand what to do.



Good luck.
E-mail, no source

You have passed the test. Now the mission begins. http://www.blackwatchmen.com/ 000000(0)
Text message, no source

After agreeing with the disclaimer, a video starts playing. A woman, an police Inspector, was seen on the phone discussing a previous case which she has been working on for six years. During her conversation she mentions a case, at the end of Seal 2, this is now know to be the "Letter" case. At the end of the video, an image with the Futhark character R and the following message appear:

Go to funcom.com and hit 33 to start your journey.
Now the real challenge begins.
WARNING: Use at your OWN risk.

Viewers who then went to the funcom.com and typed 33 would find the 33 gate, discussed by the Community in February 2012, but with the left bottom red light flickering blue.

In order to unlock the rune wheel, Community members clicked the 'R' from the message and then the center circle. The next webpage, titled Seal 1, was similar in style to the ones containing the puzzles discovered in the Community Unlockables. A similar boot process is seen which contains this youtube link. After a username was entered it asked for passcode in the form of XXXXXX-XXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX.

Wagtails abound at this point, mostly concerning Abigail Brown, her husband, children, and will. As many had discovered, blue flowers can be placed at the graves by anyone on the findagrave.com website and thus none of the flowers and their messages were clues.

The youtube title contained the actual hint, Third Eye Blind. Not shown but "present" are the Eye of Providence or All Seeing Eye; which is in the Great Seal on the back of the United States one dollar bills seen in the Seal 1 image. According to the wikipedia article on the Eye of Providence, its use on the one dollar bill is attributed to Pierre Eugene du Simitiere. The Templars had the clue, "His real name," which Illuminati members also discovered while exploring their puzzle. Pierre Eugene du Simitiere was born Pierre-Eugene Ducimetiere.

Seal 1

After entering any username and Pierre-Eugene Ducimetiere for the passcode, another video opens. This video can also be found by clicking on the second light on the 33 gate, which had turned from red to blue once the first seal was solved.

Our "friend" from the first video is sitting in a room, likely in a police station, behind a transparent writing wall which has the numbers 18-6 on it. She closes the book she is reading and, standing at the wall, writes 24-14-21 and then 3-1. Right before she turns away she says mouths something, the second word is thought to be "me".


At the end, two Futhark runes (for A and P) to be used at the rune wheel of the 33 gate are shown. Once unlocked the wheel gives way to a wooden door, a lock covered by a metal bar with a padlock with the text "The next seal is not yet available," followed by, "Available June 1st".

Second set of runes
The 33 gate after Seal 1 was solved

June 1, 2012 - Seal 2

At 16.00 GMT, Seal 2 could be reached by going back to the 33 gate and entering the two Futhark letters given at the end of Seal 1 on the rune wheel. Viewers got to see the seven numbers written on the board in the previous video with the 18 striped out, likely referring to the number 18 found in Seal 1. The rest of the video shows the same woman as in the previous two, adding a fragment before and after the video given before Seal 1. Together with the abrupt ending of the video, it has become clear that it is only a fragment of an even longer video which will gradually be unlocked. Once the video has played, viewers can click to continue onto the actual puzzle of Seal 2.
The form of the puzzle was the same as before, this time requiring a simple passcode of 11 characters long. It was immediately noticed that the image on the left pointed at the Epsom Derby. Only minutes later, Emberlain posted that the small image on the right top pointed at Suffragette Emily Davidson. The other clues were the large picture of Suffragette Alice Paul and the letters ZPZKVVV changing with rot13 into MCMXIII or 1913, the year Emily Davidson died during the Epson Derby. The password, Suffragette, was found in less than 20 minutes after the Seal opened, right after Emberlain's post.
Seal 2
This led to another site, slaughterhouse666.com, containing another puzzle and a new video different from the ones seen before. A video feed ID is asked which can be from one to three characters long. The ID was found within 10 minutes, being the number 14 found in Seal 2. This unlocked the second part of the new video fragment which now has the number 14 also crossed out. At the end of the second video, the Futhark characters <, M, and R were flashed.

Some community members noticed a clickable envelope symbol in the bottom right hand corner of the slaughterhouse666.com webpage. When clicked it lead to the following letter:

LETTER FROM Mr. Whitechapel

Dear observer,

So you like serial killers? That’s great, we do too… We just recently adopted one and helped him settle down.

But you know how kids are… they sometimes lack focus. To help ours, we asked this lovely murder investigator to try to stop him. Just to spice things up a little. But this puzzle and website were actually meant for her.

Now sadly, you stumbled upon our experimentation and distracted us.

As long as you don’t interfere, there should be no consequence to your little trespassing. But let us be clear, there are things in this world that you are just not aware of. There are realities that, as puny civilian, you cannot even start to comprehend. Don’t go down the road Dorothy, you could be in for a big surprise.

Now I have to go. Tomorrow we will have our first guest, visiting our prodigy! I am so excited… In exchange for your obedience, I am willing to let you take a peak.


Mr. Whitechappel, pastebin

Following the second pastebin link lead to information on Algorithm B.

Algorithm B

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Encoded Video Feed: 26dL/y5uREk=


All your base are belong to us, Commodore 64


. AC-130

. Evelyn De Morgan

. Louis Antoine de Saint-Just

. 52.31, 13.24

. 50.7, 8.41
suspected, Mr. Whitechappel, pastebin

Following the embedded tinyurl lead to an online decryption tool.

Evelyn De Morgan, was a painter, with a work titled "The Angel of Death."

Louis Antoine de Saint-Just was a leader during the French Revolution and called the "Angel of Death."

52.31, 13.24 and 50.7, 8.41 both map to locations in Germany

The three sets of clues put together lead to Stephan Letter, who killed elderly patients in his care while working as a nurse - commonly called an Angel of Death or Angel of Mercy by criminologists.

Slaughterhouse666 also sponsored an advertisement at the unfiction.com Alternate Reality Gaming forums which lead to a forum thread that began on May 26, 2012. They received an entirely different set of clues.


Unfiction.com Slaughterhouse666 clues

The Alternate Reality Gaming site, unfiction.com received the following clues, beginning May 26, 2012.
So you want to see more?

Mcdo Triad trio.mcdonaldSPLATgmail.com

Then I hope you will enjoy your journey,

1. Ufyruhxyl Jcwbombech

2. http://tinyurl.com/wrtoume

Bye bye Dorothy...
Mc. Triad, forum post

Forum use nomad goes on to explain that 1. Ufyruhxyl Jcwbombech is a Caesar cipher shift of 20 that translates to Alexander Pichushkin, a Russian serial killer.

Forum user FuzzyGoodle shifts the end of the tinyurl in 2. by 20 and gets http://tinyurl.com/cxzuask which leads to a pastebin.

Now let's pump it up a little bit ladies.


Willie 18

Pete 88






Please contact: xxxxxxxxxxxSPLAT@gmail.com
suspected, Mc. Triad, pastebin

Forum user ThinSuit posted the WHOIS information:


Registrant: Bundy, T

  care of Network Solutions
  PO BOX 459
  Drums, PA. US 18222
  Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
     Bundy, T


     Human Equation
     care of Network Solutions
     PO BOX 459
     Drums, PA. 18222
  Record expires on 22-May-2013.
  Record created on 22-May-2012.
  Domain servers in listed order:
ThinSuit, forum post

Forum user MrToasty found that the initials from the pastebin are from Jack the Ripper's "canonical five victims: Mary Ann Nichols, Annie Chapman, Elizabeth Stride, Catherine Eddowes, and Mary Jane Kelly. Also called the White Chappel murders.

Forum user romper2004 sent an email to whitechapelSPLAT@gmail.com and received the following, "Let me show you love. Devoted, passionate, physical.. Meet me on June 1st. -Jack."

Forum user pia ward noted that the Macdonald Triad, also known as the triad of sociopathy, is a set of three behavioral characteristics that were originally claimed, if present together, to be associated with later violent tendencies.

As of June 1, the small white envelope link lead to the first pastebin appeared on the slaughterhouse666.com image and lead the unfiction forum users to the first letter from Mr. Whitechapel and the clues The Secret World forum community received with the opening of the second seal on June 1.

June 6, 2012 - Seal 3

Once the third Seal became available by clicking the Futhark runes < M R, gained at the end of Seal 2, it leads to more video, "It's all about the pentium", of the police inspector that we've been watching. In the video she claims to know who the next target is and mentions a flash drive. The numbers 18 and 14 are crossed out.

When you click on the link at the end of the video it takes you to Seal 3 and a slightly different boot sequence. The names on the cassette tape were crew members from the film Carrie 2:The Rage. The photo is of a painting titled Leningrad.

After entering their selected user name, community members noted the change in sequence, instead of asking for a user ID the boot sequence asks for a change in path. Many assumed that the path name would be in the xx-xx format (as this was the shape of the previous path name) but it was, instead, Leningrad.

Once that was entered the following sequence appeared:

Folder Sequence accetped
Connection to www.blackwatchmen.com
Loading folder Leningrad
File Quimper.jpg loaded
File Brighton.jpg loaded
File Luxembourg.jpg loaded
File xxxxxxx.jpg file corrupted
File Bordeaux.jpg loaded
File Geneva.jpg loaded
System ready, enter passcode xx-xx-xxxx

Returning to the Blackwatchmen website, the full file names are typed into the name bar and an image is provided.

Seal 3
Seal 3
There are a variety of ways community members reached the solution to solve the corrupted file name. The most common (and likely intended) was to map the points of the locations; in the center is the French commune of Orleans, France.

When entered into the Blackwatchmen website, an image of Joan of Arc, the Maiden of Orleans, is shown. Joan was burned at the stake, familiar imagery from the Seal 3 page, and died on May 30 1431. When entered into the Seal 3 page as 30-05-1431, for the passcode, instead of providing runes for the unlocking of the next seal it said, "Transmitting data to Agent Massing. Waiting for Video Feed."

Community members went back to the http://www.slaughterhouse666.com/ website where they entered the number 6 into the video feed, it switched to a webpage feed showing static playing Morse code which, when translated, said, "You have til June 7th to save her."

TSW Forum user Zeitgeist contacted Agent 303, known to the Dragon as Georgia Miska, to ask about saving "her". She responded, "Sorry, I have nothing on my side. Did you had any clues that could help you reach her? Any luck with the usual email provider. - Agent 303."

Zeitgeist then guess the email address of Astrid Massing, our police inspector, and received the following: "Are you with the feds? That was quick. The code is PMZSTr8atGxNMVsEOSiv7jyiocluMt18xbHxZlkpnGw= Email me if you crack it. If you have anyone else who can help, please share. Time is running out...

Community members cracked the code using the decryption tool from the Letter case and the date of death for Joan of Arc, providing the location; 35 Oxford Street, Providence, RI.

Zeitgeist send the information back to Ms. Massing who responded with, "We are on our way - ETA 20 mins." Followed by, "We are securing the area. i will give you update as soon as I can." And then, "SHE IS SAFE AND SOUND! We make a good team! Thank you for your help, I will finish the report by tomorrow morning..."

Now community members can input the date of death as the passcode and are taken to a different video feed with Astrid Manning, the police inspector. It sounds as if she is speaking with a superior and they are discussing a saved target. A second conversation begins on the phone, this time in German. The runes for E, B, H, and M are shown (look like M, B, n and a sideways x with legs). The conversation translates as:

Yes, hello. It's me.
Can we meet?
No, it can't.
We meet on Alcatraz.
See you soon.
Joan of Arc

June 9, 2012 - Seal 4

The unlocking of Seal 4 began when participants received emails at 2:30 PM UTC from Mr. Whitechapel of the Blackwatchmen, warning that a decision was to be made in 2 hours and they had the option to take the blue pill.

Two hours later, at 4:30 PM UTC the following email was received.

Incoming message from Mr. Whitechapel

Someone helped our little agent and saved the cheerleader… I guess congratulations are in order.

I need to point out that aside from your overzealous work, so far, only the Dragon deemed our existence worthy of an official investigation, even if they only assigned a rookie agent on the case.

I should actually take pride in this. I wonder when they will wake up and realize the situation. Well, at least, you deserve more credit than them. You are here. Waiting for my next puzzle and still trying to figure out the whole picture.

Take two minutes to think about it, and please ask yourself: do you really think they are worthy of having you in their rank? I am reading your emails, listening to your calls, watching you at home and I see myself back when I was just a pawn… Back when my actions didn't really matter.

You still don’t have any clues of the true power behind what we are doing. Nevertheless, you were not able to resist interfering. I admire your instinct, this life-force in you.

If you are truly loyal to your society, take back the blue pill and have a nice day. Don't solve the next puzzle and go to sleep.

Will something bad happen if this next puzzle is left unsolved?

Will something bad happen if this next puzzle is solved?

Who knows…

One thing is for sure, on June 15th, the circle of life will carry on…

Please bear in mind one thing: if you wish to proceed, three of you will have to betray your society. These three rogue agents will be warmly welcomed among us, but do not underestimate the consequences.

As for the rest of you, loyal to your society, loyal to your conviction: let's see how you can keep everyone in rank.

Here is your <Faction> personal key: #xx#################

Game on.

Click here if you wish to take the blue pill and not be contacted again. * Warning, there will be NO second chance if you click the link.
Mr. Whitechappel, email

Once the three rogue agents were found, the lockdown page became available. Clicking the "Proceed at your own risk button" took people to the new seal.

On review of the boot sequence, as many previous clues have been found here, the website address http://pastebin.com/OpxEcls6 is discovered.

The pastebin site shows the following:

  1. BEGIN###
  2. Pryocollodion >
  3. A . LZ 129 Hindenburg
  4. S . http://goo.gl/maps/zBNG
  5. L . Glenn T. Seaborg
  6. ###END
  7. KEY: X-X-XXX
  8. VALUE: hbN6RZ3BFS+0t8Oo0kf7wp1z8PeVNofM3M3IRFUPZTg=

Pyrocollodion is a smokeless powder known to be spontaneously combustible and does not leave remnants behind; invented in Russia. The LZ 129 Hindenburg was a German commerical passenger-carrying airship that used hydrogen; infamously known due to the Hindenburg disaster on May 6, 1937. Glenn T. Seaborg, was the primary or co-discoverer of 10 elements and originally part of the Manhattan Project. The map link is shown to the right.

Community member MorsRattus discovered the passcode by noticing that the Hindenberg points to hydrogen, atomic number 1. Borax, the airport in the map, is also a brand name of soap made with boron, number 5. And Gleen T. Seaborg had an element named after him, atomic number 106. 1-5-106.

Those numbers were used to decrypt the key in the pastebin page which lead to http://www.shakespeare-navigators.com/.

The photos on Seal 4 are all take from Shakespeare's tragedies, 11 of the 12 are represented. The only one missing, Hamlet.

Putting the links together between the previous mention of Alcatraz (end of Seal 3), the provided link to Shakespeare plays, and community member VeroProDiGY remembers that Hamlet was once performed on the island.

Act 1, scene 5, line 106 is, "O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!"

When entered as the passcode, a video-feed loads, once again with police inspector Massing.

Here she is seen facing the board. The number sequence has been reordered and she crossed out the numbers 18, 14, 6, and 24 (in Seal 4) and circled number 21.

18 14
1 21 6
3 24

She also writes "Unsub Male 35" and "Technician/medical expert." She begins to write out, "Last known loc..." when she received a telephone call.

The conversation, originally in French, translates as:

Thank you for calling me so fast
It’s serious
No no no it’s really serious
I didn’t expect this reversal of the situation, not at all
Listen, without the help of these 3 people I couldn’t have access to his profile
Did you have time to check it a little bit?
Ok call me back
Ok bye.

The runes for M, U, and A, are shown (look like a sideways x with legs, n, and F) and the familiar barred door with the date of the next seal: June 15, 2012.

Seal 4
Boot sequence

June 15, 2012 - Seal 5

The fifth seal contains a telegram card with "TENTATIVO FALLITO" which translates to "Failed Attempt" and トラ・トラ which is Japanese for "tora tora" or "tiger tiger"; most famously known as the command given during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

A photo of a Japanese plane, likely a Mitsubishi A6M Zero Japanese fighter plane used during World War II.

A necklace with the symbol of the monogram of the Empress Maria Fedorovna, mother of the last Russian tsar and receiver of the first Faberge egg.

A piece of paper with Karl Gustavovich Faberge, also known as Peter Carl Faberge, a Russian jeweler best known for the Faberge eggs.

And a three of spades playing card.

Common themes immediately noticed were WWII Axis members Italy and Japan as well as Ally member Russia (then the Soviet Union) and connections to Faberge eggs and the House Faberge.

When an incorrect passcode was attempted, the message received, was, "Wrong house: please try again."

There are several routes from this point, to reach the actual correct passcode, along with many wagtails. Research into the Italian angle, based on the "Failed Attempt" lead community members to Golpe Borghese who attempted to lead a coupe of the Italian governement in 1971, using Tora Tora as a code name. Reviewing the Borghese family history eventually leads to Napolean Bonaparte. Which also ties in with the Napoleonic egg, given to Empress Fedorovna.

It is important to note that the passcode is House of Bonaparte not just Bonaparte. The console then asks you for a family authorization, Borghese. This leads to http://pastebin.com/vaKiSnHP. The pastebin contains a list of years and countries going from 2012 back to 1955. 1954 states "File corrupted."

Investigation of the years and countries leads to the discovery of the Bilderberg Group, which holds, unofficial, invitation only meetings every year. The first was held in Hotel de Bilderberg in the Netherlands in May of 1954.

Typing in Netherlands provides you the optional file http://tinyurl.com/ckgn5v3 and a prompt to answer the last family authorization. The optional image file shows a tram thought to be in Arnhem in the Netherlands and the reflection in the window is Travelex, and above one of the pipes is ID 102548911. If anyone has an explanation for how these clues tie together...

Further research into the Bilderberg Group and various conspiracies reveals strong ties with the Rothschild family among many other American banking families.

Enter Rothschild as the final passcode and a new video of Inspector Massing opens. Side note: The key tying all of these clues together is the Aldobrandini family. Who have ties to both the Russian tsars as well as Napoleon and the Rothschilds. A link some in the community noticed and others did not but many reached the same end point.

Massing reads a list of names, requesting a background check on a list of online profiles: Mr. Whitechapel, terryplague, Thinsuit, Coffeegirl18, TheChosenOne, Ferigad, Metria, Flyingdragon, Agteor, Thorebane, Shadowner, Karmakamikaze, and Amelia. Mr. Whitechapel is a known alias for a member of the Blackwatchmen, Thinsuit and Coffeegirl18 are from the Unifiction forums, and the remaining names are from the official Secret World forums community. She is unsure if they are friends or foes, but definitely on her "radar".

The Futhark runes for A, R, and N flash (look like F, R, and a pivoted X) appear.

Seal 5
Boot sequence
Pastebin list
Optional image

June 16 - The Traitors

One June 16, 2012, many community members received an email from The Black Watchmen.
Recent treachery in our rank has come to our attention. In a unique meeting where we had to set aside our differences for a short time, the topic of Mr. Whitechapel was addressed.

Until you receive further instructions to deal with the case of the rogue agents, you have to pronounce yourself on the fate of your brothers and sisters.

The Black Watchmen, email

Following the link lead to http://www.thesecretworld.com/33/index.php/vote which appeared to have the names of the members of the three Faction who turned rogue in order to unlock Seal 4. It appears, once the majority of the voting was complete the the Dragon and Templars chose to save their agent while the Illuminati chose to punish theirs. More telling, in the end, is that the Illuminati votes for punishment versus glorification appear to be separate by 10%.

Choose Their Fate

June 20, 2012 - Seal 6

Seal 6 opened with another video at slaughterhouse666.com showing the man seen before putting down a large white bag. As the white bag can be seen moving slightly at the end of the video, it is assumed that someone is inside. The video ends with a link pointing to Seal 6's puzzle, being relatively empty compared to the previous seals with only three items visible: an orange, the shadow of an upside-down cross and the number '1'. Both the orange and cross do not hint at anything at yet and are wagtails. Throughout the seal, a lot of jokes have been made as soon as something could be linked to orange.

Once a name is entered the first clue shows up, being a link to pastebin.


Mrs. Peacock with the Rope in the Library
Mr. Falco with the Revolver in the Driveway
Miss Scarlett with the Candlestick in the Conservatory

pastebin, pastebin

Note: At first the pastebin contained a typing mistake, saying 'Mr. Flaco' instead of 'Mr. Falco'. This was corrected after users noted the mistake on the forum as can be seen here.

The first and last lines are solutions of the game Cluedo, making the middle line stand out as both Mr. Falco and the Driveway are not part of the game. This line points towards David Berkowitz, a serial killer who killed six people in New York. The value in the pastebin file can be decrypted using base64 with his nickname 'Son of Sam' as key. This yields a tinyurl pointing towards an image on googledocs. It was immediately noted this was likely our killer seen in the Slaughterhouse666 videos. The solution to the passcode was in Edward's date of birth which can be shortened to 6.6.(7)6. Devil, Satan and Lucifer all were valid answers to the passcode.

After entering the passcode, another tinyurl was given together with the hint "Divine Comedy subroutine started; Enter key no. 1". The tinyurl pointed to a livestream where viewers could see a wall covered with paper and a picture in the middle. The picture was quickly found to be an illustrion for John Milton's Paradise Lost by Gustave Doré showing Michael casting the rebel angels out of Heaven, the angel Lucifer being featured in the middle. Lucifer was cast out of heaven because he committed one of the seven deadly sins which are also covered in Dante's Divine Comedy. Lucifer's sin, pride, is the solution to the first key as first found by Dick Johnson on the livestream's chat.

Once key one is entered the log will state "Superbia subroutine online; Enter key no. 2". Superbia means pride in Latin and points back to the previous answer although it was mistaken by many for a clue due to the lack of any other clues. Roughly two hours after the livestream was found, at around 3h50 into the first stream, a female appeared on the screen. After moving the picture of the previous key aside, she wrote an A with a dash to the right-below of it somewhere near the top right corner of the screen (leading to her nickname A/Girl). This was mistaken by many as a clue for the key, as later on it appears it was the first part of something else. About one and a half hour later, the actual clue for key two was given by 'lollipop' girl. It was solved by various people before being completely written down, the answer being Jane Toppan, another serial killer.

June 21, 2012

June 22, 2012

Following the pattern of the seven deadly sins, key 5 was related to greed. The first clue came during the night, with several flashes of a flashlight lighting up a part of the wall to show the newly added text. It read: 'Contact Seven travelagent.omega@shadowlfights.com' shadowflights.com was the website used in the Illuminati's community unlockable. When e-mailing the given e-mail address the following response was given:

I will be out of office for an unlimited period of time.
travelagent.omega@shadowflights.com, no source

With more importantly, the following clue located in the signature of the e-mail:

For a MAN, the sun didn't rise. What was the time for all the other men?
P.O. Box 33 - Freetown
travelagent.omega@shadowflights.com, no source

There are two clues in this signature, each serving a different purpose. The first line remained unsolved for some time as Chris Casiona quickly managed to solve the key with the second clue, being the location provided. Freetown is the capital of Sierra Leone, the main location of the film Blood Diamond which relates a lot to greed. Entering Blood Diamond would unlock the Avaritia subroutine.

However, it was quickly made clear that something was missed and that whoever was on the other end of the livestream, they were not happy with that. Soon a new paper was put up, reading in big capital letters: 'I SAID SEVEN'. People went back to the riddle provided in the e-mail's signature but remained unable to solve it. Around that time they were contacted by Msika, an agent appearing in the Dragon's community unlockable. Msika made a few things clear, both regarding the context of the entire ARG and the current seal. According to Msika, Mr. Whitechapel is after a manuscript which is guarded by the seven of which six had already disappeared. Note that in every seal someone was killed in the Slaughterhouse and at that time the sixth victim was kidnapped too already. Msika stressed it was vital that the community contacted the seventh agent before it was too late, advising them to split into two groups: one checking out on serial-killers including the Jack the Ripper on unfiction (dubbed the blue team as they used a blue color for their text), another working on the riddle (dubbed the purple team as they used purple chat).

The two groups went to work, the blue team going to a separate IRC channel to lessen the clutter. At one point user EquityXIII from the blue team came back to the main IRC channel, having solved what MAN stands for. MAN together with other other initials were given on the unfiction forums as a clue to a puzzle. It was found they are all initials of Jack the Ripper's canonical five. MAN or Mary Ann Nichols died in the night of August 31, 1888 and therefore the sun didn't rise for her that day. For everyone else however, the sun rose at 5.11am which is the answer to the riddle. E-mailing travelagent.511@shadowflights.com gave the following response:

I will be out of office for an unlimited period of time.

Still not solid @ 0 K?

P.O. Box 33 - Kinshasa
travelagent.511@shadowflights.com, no source

Kinshasa relates to another city in Africa which can be associated with Blood Diamond for the already solved key 5. The riddle relates to science, reading full out: 'Still not solid at 0 Kevlin'. There is only one element which is not solid even at the absolute zero, being Helium which will remain liquid at that temperature under a normal pressure[1] as immediately pointed out by user Hippie.

I will be out of office for an unlimited period of time.

Danny, Danny.. Don't write on the bathroom door!

P.O. Box 33 - Luanda
travelagent.helium@shadowflights.com, no source

In the film The Shining, Danny writes 'REⱭЯUM' on the door as immediately found by user Hippie too. Note that 'REⱭЯUM' read in a mirror spells 'MURDEЯ'.

I will be out of office for an unlimited period of time.

No fear of death, nor fear of rot. Blood thirsty in the hollow hills.

P.O. Box 33 - Brazzaville
travelagent.redrum@shadowflights.com, no source

This riddle puzzled the community a bit more. It was unclear if hollow hills was referring to the book, a song by Bauhaus or just tombs or graveyards. Eventually user BudTheSlug linked the riddle to Bela Lugosi. 'No fear of death, nor fear of rot' points to the lyrics of the song which say 'For fear of death in fear of rot'. The group Bauhaus has another song called 'Bela Lugosi's Dead', pointing to the death of Bela Lugosi who was famous for his role as Dracula which links to the riddle again.

I will be out of office for an unlimited period of time.

I have a 6 eyed friend hunting in the corner...

P.O. Box 33 - Harare
travelagent.belalugosi@shadowflights.com, no source

It was immediately noted that this is a reference to spiders. At first it was thought to be the six-eyed sand spider but any combinations of that name or its Latin name were found to be incorrect. User mib_d qqba1 however found another spider in the same family of venomous six-eyed spiders called the Chilean Recluse which in Spanish is known as the araña de rincón, or "corner spider".

I will be out of office for an unlimited period of time.

I am not a number, I am a free man!

P.O. Box 33 - Monrovia
travelagent.chileanrecluse@shadowflights.com, no source

This riddle is a quote from the series The Prisoner, said by the protagonist of the series called 'Number Six'. The entire mystery of the series revolves around who is 'Number one'. The e-mail addresses travelagent.1@shadowflights.com, travelagent.#1@shadowflights.com and travelagent.numberone@shadowflights.com were all found to be valid, but upon e-mailing gave no (auto)-response. The community continued to puzzle on the riddle, questioning whether or not Number One was the correct answer or not. Eventually at 10.37am EDT (GMT-4) a response was received by everyone who had e-mailed one of the e-mail addresses. This time only the following message was included inside the e-mail without a signature:

Manuscript Key Code: 1.038
travelagent.1@shadowflights.com, no source

The e-mail's title, 'This is the end, my only friend', referred to a line out of the song The End by a group called The Doors. Using that as an answer for the e-mail addresses yielded the following e-mail (without a title or signature):

No really... It is the end.
travelagent.thedoors@shadowflights.com, no source

Solving the final puzzle - To be removed once we get caught up

So, sorry we're behind... If you're like me you've tried to keep up, failed, and you've enjoyed catching up from a far. If you want in on how Seal 7 is solved read Amelia Sweet's walkthrough and do the following steps.

Go to http://www.thesecretworld.com/33/index.php/5120293407 , type in your username and then the passcode Immanuel Kant. Watch the video. Fill in the hexagon map Red Individuality, Yellow Combativeness, Turquoise Firmness, Blue Veneration, Purple Ideality, Orange Amativeness, and Green Adhesiveness. Listen to the tape. The vote has already been decided. They saved the girl and killed the 3 hostages. Click to continue, watch the video. Proceed. Register. Yes you must do all of these steps. No you can't just to the final page and get access to the registering for a hoodie page. Enjoy.

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