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Down the rabbit hole the Dragon ventured, where it stops... Well, they're still falling.

A walkthrough from AmeliahSweet of the CGN staff.

May 22, 2012

The New Mission began for the The Dragon on May 22, 2012 when the Dragon unlocked their community un-lockable which lead to a this website.

Community members noted that the console contained a tinyurl which lead to http://linux01.gwdg.de/~alatham/stego.html, a page about steganography and links to the program.

The website on the menu menu lead to a webpage of the same name www.lejardinorient.net.

When the header was run through the JPSEEK option of JPHS program it asked for the pass-code. Inspection of the original site lead to the use of C-effects. The output works when saved as a .zip file.

When the file was unzipped it contained Instructions.txt and an image file, Cerenkov Effect. The Instructions text file contains Mailto: georgia.msika@gmail.com.

Cerenkov Effect
Players who emailed the address, regardless of content, received an email from Georgia Msika.

Returning to the console on http://www.thesecretworld.com/1958/, players typed in their chosen username as the Registered ID, then the emailed code, and hit enter.

With a successful ID code, users are taken to the passed the test page. Once the page is filled out and the, "Yes, count me in" button is clicked, the follow-up message, "Thank you, you will be contacted when the time is right."

May 28, 2012

Community member Meirril, as reported at 6:55 PM GMT -7 (Pacific Daylight Time) emailed the Georgia Msika account on May 28 received an auto-reply email and then a second email.

I will be on mibbit for the next 33 minutes. You know the channel.
Georgia Msika, email

Nozomi Harasaki posted the following transcript of the conversation:

04:28 *** Zeitgeist joined #33
04:28 msika Hello.
04:29 msika How are you?
04:29 Zeitgeist Hello Msika.
04:29 Zeitgeist Fine and you?
04:30 msika Yes, thank you. Do you have an idea what's going on?
04:30 Zeitgeist I guess the Dragon will give me its next instructions?
04:30 msika Ah, so you're at a loss like me...
04:31 msika I'm back from my mission you helped to do and talk about it here is incredible.
04:32 Zeitgeist What kind of mission?
04:32 msika Hm.. you know I can't reveal this.
04:33 msika But something big is coming. We have all recalled to the HQ, it's the full mobilisation here.
04:34 Zeitgeist Hm... Will the Dragon make an announcement to clarify the situation?
04:35 msika I hope so.
04:40 *** Nozomi joined #33
04:40 msika Mais dans tous les cas je suis prête a défendre la cause
04:40 Nozomi hello msika
04:40 Nozomi je ne parle pas francais
04:40 Zeitgeist Moi aussi.
04:41 msika Hi Nozomi, do you know more about what's going on?
04:41 Zeitgeist Hello Nozomi.
04:41 Nozomi i assumed you would
04:41 msika No problem, but french and english arent my primary language, so I am sorry if I make some mistake.
04:41 Nozomi hello zeit
04:41 Nozomi what is your mother tongue if you don't mind me asking
04:42 msika Nozomi, no, after I finish my mission from which you help me, I got recall to the HQ
04:42 Nozomi hope you had success
04:42 msika I realized that a massive mobilization was underday
04:42 msika Yes I had! Take that illuminati.
04:43 msika I love things that go booum
04:43 msika *have
04:43 Zeitgeist
04:43 Nozomi was about to ask .. so illu took a hit .. great
04:43 msika Anyway, like I said, serious troop movement is going on
04:43 Nozomi anyway we can help?
04:44 msika I try to figure out what's going on to get ready, but so far all agent I talked with seem to know less then me
04:44 msika I hope so, let's stay in touch.
04:44 msika I have my mission briefing tomorrow, I will contact you.
04:44 Nozomi so what's your game plan?
04:45 Nozomi oh ok
04:45 Zeitgeist Okay.
04:45 Nozomi you need contact information or you got my email?
04:45 msika To be honest, I got a couple of email yeah....
04:45 Zeitgeist Sure, hehe.
04:46 Nozomi yeah sure .. come to think of it ^.^
04:46 msika Close to eight thousands.... I can find it back, but yeah that would be great if you give me your primary touch point
04:46 msika I going to give you my direct agent contact
04:46 msika msika is one of my multiple operations name, you know how it is...
04:48 Nozomi seems not many people found their way into the chat ^.^
04:48 msika Thanks, I had write them down
04:48 Nozomi thank you muchly
04:49 Nozomi may i ask what you guys have been talking about before i joined?
04:49 msika Well, I just reached out to a few of them for now. This is still unofficial chatter after all. I don't want to take too much risk.
04:49 Nozomi figured i'm kinda late to the party
04:50 Nozomi sure
04:50 Zeitgeist Gotcha.
04:50 msika Not much more, Zeitgeist was telling me he don't know what's going on right now either.
04:51 msika So I will send you my direct contact. Please keep this private, I could be in trouble for that.
04:51 Zeitgeist Yeap, I just got your message to see you here.
04:51 Nozomi hope to get some trustworthy people to get their minds together soon
04:51 Nozomi will do .. no question about that
04:51 Zeitgeist You can trust me.
04:51 msika Let's help each other out in this.
04:52 Nozomi just let us know what you need .. i'm sworn to discretion
04:52 msika If you see or hear anything, tell me. I will do the same.
04:53 Zeitgeist I will do.
04:53 Zeitgeist I've just noticed our website is offline.
04:53 msika Hum?
04:53 Zeitgeist (www.lejardindorient.net)
04:54 msika Yeah, one of the cover I used down there.
04:54 Nozomi well .. it served it's purpose didn't it?
04:54 msika Exactly
04:54 Zeitgeist I see...
04:56 msika It may come back later. We some time used past mission as trainning test for rookies
04:56 msika But I'm afraid what we are facing tomorrow isnt a drill
04:56 msika Talk to you later
04:56 msika be safe
04:57 Zeitgeist Take care, Msika.
04:57 Nozomi well obviously i won't give your contact information away .. but the german branch (kalvera.de) might be interested in helping .. may i call a meeting with cabal members on this topic?
04:58 msika No problem Nozomi
04:58 Nozomi ok great
04:59 Zeitgeist I'll pass on the message to my cabal too.
04:59 msika I have a mission schedule next week in Amsterdam, I could try to find time to visit your branch while I am there. It's what, 1h - 1h30 flight?
05:00 Nozomi from amsterdam? sounds about right
05:01 msika Good night and good luck
05:01 msika Msika out
05:01 *** msika left #33

May 29

Community members received an email directing them to http://www.blackwatchmen.com and a seven digit code. At this point the rabbit holes of the three factions have combined and further information is on the main A New Mission Begins page.

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