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A Drink to Remember
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Location: Harbabureşti
Start Coords: (992,1078)
End location: [[Siege Camp]]
Given by: Iorgu
Type: Action
Requires: Dead Reconning
Reward: 598,410 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

A vampire army stands at the gates of Harbabureşti. Unless the village receives help, it's likely to be overrun.



Iorgu: Most people, they leave me alone to drink.
Iorgu: They believe I drink to forget.
Iorgu: To forget the thrill of red trail in the snow,
Iorgu: the grip of knife, strong beat of dying heart.
Iorgu: They are wrong.
Iorgu: I drink to remember.
Iorgu: (pouring you a drink and handing it to you) And now, we drink together. We have matter to discuss. Noroc!
Iorgu: My place is in the wild, alone, where Iorgu need concern himself with Iorgu only.
Iorgu: I would never trap myself in this village by choice.
Iorgu: No, I owe these people debt.
Iorgu: They took me in when others would not.
Iorgu: This is a place that takes in all men,
Iorgu: and monsters.
Iorgu: So I stay, to repay debt. Only that.
Iorgu: I have scouted past the strigoi, the vampires, and the war machines, out to the edge of the fields.
Iorgu: I saw there, the creatures, they are building a great nest. A city.
Iorgu: I recognise great evil when I see it.
Iorgu: We must discover why they are here.
Iorgu: Where they came from. How they build. Where they get material.
Iorgu: So we can stop them.
Iorgu: So that I will have no more debt to repay.
Iorgu: But first, we drink! To remember!

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Iorgu has scouted past the vampire frontline, and says there are even worse things to come unless someone puts a stop to it.
    • Enter the Strigoi camp
    • Kill Frontline Vampires (0/7)
    • Scout the bridge outpost
    • Examine the crate of explosives
    • Replace 5 of the dud mines with 5 charges mines
  • Tier 2: The camp looks big and, judging by the frontlines, the siege is well protected on all fronts. Try to infiltrate the camp and look for survivors and prisoners.
    • Enter the Strigoi siege camp
    • Search for survivors
    • Free survivors (0/7)
  • Tier 3: It looks like the vampires are bringing in heavy artillery. Siege engines are rolling in from the surrounding farmlands.
    • Scout one of the siege engines
    • Destroy the siege engine
  • Tier 4: The vampires' supply lines seem endless, and there are materials and troops moving towards the frontlines.
    • Scout deeper into the camp
    • Destroy seige building materials (0/7)
    • Kill Moroi Vampires (0/10)
  • Tier 5: An attack on the heart of the siege is likely to be the only thing that could slow the advancing vampire armies.
    • Scout the main siege engine
    • Kill General Rodica
    • Hack General Rodica's computer




The winds of change are blowing through the Carpathian countryside. It's not the first time and will not be the last. That is the way of all things.

Vampires dressing to sustain the sunlight and building siege engines to expand their territory? That is unprecedented.

It was your lot to halt the advance of the vampire army, and it is ours to ponder what it all means.

Keep following the will of the Dragon.



Yikes! A vampire Crusade can't be anything but super unsanitary. Bad news for the Romanians, I guess. Silver lining: I know not to cash out my options and invest in Carpathian real-estate.

This whole things seems better funded and more thoroughly planned than we first thought, and while I question their sense of fashion, I imagine those rags are for UV protection rather than an outfit designed for virgin pick-ups at the Club Med "After Dark" party.

Your report and successful sabotage have given me a leg up with the board of directors. Good for me is good for you. A win-win. Keep making me look good.



Talk about taking one for the team. That local moonshine can't have been easy on your palate. I'll be sure to have a nice, tempered Burgandy decanted and ready for you on your return.

This Vampire Crusade may be larger than we first anticipated. And the beasts have covered themselves in rags to sustain the sunlight? There must be more to this than a shortage of O negative.

Good job slowing them down a little. That will give us more time to figure out what's up in the Carpathians. Keep up the stellar effort.

R. Sonnac


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

  • Enter the Strigoi camp
    • Just run down the road outside of Harbabureşti past the western barricades
  • Kill 7 Frontline Vampires
  • Scout the bridge outpost
  • Examine the crate of explosives
    • Behind some sandbags, at (827,1175), use the crate
  • Replace 5 of the dud mines with 5 charges mines
    • Use the ones on the bridge, being careful of the Frontline Killswollen
    • Once you've armed a mine, it will have a red glow on top, and will explode if you or any enemies come near it after a second or two

Tier 2/5

  • Enter the Stringoi camp
    • Keep going down the road, over the bridge
  • Search for survivors
  • 0/7 Free survivors
    • Once you've killed the vampires, just click on the survivor.

Tier 3/5

  • Scout one of the seige engines
    • Spikey, cloth covered thing in the marked area.
    • There is a ramp to get up inside at (753,1102) guarded by a pair of Moroi Sadist
  • Destroy the seige engine
    • There will be another pair of Moroi Sadist inside the siege engine
    • There will also be a red-outlined Machine engine. If you shoot the Machine engine or use an AoE attack, the engine will explode
    • Note: It will explode quickly. So, get out quickly once you have destroyed it.

Tier 4/5

Tier 5/5

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