A Farewell to Arms/tsw

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A Farewell to Arms/tsw
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Start Location: Houy's monument
Start Coords: (297,728)
End location: [[(480,500)]]
Given by: Houy
Type: Action
Reward: 292,500 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Houy has seen the Atenists reinforce their positions around the temple city. The Sentinels cannot allow the budding army to grow any stronger.



Houy: Do you remember the time Baba showed us the moving photographs?
Moutemouia: The motion pictures. I remember.
Moutemouia: He worked so hard to bring the light-machine all the way out here...
Houy: Father carried the machine over the sands, and through the city...
Thutmose: He brought it to teach us an important lesson. That what may seem impossible is not.
Houy: Like Lawrence crossing the uncrossable desert.
Moutemouia: I thought it was about loyalty. Never leaving anyone to their fate.
Moutemouia: Like when Lawrence went back alone to save his friend.
Houy: It must have been very hard on Father, carrying it all that way...
Thutmose: It was about fighting your own demons.
Thutmose: Never letting them claw you down.
Moutemouia: Or he just wanted to show us something he'd enjoyed from the world outside.
Moutemouia: The world we will never see.
Houy: ...carrying it like the priests of the Enemy are doing now, just to show us the moving pictures.
Thutmose: Sister, I... Wait.
Thutmose: What did you say, little brother? About the priests?
Houy: They are pulling things through the city. Boxes and food. Weapons.
Houy: I don't feel sorry for them.
Thutmose: The enemy is on the move. They cannot be allowed to reinforce their positions.
Houy: That's why I was talking about the moving pictures!
Houy: This is just like "Lawrence of Arabia."

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: The cultists are likely gathering supplies from the nearby temple structure. Go there to see what kind of operation they run.
    • Investigate the nearby cultist activity
    • Investigate the temple
    • Incapacitate the Atenist Chief Supplier
  • Tier 2: There are more cultists to the southwest, probably moving the supplies to get them ready to transport out to other groups of Atenists. If they are stockpiling weapons and ammo, they must be stopped.
    • Find the Atenists' stockpile
  • Tier 3: From the look of things, the cultists are running a large operation here. They have amassed a warehouse worth of supplies and are ready to distribute it throughout the temple city. Destroying their supplies and thinning their lines would slow them down considerably.
    • 0/12 Clear the area of cultists
    • 0/8 Retrieve the stolen supply crates
  • Tier 4: Destroying the Atenists' supplies should put a real dent in their plans, but as long as they remain under strong leadership, they won't be deterred. Find the leader and dispose of him.
    • Find the cultist leader
    • Kill Rahzar




The task of the Sentinels was to keep the temple city hidden, to protect its secrets. They still hope to defend the area from the Atenist invaders, but all this corporeal movement is an affront to them - it overwhelms their senses and reminds them what they lost.

We, the connected, spread across the PC bangs of the world, will do what we can to undermine the arrival of new materials. However, the Atenists are supported by a formidable online network - IP addresses that do not originate in Egypt. You will have to do your part to cripple their operation on the ground



The Sentinels were expected to protect the valley in an age before overnight shipping. They're completely out of date here. If they were hooked up with high-speed, I'd have more faith in their capacity to disrupt these Atenist operations.

The cultists have an extensive network and are managing - through some international contact - to get anything they want into the area. We're clearly pencilled in for some kind of showdown in the valley, but in the meantime we want to make sure our enemies are as haggard and hungry as possible.



I am concerned about the efficacy of our friends the Sentinels. The Atenists represent a very ancient threat, but one that has done surprisingly well to modernise. For example, the leader of this operation -the one named Rhazar- was until recently a postmaster in Cairo.

We are doing everything we can to halt the arrival of food and weapons into the valley, but their distribution channels are extensive. From international ship broking to the rendering of local labour and every kind of essential -someone is very eager to accomodate the Atenists.

R. Sonnac


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

Tier 2/4

Tier 3/4

Tier 4/4

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