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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

A Modest Proposal/tsw
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Start Location: Orochi Camp (City of the Sun God)
Start Coords: (63,878)
End location: [[(241,877)]]
Given by: Samael Chandra
Type: Action
Reward: 390,000 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Via a communication uplink at the devastated Orochi camp, a mysterious operator proposes that you work together. Orochi technology falling into truly filthy hands would be an issue for all concerned.



Orochi Insider: I'm impressed.
Orochi Insider: Even as our sizable investment goes up in smoke.
Orochi Insider: Hello again.
Orochi Insider: Let me make a modest proposal. It only involves us both doing what we're good at.
Orochi Insider: I give you instructions. You help me close down this operation.
Orochi Insider: Consider this. If these Filth-infected beasts— Pardon me. These Filth-infected unfortunates
Orochi Insider: leave this valley with Third Age technology, both of our lives will become...awkward.
Orochi Insider: For me, at most, a temporary setback. For you...
Orochi Insider: Precisely.
Orochi Insider: Make your way through the camp. Be thorough, eliminate everything.
Orochi Insider: Better scorched earth than sorry, I find.
Orochi Insider: I'll keep you updated over that, hm,
Orochi Insider: that untraceable encrypted line of yours.

Tier 1

Phone calls:
As you approach the sentry gun:
Orochi Insider: I believe this line of sentry guns has a discriminatory AI. It shouldn't hurt to reboot them.
after repelling attackers:
Orochi Insider: There is movement en masse south of the camp. Best you rush in where we fear to tread.

Tier 3

After defeating the last Filthy Orochi Assaulter, you receive another phone call
Orochi Insider: The arsenal should have been set to self-destruct.
As you approach the arsenal, another phone call
Orochi Insider: Disregard my previous statement on discriminatory AI. You shall have to destroy it.
Radio broadcasting inside the arsenal tent will play the following randomly
Orochi Radio Broadcast: Work hard and stay loyal, and you might be next in line for a promotion.
Orochi Radio Broadcast: At the Orochi Group, we are all one happy family. Please refrain from doing anything to jeopardise our happiness today.
Orochi Radio Broadcast: Security breach suspected. Initiate emergency procedures.
Orochi Radio Broadcast: Have a happy and productive workday!
Orochi Radio Broadcast: Orochi Core is monitoring all broadcasts, all the time.
Orochi Radio Broadcast: Employees are not allowed to discuss the Prometheus Initiative with anyone inside or outside the Orochi Group.

Tier 4

After destroying the arsenal you get another call
Orochi Insider: This is very hard to watch. The manufacturing costs alone. One matter: I'm still seeing a signature from...a self-regulating sniper suit.
After killing the sniper:
Orochi Insider: There, that wasn't so bad now, was it? We'll lock the camp down remotely.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Defend the perimeter of the Orochi camp from the assault.
    • Activate the sentry gun
    • Defeat the cultists
  • Tier 2: Now the north side of the Orochi camp is open to attack. Prepare to repel the assailants.
    • Proceed to the opposite side of the camp
    • Activate the sentry guns
  • Tier 3: Filth-infected Orochi soldiers have already gathered an arsenal. You will have to destroy it.
    • Find the arsenal tent
    • Find a means of destroying the arsenal
    • 0/5 Plant demolition charges on Orochi equipment
    • The timers are set, retreat to a safe distance
  • Tier 4: The operator informs you that someone wearing an advanced Orochi combat suit still remains in the area.
    • Find the owner of the sniper suit
    • Defeat the sniper




Some times destruction is needed for progress. This was one such time. No good would come from any of that material ending up in the wrong hands.

We are intrigued that someone within Orochi contacted you directly and asked for a favour. It could point to a disease within their organisation. We cannot discount the possibility of a trap, and we hope you covered your tracks appropriately.

The Prometheus Initiative is apparently a high-risk proposal for Orochi. We must be careful but decisive, swift, and fleeting, in our involvement.



I thought I was making myself pretty clear when it came to our relationship with the Orochi. I so hate having to repeat myself, but you leave me little choice. STAY THE FUCK AWAY!

We have no idea who that was asking you to dismantle their entire camp. We have no clear image of the scale or purpose of the Prometheus Initiative. For all we know it could be the brain-child of Samuel Chandra himself, or even worse that bitch wife of his, Lily Engel.

Keeping that tech away from the wrong hands was a good idea. Leaving our asses wide open to all kinds of liability suits was not!

If any of this shit blows back on us, you're on your own, champ.


Whoever that was you talked to, he was high enough within the Group to shut down the Prometheus Initiative. That's either a very powerful ally, or an incredibly dangerous enemy. At present it's hard to determine which.

I would council caution when dealing with the Orochi. Your actions today will surely never be forgotten, and I can only hope they won't come back to haunt us.

Be sure I will back your play no matter what, though. Destroying that camp and keeping the material away from the wrong hands was the only reasonable reaction.

R. Sonnac


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Activate the sentry gun
    • Marked on your map, just outside the camp, at (77,867)
    • Use the sentry gun to activate it
  • Defeat the cultists

Tier 2/4

  • Proceed to the opposite side of the camp
  • Activate the sentry guns
    • This time, use the "Orochi security laptop" sitting on a crate between the two guns
    • 3 waves of 3 Filthy Orochi Assaulters plus a fourth wave of a single Filthy Orochi Assaulter
    • During the first 3 waves, the gun turrets will assist you
    • On the 4th wave, the Assaulter will use an EMP Grenade to disable the guns and you must fight him on your own
    • The 4th assaulter will also drop an EMP Grenade when he dies

Tier 3/4

  • Find the arsenal tent
  • Find a means of destroying the arsenal
    • Use the "Danger explosives!" in tent
  • 0/5 Plant demolition charges on Orochi equipment
    • There will be white [ ] bracket symbols around the arsenal, use them to plant the explosives
  • The timers are set, retreat to a safe distance
    • Timed 2:00 minutes to retreat
    • You'll need to head back out the way you came in, retreating to one of the various crevices around the arsenal doesn't count

Tier 4/4

  • Find the owner of the sniper suit
    • Near (241,842)
    • You'll have to fight through a number of Filthy Orochi Gunners
    • When you get to (235,913) the sniper will be able to take shots at you, you'll see cross-hairs on your head if he has you targeted
    • If the sniper is able to see you and shot at you, you'll have the Warning: Sniper zone buff
    • If you are hidden from his view, you'll have the Cover buff
    • Mostly, hug the right-hand wall and you can move from cover to cover
  • Defeat the sniper
    • Run up and kill him, when he isn't sniping he's fairly easy to kill

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