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SUMMARY of A Friend's Gift ARG is in progress. Pardon any incomplete or erroneous parts on this page in the meantime.

March 27 2012


Nyte's Post # 1 in the "A Friends Gift" thread in the Sanctuary at the TSW Community forums began the ARG on March 27, 2012.

The "RV. Ganzir" photo was included in the post along with the message


The key-bearer disembarked last, bidding his travelling companions farewell. He shook his head at their lack of forethought, for in their eagerness to blunder ahead they had left their most valued possessions behind. Nevermind.

The key-bearer forged on leaving crumbs of truth for the worthy to follow."
Nyte, TSW Forums

and under the picture was an additional message

"This message has approved by the White Cross Foundation. "In honor of Nathaniel B. Palmer. We stand in your debt."
Nyte, TSW Forums
Bruce Huber w/ The Research Vessel Nathaniel B. Palmer

Nathaniel B. Palmer was an arctic adventurer in the early 19th century. He was born in Stonnington CT.

Tyllon put forth the first connections with a poem called Rub a Dub Dub referencing "a butcher, a baker, a candlestick maker" in post #8

Rub a dub dub,
Three men in a tub,
And who do you think they be?
The butcher, the baker,
The candlestick maker.
Turn them out, knaves all three

BudTheSlug made the first mention of the link between the Midnight Squadron Bakery website and the ARG in post# 12

"RV. Ganzir" inscription on the first clue was theorized to refer to Ganzir gate. Ganzir was also noted to be an alternate name for the "underworld". The image name itself was RVGANZIER.png a slightly different spelling than the inscription. A comprehensive post on Ganzir gates was prepared by Amelia in post# 13. In this post Amelia made connections between Ganzir Gates and ovens which tied back in with the Midnight Squadron Bakery website

March 30 2012

On March 30th after some discussion from the community about Gaznir and the Midnight Squadron Bakery Site, a user called The Baker post #77 a message titled For those who question

"The answer lies, I believe

By seeking men who can perceive. One is red, two are green

They see that which can't be seen.
The Baker, TSW Forums"

With the tag

"The true cookie connoisseur knows that the cookie is not just the icing."
Master Baker Baravelli, TSW Forums

Shortly thereafter forum member Alijah posted a reference to a scene from the movie 1932 IMDB-Horse feathers; The Password is Always Swordfish.

March 31 2012


Another post #97 from The Baker titled The cookie is more than the icing. directed forum readers to a video with the same title, posted by a user named nocandlesnocleavers

The video was a 1:08 length series of repeating images with a variety of songs relating to looking more into the directions the community had started looking.

Forum user Mysteriarch listed some of the songs in a post #100
Message In A Bottle - The Police
Secret - OMD
Buried Deep Stays Buried Still - The Deli Creeps
Dig A Little Deeper - Peter Bjorn and John

Forum user Ameliå suggests looking deeper into the Klaychah picture from the bakery and using stenography on the images in this post #102

April 1 2012

Forum user wahoozerman states he received the video before it was posted, stating "I am the red" and gives a link to the series of images in the video (which he later states repeat 13 times).

Also, other community members begin to reveal they had received replies from the bakery

April 2 2012

Forum user Alijah discovers the missing song is:
Beneath The Surface - Kings of Leon and details the order, play times and lyrics in this post

April 4 2012


Forum User Amelia convinced of the connection between the Midnight Bakery Klaychahh recipe and advancing the ARG submitted a message to the Bakery through this form. What made Ameila's query to the Bakery from other forum member queries was the content she states

I sent a message to the bakery, quoting the fact i was following crumbs of truth and noting that the history of the ganzir gate was linked to the klaychah cookie as it is from the same period of history.
Amelia, TSW Forums

She informed the community of her contact with the bakery and the Bakery's reply in this post #138.

The reply from the Bakery was

Dear Amelia!

One of our business associates has kindly turned our attention at a piece of software that I believe might be of help to you in this endeavor. The software is called "Our Secret" and it truly deserves its name. If you would follow the path you already are walking on, by using the key you have already found, you will surely progress onward.

Ah, the meetings are again taking place and I am needed there.

Respectfully yours

Nalya E. Palmer, Manager : International shipping department

& White Cross Liaison
Nalya B. Palmer, TSW Forums

Within the message from the Bakery Nalya B. Palmer references the Software "Our Secret" which Amelia downloaded and extracted to her comp. She then downloaded the Klaychahh image from the Bakery. Inserted the Klaychahh image in the "Our Secret" software and within the Klaychahh image was revealed the Journalpage.jpg image to the right.

April 12 2012

Forum user FallenLord discovers the password for the tumblr Site Latham47 in this post #329

Password = amundsen1928

This password gained entry into the tumblr Site Latham47 and revealed SHANKLIN87 with messages posted 5 days earlier approximately April 7 2012.

“The Meddlesome One” that’s what I’m dubbing her. She’s definitely an aunt in name only. Hated staying at hers as a kid. She was always booting me out to the stables when guests came round… i.e. snobby mates of hers, all in their late teens, revelling in Daddy’s booze stock while he was away. Babysitting? Really? No wonder I flooded the south wing where her suite was… Her dad saved me a right flogging then. In his words, “boys will be boys.”
SHANKLIN87, tumblr Site Latham47

And the second

Hmm, interesting. Clickety click...

I was asked to pass this along by a mutual friend…

Now, I’m not sure if I agree with this arrangement, but his dabbling has proven advantageous in the past. Message me if you find something. I’m already on the case…
SHANKLIN87, tumblr Site Latham47
Archive list of SHANKLIN87 posts @ http://lathm47.tumblr.com From 4/7/2012 through 4/14/2012 6 PM total= 24

The Clickety click...uploaded to youtube.com by nocandlesnocleavers on Apr 6, 2012 revealed a 49 second video of the coast line of Bear Island Norway. The video was taken at the coordinates 74° 22' 0.03" N 19° 3' 40.60" E discovered by forum member Netherion in post #341.

Forum member Frisco in post #346 determined that the music in the video of Bear Island is the song "Without a Trace" on the album "Secrets in a Weird World" by the band Rage. The lyrics to the song can be found at this site. The lyrics were posted on the forums by Amelia at post #353.

Forum member Kingfetty noted there were 2 tags added to the video in post #344

  1. byornoya
  2. 0001

Questions for Trent C. (AKA SHANKLIN87) and his responses

Code Name Operation Pebble Skip Translation of the OpPebbleSkip0313-1.png

OpPebbleSkip0313-1.png first posted by [http://www.darkdemonscrygaia.com/member.php?u=66604 Makro

Forum member chaoticorder reveal in Post #806

From: SHANKLIN87 to: chaoticorder

Hello chaoticorder,

It does mean Operation Pebble Skip. It was what my source and I coded that particular retrieval job.
chaoticorder, TSW Forums

The Image was posted originally at photobucket and was in the Bearingz album.

Forum member omegamf posted a quickly translated version of the images text in Post # 433

  1. they told me to wait here. because I'm not like them, we pull it, pull, beats, beats, my heart, the earth its heart is in me and the cold, said the cold.
  2. my breath comes in short strokes. my legs work. it is said, hard to breathe.
  3. my vision comes and goes. Gives me the artificial darkness of closed eyes. I do not see what's there. the other dark, darker than black, perfect.
  4. that such a thing is said on a stone has not remained my mind a word to describe ...
  5. closer, why i move closer?
  6. pulls. I can not give away, i can not run away, leave this place. the others went inside.
  7. Flakes of the purest snow. Eternity swallows them as it swallows my breath. A voice, draws
  8. I am close now, so close but said it seems so distant. my legs were ice, Barents frozen tears
  9. my socks are worn to pieces by the stones. why they saved me - saved me from the deformed metal and up on this beach? it had better host if I drowned with the other
  10. stumbling over sharp stones. I fell and lost my chalk my last anchor. I am injured. more blood, red ink
  11. they told me to wait
  12. they say I should get in. character of sound, light, my soul
  13. continues to move forward
  14. only pain and silence

April 14, 2012

SHANKLIN87 Lastest Post 4-14-2012 Approx 0730 GMT

On April 14, 2012 SHANKLIN87 aka Trent Christopher as we have come to learn his given name posted this message, which gave rise to several forum members speculating that we should make contact with the Midnight Bakery and inform them of this message since it seemed Trent was in trouble and see if they could aid Trent in anyway. in many privately issued messages to community members Trent had relayed much information about his bloodline being a mix of the Palmer family and the Christopher Family. A blood mix that was thought to be "un-Stable". Trent therefore suffers from insomnia, headaches and can cause a great deal of water damage. He had explained to the community again in private correspondence that had been shared on the forums that because of the type of person he was he emmitted an energy signature that if not actively suppressed by both his former training and an "uncomfortable device he wore" that they would find him. Trent also relayed that "The Baker" was not a single person but should be thought of as a group. Trent also considers "The Baker" an ally. Since the last message from Trent relayed many hints that Trent had become un-stable with his powers community members began to conclude Trent was in deep Poo. Forum Member Domalel suggested in Post # 627 it was time to send "the Bakery" a message telling then Trent was in trouble.

More on the topics discussed with Trent can be found at this Google spreadsheet link. *** will summarize the spreadsheet later after the ARG is deemed to have finalized and insert as footnotes***

Speculation continued about "Trixie" and who she could be but as of this moment we are unclear of the identity. Some speculated Trixie was Trent's sister that died in the storm on the Isle of Wight England in 1987 that killed his mother Giselle Christopher (Maiden Name Palmer), his Father Shaun Christopher and sister whose name we have not yet learned.

April 15, 2012

SHANKLIN87 Is alive Post 4-15-2012 Approx 0000 GMT

fill space

fill space

Fill Space


08:02:00 p.m. Sunday April 15, 2012 EST converts to 12:02:00 a.m. Monday April 16, 2012 in GMT+0

Code in the last SHANKLIN87 Post April 15, 2012 20:02 EST 00:02 GMT+0

01000101011100110111000000100000011110100111100101 11000000100000011010000111010001100101011100110010 0000011001010111001101 11000000100000011000110111101001110111011101110111 01000111100101110010001000000110000101110100011110 0100100000011000110111 00000111100001110100011110010110111101100100001000 00011010100111101001100110001000000110010101111010 0010000001100001011101 11011100000110110001100100011100000010000001100101 01101100011101100111000000100000011011000110111101 1001110110110001111001 01100101011011000111001001110000001000000111101001 11000100100000011001010111001101110000001000000111 1001011100000110100000 10000001100100011000010111000001101110011101000110 11000111011100100000011110100111000101110001011100 0001100011011001000010 00000111010001111001001000000110010001100101011110 10011000110111000000101110

Translation of the binary text was provided by forum member Amica at Post #723

Esp zyp htes esp czwwtyr aty cpxtyod jzf ez awpldp elvp loglyelrp zq esp yph dapntlw zqqpcd ty dezcp

Decodes to the following using a Caesar cipher:

Amica, TSW Forums

APRIL 17, 2012 Midnight Bakery Special Offers

Why there.png taken from the [http://midnight-squadron-bakery.squarespace.com/special-offers/ Midnight Bakery Website Special Offers page

A new page was posted sometime between April 16 and April 17th 2012 on the midnight bakery website for "Special Offers" with an image of a cannon and a message

For a limited time only,

we are sending 24 packets of our special Midnight Squadron cookies to 105 of our most loyal customers!

It's as rare as cannons falling from the sky!

Within the image of the Cannon was found another image using the "Our Secret" software named Kaboom.pdf (Uploaded as Kaboom.jpg). The password discovered by forum members Zephix and Amelia this time was Petaluma. It was discovered that the police report was real and legitimate report from the Petaluma Police dated September 2, 2011. The difference from the original report and the Kaboom.pdf were the handwritten letters LYB7GnAMLMA. The "L" in AMLMA was interpreted originally as the letter "I". Forum member Alcan in Post #882 reported that he had discovered the "I" was actually an "L" and led him to the video posted by nocandlesnocleavers at http://youtu.be/LYB7GnAMlWA entitled day3_0001.wmv. The video was of Kelly Holmquist relaying a portion of her third day in the jungle.


A Transcript of the video was posted by Kingfetty at post #885

TRANSCRIPT: Miguel seems to be confounded. We have walked an entire day only to somehow circle back around to these ruins. Miguel is muttering something about bad omens. I taught Ana rock, paper, scissors to pass the time. I almost got her to smile, I swear. I'm thinking of playing dot-to-dot with my bug bites.
Kelly Holmquist, day3_0001.wmv video @ You Tube

There were 3 Tags in this video:

  1. day3
  2. 0001 (which corresponds to one of the earlier Videos)
  3. answer.gu.ma

The Description for the video is

Find the answer, and maybe gu.ma will show you the path.

gu.ma is a URL shortening website.

Forum member Felix Price posted the count of the dots and corresponding colors in Post #887

  1. 25 Red
  2. 28 Green
  3. 37 Blue

The day3_0001.wmv]] video was much cause for debate with respect to what exactly the transcript and the polkadot square of 10 by 9 was in reference to. Several of the theories were braille text, morse code, constelation map. Shortly after attempts at converting the dot patterns into braille by forum members, an annotation was added to the video, saying "blue", on top of a green dot (1st row, 4th column). It was unsure whether this was correcting a mistake or some kind of clue to the puzzle. However clarification soon came from the bakery. Forum member Zephix received a message from the bakerery which clarified the initial mistake in the polka dot pattern he posted the correspondence in forum post #1020


Recent information led some of the knowledge-seekers to play dot-to-dot, led by those who can see what cannot be seen. That which is green, is blue... Was this an intended path, or a change made out of necessity; perhaps due to a mistake in the flow of information?

Dear Zephix! I have searched for an answer among our sages. This is what I have received from one of them, after I have pointed them towards your problem. "It was indeed an error. The colour of night will brighten your sight Then base your working on wire-bound searching." Yours cordially

Nalya E. Palmer, Manager : International shipping department

& White Cross Liaison
Nalya Palmer, White cross Liaison Correspondence to Forum Member Zephix

Forum Member yasutora posted the first part of the solution to the day3_0001 video in post #1112 on April 22, 2012. scardydog originally posted this step on April 19 but his post, post #989, was lost within the speculation.

Using the blacklighted version of the grid and the brail linked here previously gives


perfectly. I know someone mentioned it previously in pages 40-something, but it's just scary that it's a perfect grid for braile. /headscratches

My brain is melting, but it keeps reminding me of how the last video was found. If I come up with something I'll let you know OTL I feel like we're hitting the wall on this one.
yasutoraNalya Palmer, TSW Forums

The final resolution to this puzzle came the next day on April 23, 2012 forum member Adawee in post #1118, which then he put into gu.ma and found another video .

SU9EYzR3 (Base64) = IODc4w (text)



new video


SU9EYzR3 (Base64) = IODc4w (text) IODc4w.gu.ma leads to the video above


Day 7 - Ana was screaming in her sleep last night. Bad dreams about her past maybe. Bottled up emotion, finding a way out? Perhaps... But I'm starting to wonder if there's another reason for her screams. Sometimes I think I hear things, or see things, from the corner of my eyes. I have this horrible feeling there are things moving just out of my sight. Call me crazy, but I think I heard a dog too. Miguel is now muttering about the one door. I still can't see a damn door! I had to practically plead with him to go for supplies today. It was like he didn't want to leave the ruins. I would have gone, but I'm worried about Anna. She hasn't moved all day. She just sits and stares at a spot among the rocks. I catch my gaze lingering there. Miguel stares at it too sometimes. Arrgg, stupid bugs! That one nearly took my arm off, I swear. I'd kill for a bath.

The Image is a star tetrahedron and in the esoteric teachings of MerKaBa "In modern esoteric teachings, it is taught that the MerKaBa is an interdimensional vehicle consisting of two equally sized, interlocked tetrahedra of light with a common center, where one tetrahedron points up and the other down. This point symmetric form is called a stella octangula or stellated octahedron which can also be obtained by extending the faces of a regular octahedron until they intersect again."


Forum member Varrimus quickly revealed merkaba.gu.ma as the link to the next video in post #1129 day4_0001.wmv.

Forum member Adawee posted the transcript of the day4_0001 video as well as a description of the word Shibalba = xibalbain post #1130


Day 4 - Ok, I really wanna know what the hell is going on. Anna says there's no escape and keeps saying a word I don't recognize. It sounds like "shibulba" or something. She's frightened she will never see her village again and says there's only one way now. There's only the door. What door? I just see rocks, trees, and bugs. I've run out of candy and tissues, I am not a happy camper.

The unrecognized word is probably "Shibalba" = Xibalba

edit: http://http://www.mesacc.edu/dept/d1...s/xibalba.html Quote:

The underworld was known as Xibalba (pronounced as she - bal- ba). It was the place of awu and a world of magic. As we will see, it plays an important role in the story of creation and in the ritual life of the Maya. The portal to the underworld is the Mayan ballcourt, which we will explore later. Another portal to the underworld was the Mayan three-legged pot. The Maya believed the world was centered on three stones that marked the first hearth in the costellation Orion. We will see the significance of this hearth in the story of the Popol Vuh - one of the creation stories of the ancient Maya. In this myth, we will also explore the significance of the place called Xibalba.

The text was discovered by forum member Alijah to be the Phoenician alphabet and posted to that effect in post#1131. The text translates to


Forum members Adawee and Varrimus both pointed out Phoenician texts were read right to left which alters the translation to:




Forum member The Baker in Post #1247 posted the day6_0001.video link.

You have found the keys. This is the entry. http://wbkmzssk.gu.ma/
The Baker, TSW Forum Post #1247


Day 6

This ..this is just. I don't know. unbelievable. Crazy. Impossible. We have run out of Supplies. I still refuse to go anywhere without my backpack. Miguel is resourceful and brings us foo and water. I built a signal fire against his advice. 21st Century right? people should be looking for us by now. the ruins provide some shelter when it rains and a better position to watch for wild animals. predators and live meat. Actually I haven't really seen many animals or heard them. Just these damned bugs. *Sigh* Ana saw me crying and dried my tears. Everything is backwards. It should be the other way around. I haven't seen her crying. I feel there's no point in trying to leave since we circle back to the ruins countless times now.Will we ever leave this place?
Kelly Holmquist, day6_0001.wmv video

The answer for the numbers in the image was posted by forum member pa2jim in post #1253. The numbers used polybius square.

The answer is : Nine Four Six One Four 94614.gu.ma __________________



The dancingmen font was identified by forum member yasutora in Post #1258. Forum member Ryeglitch in Post #1261

Transcript: Day 2 - We started the three-day trek to reunite Ana with her family. Wow, I should've brought more bug spray. It seems that Miguel, our guide, has lost his way. Great. I should've only payed him half to start with. Idiot, Kelly, idiot. Anyway, as luck would have it, we've come across some interesting Mayan ruins. A slight detour, but I'm snapping some gorgeous shots. The symbols on the murals are intriguing. Ana has grown very quiet since we found these ruins but at least she doesn't avoid me when she see's me recording. But still, not a sound from her when she sees the recorder on.
Kelly Holmquist, day2_0001.wmv video

Translation of the dancingmen image: THE ANSWER IS SHERLOCKANDWATSON

Forum member yasutora posted the gu.ma link to day8_0001.wmv video in post #1262


day8_0001.wmv video

Transcript: Day 8 - I've just come back from foraging. I've somehow managed to get a good few feet away and find some berries. It doesn't matter anyway. A door. I can see it now, too. It's not as bad as I thought. Just sort of ...there. Like... like someone took a pane of glass and cracked it, but it's rippling and smooth, too. Looking at it makes you move closer without realizing and your vision goes weird as if everything except for the door is a blur. I can't remember home, where it is, if there's anyone there waiting. I want to go home before I forget. There is no escape from this hell. Ana's gone. The door must've taken her. Don't look at it, Kelly! Fight! Come on! I see Miguel. <static> He came out of the gate and he's holding out his hands to me. Something's different...his eyes. There's only one color and it's one I don't recognize. I've almost reached it. No! I need to-- <screams>
Kelly Holmquist, day8_0001.wmv video

Forum member ThoKra in post #1273 identified the translation

Well, convertet it to binary, white as 0, black as 1 got this:

Quote: 00111000001101010011000000110111001101000011000000 111000 Translates into Quote: 8507408 http://8507408.gu.ma redirects to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28k3PJKDYXQ&feature=youtu.be,


This new video link brought us back to day1_0001.wmv video which was leaked earlier in the ARG.

day1_0001.wmv (Originally Leaked on April 16, 2012)

The original leak of the day1_0001 video was apparently out of the intended order of the videos. It was originally found by accident on April 16, 2012 and immediately taken down once nocandlesnocleavers realized it was being viewed.

The audio introduces us to the first day of Kelly Holmquist's journey deep in the Chiapas Mexican jungle. It was found by a quick forum member Kurator who also downloaded the file and then re-uploaded the file after it was discovered nocandlesnocleavers had taken the video down from his site. The video has been re-uploaded by forum member Kurator in forum post #779. The video link can now be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOty3Ak5U6c.

The Temple pictured in this video image is the temple sito de Palenque as photographed. The exact picture used is from this article

A transcript of the video audio text was first recorded by forum member EspenT at post #781. A clearer version was later posted by Ameliå in post #1221.

Transcript: Day 1 - Here I am in the jungles of Chiapas, Mexico. I've found a story that is so much more than the story. I wanna help this girl; like really want to help her. Her name is Ana Villagros. She grew up in a small village out here. There must have been a time she knew how to smile. But since meeting her in February 2011, I haven't seen her smile even once. She runs away every time she sees me take out my voice recorder, so I've had to record when she's sleeping. Right, ummm, where to start... Her jaw had been broken twice, she can barely talk. Her captors said that her inability to speak suited them. Tears rolled down her cheeks as she explained she was happy now, that she was no longer physically appealing to her captors. Seven times…that's how many times a day she told me they raped her - at least seven, by different men…my god. When they lost interest in using her body for pleasure, they forced her to cook, clean, and perform all manner of menial tasks. She was only 13 when members of the powerful drug cartel, Los Hermanos de Sangre stole her from her village. Anna is now 17 and has not seen her native village in over four years. She's beautiful, petite, with quick hands and bright eyes. She reminds me of a squirrel sometimes. Right, come on Kelly. <sigh> Bedtime in the jungle. Can't help the girl with only 5 hours of bug interrupted sleep. Kelly Holmquist, with Reuters, signing off. Woohoo! First big job.
Kelly Holmquist, day1_0001.wmv]

Find Kelly Holmquist Facebook page April 24, 2012

On April 24, 2012 forum member Heruel posted in forum post #1199 he had spottted Gabriel Varner's Find Kelly Holmquist Facebook Page. The page was a plea from Kelly's boyfriend Gabriel Varner to help locate or submit information on Kelly's whereabouts in Chiapas Mexico. Gabriel is presumed to be the same Gabriel that is listed on the leaked video image that was found earlier in the ARG history in a note to Nalya Palmer. If it is the case Gabriel has not been completely truthful on the facebook page as his note to Nalya suggests he knows about travelling through gates.

Transcript: Kelly got her first big article to write in Chiapas, Mexico. I was planning to surprise her by meeting her on her last day and popping the question. When I arrived at her hotel they said she'd been gone for a few days, following up a story. Something to do with getting a kid back to their family in a village? Typical Kelly. They said the village was far. The timing still fit so I waited. Two days. She just didn't turn up. I travelled with a bunch of people headed there using trails and got to the village in 5 days. No kid, no guide, no Kelly. No one in the village had seen her or the others. That was 7 months ago. I've been back and forth between the US and Mexico so many times. They gave up searching the jungle. If she's not there, where is she?! Please if anyone has any leads. Please tell me. Please. ~ Gabriel Varner

Nalya Esme Palmer and White Cross Foundation Facebook pages May 1, 2012

On May 1, 2012, Both of these pages were found by forum member Archiebobyo and put into the discussion thread at post #1668. Neither has any great deal of information on them.

Nalya's page says that she is not only the Liason Officer of the White Cross Foundation in London (all but confirming their links to the Templars), but that she is the Manager of International Shipping for the Midnight Squadron Bakery.

White Cross Foundation Facebook Page

Nalya Esme Palmer Facebook Page

Arcturus Menas updates the Find Kelly Holmquist Facebook page May 2, 2012

On May 2, 2012, forum member Omniel discovers the following post on the Find Kelly Holmquist Facebook page and posts it in the discussion thread post #1728

Gabriel Varner is currently not available to respond your queries. Please be assured that we are doing all we can in light of the present situation and will appraise you of the situation as soon as we have need of your assistance.

Yours sincerely

Arcturus Menas

~ Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum

Tuitio Fidei et Obsequium Pauperum is the moto of the Knights of Malta and translates into "Protection of Faith and Discipline/Assistance to the Poor."

There is some argument over the exact meaning of Obsequium in this case, but given that the phrase is in Poetic Latin, and the nature of Latin itself, it might be a deliberately vague usage of the phrase so that it can be seen in either a welcoming or threatening light.

May 4, 2012

compiled and posted by Cheeze in this forum post #1866.

On May 4, 2012, forum user EspenT discovered that the Find Kelly Holmquist page had updated with a new album of 11 images labeled From WCF, informing the discussion thread at post #1858. He included a translation of item #3, presumably from Kelly.

post# 1866 The objects are in order:

#1: A burnt Book, unknown title.

#2: Pile of miscellaneous, unidentified objects.

#3: A charred note, presumably from Kelly.

….. no date or time just here

ld, so cold and then hot and it hurts pain my voice aches he

talks to me keeps me calm hold my hand some things are

edible other tings no no. We can't eat rocks we keep moving i

hear someone crying. Not Anna she dosnt cry. i don't know where

she is. gone .taken. keep moving. running. we´re hunted i saw

grass through a hole, a city i was looking through the sky a rip

above air below fair down i thought i could fit trough. he tried to

pull me away i pushed my stuff trough the useless things

stupid things then i put my feet trough and the hole was

closing and he pulled me trough i lost my boots now my feet

wil burn where the ground is hot. the rip is like a mail box

now so i can post this page through it my last piece of paper.
presumably Kelly Holmquist, translated by EspenT, Translation of Object #3translated at post #1858

#4: Tin of unknown objects, possibly a fire starter kit?

#5: Smashed tape recorder, with recording tape still trailing from inside. Presumably the device that recorded the audios posted to Youtube by nocandlesnocleavers.

#6: A belt of survival gear, one knife and several pouches with unidentified contents.

#7: Burnt and damaged Nokia Cellphone.

#8: Boots, hiking?

#9: 20-105 Canon camera lens relating to the Midnight Bakery Special Offers initial clue.

#10: Damaged and crumpled glasses of unknown ownership.

Drop Locations Map: Presumably the drop locations of each item. Came with the numbers 38.232417,-122.636652, which when logged into Google Maps turns up Petaluma, the town where the aforesaid camera lens fell. The Red key like shape in the bottom right hand corner usually refers to wind direction and speed.

Later forum user cheeze posted a refined version of the map in discussion thread post #1866.

May 5, 2012

On the 5th of May, 2012, forum user Xavier Fox posted that he had discovered a new audio file posted on the Find Kelly Holmquist in the discussion thread at post #1968.

The Message From Japan

download can be found here. It is prefaced by the following statement from, we presume, Gabriel.

Okay, I seemed to have passed the tests Nayla and her buddies laid out for me. They're nice people really, supportive, but they were just making sure I was "ready" and that I was a friend, not foe. Sorry for the silence, but now the madness begins. I just got some mail, hand delivered. I didn't see who mailed it. Inside the envelope was a USB stick. I've checked it's contents and there's just a file with a lady speaking Japanese. She seems nice enough, like her voice was kind, made me feel better - anyway I wish I knew what she was saying. There also was a slip of paper with "From Nayla" written on it, that's it. So... anyone know Japanese? ~ Gabriel
presumably Gabriel, Find Kelly Holmquist

Soon after, forum user Ameliå posted a translation of the audio file in the discussion thread at post #1969.

Gabriel, don't be scared.

You can find the girlfriend

I believe you will find her.

You can do it.
Unknown Speaker from Japanese Audio File, Ameliå's translation at post 1969
Gabriel, don't be scared.

If you discover the girl

I believe you will find her.

You can do it.
Unknown Speaker from Japanese Audio File, Ameliå's alternate translation at post #1969

There is currently no information on who the speaker might be.

May 8th, 2012. The Silent Eye

On May 8th, 2012, forum user The Baker posted the following message at post #2079

The 'silent eye' is always watching...

This lead to the discovery silenteye.org which is capable of hiding and uncovering messages in both image and audio files by forum user Mattelieu in post #2081.

Forum user Xavier Fox was the first to properly decrypt a message contained within the Japanese speaker audio file in post #2089

Holy crap I got it.

Decrypt key is 'Illuminati'

Gave Lat/Long: This is what is hidden.

d> <jidue&!"+'<

Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203

Edit: Screenshot


Edit2: relates to this place


Ta'Hagrat Temples in Malta

For the sake of brevity, the following will not go into heavy descriptions but merely cite who, what post, and what was decrypted and from what.

Decrypt Key: Swordfish

D5<.;=>d#jvs }v<

Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203
Decrypt Key: thedragons


Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203

Decrypt Key: midnightsquadron


Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203

Decrypt Key: nalyaepalmer

�fk&?>n7"h&/'t <

Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203
Decrypt Key: ta'hagrat

�dj'>8of%?y '/ <

Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203

Note: Originally ta'hagrat's "junk code" was posted by forum user Tehgatz at post #2110

Decrypt Key: ta'hagrat

�dj'>8of%?y '/ <

Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203
Decrypt Key: gabrielvarner


Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203

Decrypt Key: thebaker


Longitude: 14.3675

Latitude: 35.918611

DMS Lat: 355507

DMS Long: 142203

Forum user Shenlial discovered two more codes in post #2130:

therisingsun: D6ou8n87~i&$%,!<

southpole: E4=uhl>dp=%tr{q<

Forum user Geargoyle discovered an entire .txt file contained within the password amundsen at post #2131. This file contained the same longitude/latitude coordinates as the rest of the passwords but no junk data.

May 12, 2012

Translated by and posted by Cassandra in this forum post #2231

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