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Down the rabbit hole the Illuminati pondered, where it stops... Well, the remote-bot with the camera is still trundling.

An initial walkthrough from AmeliahSweet of the CGN staff.

May 21

The Illuminati reached their 100% un-lockable goal on May 20, 2012 but due to technical difficulties it was delayed until the 21.

When they finally gained access, the link took them to http://www.thesecretworld.com/ac33/. Community members noticed the webpage for Shadow Flights, the name Yves V. Robbin, and SYD. YVR is the initial code for the Vancouver, Canada international airport.

Clicking "Destinations" at the top of the Shadow Flight page. In order to discover which locations is for "Departing from" and "Going to", the Community re-examined the clues: AGENT YOUR NEW MISSION SEARCH FOR THE WAY A RABBIT RUNS FASTER THAN A TURTLE STAY IN THE SHADOWS TO KEEP THE LIGHT BRIGHT GOOD LUCK. Community members set "Departing from" to SYD and "Going to" to Vancouver and filled in their chosen name and email address. Forum members note that AC33 is Air Canada flight 33, in the air from Sydney, Australia to Vancouver, Canada during community efforts to solve the ARG.

Minutes later, they received a flight number. Returning to the http://www.thesecretworld.com/ac33/, players entered their chosen name for Register User, the emailed code, and hit enter taking them to a new page. Once the page is filled out and the, "Yes, count me in" button is clicked, the follow-up message, "Thank you, you will be contacted when the time is right."

May 29

Members of the Illuminati faction that had provided text capable phone numbers received the website http://www.blackwatchmen.com and a seven digit code others received it via email. At this point the rabbit holes of the three factions have combined and further information is on the main A New Mission Begins page.

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