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A History of Violins
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Location: Repentance Cavern
Start Coords: (908,422)
Given by: Callisto
Type: Action
Reward: 1,333,330 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

The reclusive vampire Callisto's past was fatally intertwined with that of Vlad Dracula and Mara. To learn more, you will have to unearth his buried memories.



Callisto: You admire my collection? My library?
Callisto: My torture chamber... Torture, yes...
Callisto: For a poet writes his works in his heart's blood.
Callisto: In life I was a man of the world, an "edonista" in the finest company. Writers, dancers, artists...
Callisto: A warrior prince. And his dark-eyed princess...
Callisto: Now I am as a withered, dry rose, pressed in my own books.
Callisto: Cataloguing the long, famished years.
Callisto: But I would suffer five hundred more if it would absolve my past.
Callisto: I assure you, memories are more bitter than the cold. More maddening than the gale.
Callisto: Like the vampires of the Gothic tales, make the mistake of inviting them in...
Callisto: and they will consume you.
Callisto: So I buried my memories in hallowed ground.
Callisto: if you must know what haunts these rocky fangs and the castle perched upon them, you can dig into the snow and frozen earth like the penitent do.
Callisto: Or read me as a cautionary tale, and leave them where they lie.
Callisto: Cold and dead as my soul.
Callisto: You, at least, have a choice.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Callisto claims to have buried his past in hallowed ground. With his tendency to wallow in misery, it's likely he has marked the locations, should he need to torture himself anew.
    • Leaf through Callisto's memoirs
    • Go to the monastery ruins
  • Tier 2: This snowbound monastery holds Callisto's mementos. Look for the first in its library.
    • Locate the monastery library
    • Search the library
  • Tier 3: The next marking leads you to what was the monks' living quarters, long since opened to the elements.
    • Go to the living quarters
    • Search for the memento
  • Tier 4: The final marking indicates the chapel in the heart of the monastery.
    • Enter the chapel
    • Find the final memento




If a man desires to torture himself, there is no duller pain than an eternity of inaction. To be deprived of change is to deprive the soul. A vampire has no soul. The two truths support one another.

But by raking through the coals of history you may find a diamond for the future. The once-Farussi's part in the cycle is not yet played out. He was manipulated before and can be manipulated again.

No longer a matter of courtly intrigue, this has become a thread denied its natural fraying. Pull on it, follow it through the maze, sever it at the artery.


I love this: you find a genuine medieval starfucker and he plays coy. If we had him at the Labyrinth, we could have squeezed out the whole soap opera by now, Q&A does some really creative work with high tensile wire and ultraviolet lighting.

The whole sorry Drac saga is nice-to-know more than need-to-know, but if someone absolutely has to dig up his sob story, you're the one to do it. You've become a regular Sherlock over these last few assignments.

I knew you had it in you. I know everything you have in you, from your chip's biofeedback.



Ah, the "repentant vampire." Something of the vampire has to remain in the realms of romance and myth, I suppose, as antidote to the ugly reality.

Yes, your new acquaintance's tale is tragic, and to be fair, we must review every possible avenue into Mara's court. And yet, however willing he is to let you into his tortured confidence, I urge you to limit the extent you let him into yours.

Callisto, Mara, and all their bastard broods are alike in their blood, not ours. As he has told you himself, the humanity they possessed is long gone. Long dead.

R. Sonnac


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

Tier 2/4

  • Locate the monastery library
  • Search the library
    • There are numerous yellow-outlined books throughout the library, if you choose the wrong book, you will get a text that says "This book offers no insight on Callisto."
    • Ovid's Metamorphoses, southeast corner of the library, at (1046,315) will show you some information, but will not advance the tier
    • The one you want is on a desk at (1035,324)

Tier 3/4

  • Go to the living quarters

Marked on your map at (1069,309)

  • Search for the memento
    • There are numerous Ancient urns in the area.
    • They can be used, attacked, or destroyed by AoE attacks against nearby monsters. Destroying the wrong urn releases a Scourged Monk
    • The Ancient urn with the memento is at (1117,272), in a small cell at the southeastern edge of the marked area

Tier 4/4

  • Enter the chapel
    • North of the urn, marked on your map at (1103,372)
  • Find the final memento
    • You will fight the mobs in the chapel
    • There are two groups of 6x each Damned Congregation
    • There are two groups of 3x each Damned Congregation and 1x of Contemplator
    • Finally, there is a Lingering One
    • With care, they can all be pulled separately
    • After you kill the Lingering One you can use the "Baptismal Font" that was behind him
    • Doing so, causes the Plamen to appear. You must kill him
    • After all the mobs are dead, you can use the letter on the ground.
      • Note that there is no timer for using the letter, but it does disappear rather quickly, if you don't use it quick enough, you'll have to fight the Plamen again

Other Information

Related Achievements


  • In the introductory cut-scene "edonista" is Italian, and translates to "Hedonist"
  • The books in the library are:
    • The Book of Job - A Hebrew book, written between the 4th and 7th century BC. It is one of the earliest Christian religious books.
    • Liber Linteus Zagrabiensis - An Italian book (specifically Etruscan) written in the 3rd Century BC. It appears to be a religious text of some sort.
    • Ovid's Metamorphoses - A Latin book, written in the 1st century. It is a series of myths and poems meant to explain the history of the world.
    • Exeter Book - One of the largest collections of Old English literature. Written between 960 and 990.
    • Tao Te Ching - A Chinese novel written between 4th and 6th century. It is one of the major religious texts for Taoism
    • De consolatione philosophiae - A Roman book, written in the 6th century. Written by a prisoner condemned of treason. It is a spiritual and morality book without referring to any specific religion.
    • The Book of One Thousand and One Nights - An Islamic book, written in the 10th Century. It is a collection of south-west Asian / Islamic stories and myths.
    • The Tale of Genji - The first Japanese novel. Tells about nobles in court during the 11th century.
    • La Chanson de Roland - A French poem, written in the 11th century. It talks about the Battle of Roncevaux
    • Hayy ibn Yaqdhan - The first Arabic novel. Written in the 12th century, the title translates to "The Self-Taught Philosopher"
    • Liber Pontificalis - A christian religious/historical book, written in the 17th century. It is a biography and history of Christian (Roman) popes.



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