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A Dying Breed
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Coords: (419,1232)
End location: [[(559,1289)]]
Given by: Traian
Type: Action
Reward: 498,690 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Traian has long been dissociated from his kind. Now, for reasons that are obscure to him, a pack on the prowl is out to kill him. Track down the leaders of this hunting party and discover the source of their call to slaughter.



Traian I scented you.
Traian You were different from the others.
Traian You have the smell of honey-sweet, of the world tree on you.
Traian There is only madness, death-black, in these Carpathians.
Traian I know the scent of death well.
Traian Our kind is born into a dying breed.
Traian There is no refuge for us with wolf or man.
Traian So the young hunger for violence on any master's battlefield.
Traian If we last to be long-toothed,
Traian then the killing taste fades.
Traian We feel the call, a great moon howl.
Traian To be far away from here. An elder place.
Traian Where we are safe from you and you are safe from us.
Traian I slept many winters alone until these ones came for my skin.
Traian Sent by vampire masters. When I tore out their throats, it burned on my tongue.
Traian Made me sick. The madness is inside them.
Traian The killing taste is inside me.
Traian It whispers: slaughter them all.
Traian But if the leaders were culled, the pack might be spared.
Traian So the pack might still find the place where the long-toothed go.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Traian can smell the hunters on his trail. They are very close now. Intercept them and ease the blind werewolf's burden.
    • Kill the Winterkill Rampants (0/5)
  • Tier 2: The immediate threat has been subdued, but the pursuit of Traian will continue. Track down the hunting party.
    • Search for traces of the hunting party
    • Follow the werewolf tracks
  • Tier 3: The werewolf race may be dwindling, but its salvation lies within the likes of Traian, and not these rabid hunters. They are savage slaves to another's killing order.
    • Kill the hunting party
  • Tier 4: You have dealt a decisive blow to the hunting party, but the leader of the pack was not among them.
    • Search for more werewolf tracks
    • Follow the werewolf tracks
  • Tier 5: Locate the leader of teh werewolf hunting party and find out where the killing orders are coming from.
    • Kill the Winterkill Primus
    • Uncover the source of the killing orders
  • Tier 6: The werewolves are being fed commands by someone from a nearby signal station. Find evidence of visits with this superior may have made and follow any traces back to the source.
    • Find tracks leading towards the signal station
    • Follow the tracks to the source of the commands
    • Kill the Master of the Hunt




It pains us to see the degradation of the werewolf race. There is much nobility in them, but as with many species, wisdom is something that each individual member must slowly grow into. The cruelty of their kind is that their young are filled with such rage and idiocy that they will not live long enough to grow into their wisdom.

Heeding to this blood call is a prime example.

Through the old blind one, you have seen what they might have been. When all the werewolves die - they will - at least there will be one good memory that extends beyond those cloistered in the Urals.


I hate animals. It's so much easier to make people do what you want. I understand your impulse to "distinguish" out there, but I hope you're not doing it for my benefit. A werewolf is a werewolf. Don't expect me to have a soft spot for the old blind ones.

I'm assuming the vamps want the old werewolf dead because of his wisdom or influence or whatever. Hopefully the attention he's garnering will free you up a little.

Fun fact: The werewolf population is expected to drop by 60% over the next three generations. I think we can fast-track those estimates.



The way they treat their blind and elderly confirms my suspicions of the werewolf race. I have never heeded to those sentimentalists who decry their imminent extinction. Endangered indeed. We are all in danger.

Let us not patronise their kind by disregarding their freedom of choice. They have clearly responded to the call of the vampire army and merit the consequences.

I fully encourage you to deal with the vampire army and all of its mongrel divisions.

R. Sonnac


There are 6 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/6

Tier 2/6

  • Search for traces of the hunting party
  • Follow the werewolf tracks
    • Green-outlined footprints on the ground
    • Follow the road up to (475,1104)

Tier 3/6

Tier 4/6

Tier 5/6

  • Kill the Winterkill Primus
    • Marked on your map, in catacombs, first room on your right, at (585,1044)
  • Uncover the source of the killing orders
    • There is a Ham radio in a recess at (601,1055)
    • Use the Radio, you will hear "Be good little doggies and get your tails over to the signal station. Don't make me repeat myself."

Tier 6/6

  • Find tracks leading towards the signal station
  • Follow the tracks to the source of the commands
  • Kill the Master of the Hunt
    • As you approach, you can hear him say "How long does it take to smell out one of your own? I thought that was what you dogs did."
    • He is guarded by 4 Winterkill Rampants, but you can pull them one at a time

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