A Lion in the Streets/tsw

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A Lion in the Streets/tsw
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: Scorched Desert
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Amparo Osario
Type: Action
Reward: 334,400 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

People are disappearing from al-Merayah almost on a daily basis. Amparo Osorio is expecting a colleague from the Council of Venice, but now believes he has been intercepted on his way to the village by whoever is terroising the locals..


Tier 1

Amparo Osario: (As one of the guards tries to block you from approaching) No, no, Roberto. Esta bien.
Amparo Osario: (To you now) Lo siento, we are being extra cautious.
Amparo Osario: Not only are we under constant attack; there have recently been...
Amparo Osario: attempts, on my life.
Amparo Osario: This village is divided, neighbour against neighbour. You have seen how it is.
Amparo Osario: And also, people vanish, taken from their homes in the middle of the night.
Amparo Osario: Made into...
Amparo Osario: I don't know what they are, slaves of Aten? Mindless tools of the sun cult. Hijo de puta!
Amparo Osario: And nobody dares to talk! Even when the streets are getting emptier by the day.
Amparo Osario: Soon, the cultists will own this town and everyone in it. Muy mal.
Amparo Osario: So, I received word from the Council, and they finally sent someone,
Amparo Osario: an official. A single agent! La chingada!
Amparo Osario: After what I tell them of this place...
Amparo Osario: But I only have their word for it.
Amparo Osario: That was a week ago, and the agent is nowhere to be found.
Amparo Osario: Perhaps my college has been taken as well?
Amparo Osario: I have no way of knowing.
Amparo Osario: I fear I may be next.

Tier 4

Council Representative: I was on my way to meet Ms Osario when the cultists grabbed me and brought me here. I don't know what happened next - or why - but these beasts came out and killed everyone I was sure I was going to be next.
Council Representative: Your assistance is greatly appreciated. I will not forget you in my report to the Council.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Amparo said that the missing people could be held hostage at the Hotel Wahid. It's not too far from the village.
    • Go to the Hotel Wahid
    • 0/15 Thin the population of Scavengers outside Hotel Wahid
    • 0/6 Thin the population of Gutrippers and Skinslicers outside Hotel Wahid
    • Find and kill the Brute
  • Tier 2: The hotel grounds are overrun by ghouls. If any villagers are still alive they must be hiding inside the buildings.
    • Search the Hotel Wahid interior
    • 0/8 Thin the population of ghouls inside hotel Wahid
    • Find and kill the Sand-Scorcerer
    • 0/3 Free captive villagers
  • Tier 3: Still no sign of Amparo's colleague. He must be around somewhere. Maybe down in the basement, where the ghouls seem to be coming from. Whatever is down there might be urging them on somehow.
    • Investigate the basement of the hotel.
    • 0/7 Free Captive Villagers
  • Tier 4: There is a jinn in the basement and the Council of Venice representative is trapped behind it. The village kidnappings won't stop until the jinn has been dealt with.
    • Kill the Great Jinn
    • Free the Council of Venice representative


"The Secret World" "Secret World Legends"
334,400 Experience total 3,000 SWL Token XP.png Experience
16,670 PaxRomana.png Pax Romana 650 SWL Token Anima Shard.png Anima Shard
2 Sequin of the Valley of the Sun God 1 Weapon Reward Bag.jpg Weapon Reward Bag(s)
Amparo's Insurance Policy - Quality Level7 Shotgun 2 Talisman Reward Bag.jpg Talisman Reward Bag(s)
1 Glyph Reward Bag.jpg Glyph Reward Bag(s)
Pet: Little Lion

TSWicon.png TSW XP per Tier:

  • 55,740 XP per tier for tiers 1 thru 3
  • 150,490 XP for Tier 4



The authority of the Council erodes. they are like a cliff being beaten by the sea. At one time no dark waters would have dared, not even the blood bearing waves of ghouls and jinn.

Now they are targets of kidnapping and ridicule, and powerless to grant anyone anything.

The Council's vision of order is static and outdated. The man in the PC Bang next to me sends your sister agent a conflicting report. A monk in a temple fashions water out of wood. This is the cosmic order of the Dragon - one which is innate and unspeakable.



Snatching a Council envoy right off the streets - you can't help but high-five the audacity!

The presence of the jinn explains the presence of the ghouls. They tend to tag along. But the jinn themselves aren't really supposed to be here. Of course, I'm not supposed to be pushing thirty.

Shit happens.

We don't know what this jinn was expecting to bargain for with his Council chip. I suspect he was under the mistaken impression that Venice actually has the power to grant things.



There was a time when attempts on the Council were unheard of. Now every cultist, ghoul and jinn seems to have a hand in eroding their authority. In fact, the jinn shouldn't even be here. Though apparently it's open season on oaths and edicts.

Times change, and seldom for the better.

We don't know what these ghouls and jinn are hoping to negotiate for, and hopefully we shall never have to know. Anyone who takes these kinds of measures has no place at the bargaining table.

R. Sonnac


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

Tier 2/4

  • Search the Hotel Wahid Interior
    • Go inside
  • 0/8 - Thin the population of ghouls inside the Hotel Wahid
  • Find and kill the Sand-Sorcerer
    • In the main lobby, up the stairs
  • Free 3 captive villagers
    • Shoot the lock on their cages to set them free
    • While the mission says "free 3 captives" and there is typically 3 captives per cage - it really means free 3 cages of captives

Tier 3/4

  • Investigate the basement of the hotel
    • The door to the basement is marked on your map
    • There is another door to the basement underneath the lobby stairs, but attempting to use that one tells you that it is locked from the inside.
    • Enter the Hotel Wahid (Instance) (Not a solo instance)
    • Go down the stairs and into the wide hallway for the quest to advance
  • 0/7 - Free captive villagers
    • There will be more Marrowchewers and Bonegnawers here.
    • Again, shoot the cages to open them
    • Partway down the hallway will be a lightswitch to turn on some of the lights down there. It' isn't all that dark to start with, uncertain if there is any benefit to turning the lights on.

Tier 4/4

  • Kill the Great Jinn
    • Step into the room with the rift for him to appear
    • He will always cast Napalm Bloom immediately after Firepower
  • Free the Council of Venice representative
    • For this cage - use the lock instead of destroying it
    • You can run further down the hallway to exit, it will bring you out in the Hotel Wahid lobby, at that locked door under the lobby stairs

Other Information

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