A City Born in Blood/tsw

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A City Born in Blood/tsw
Str'ia the Enslaver .jpg
Region: Valley of the Sun God
Zone: City of the Sun God
Start Location: The Breach
Start Coords: 344, 95
End location: 619, 142
Given by: Ptahmose
Type: Action
Reward: 318,500 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

The City of the Sun God was supposed to remain buried forever, kept hidden from the world by Ptahmose and his children, the Sentinels. Help him contain the evil that is spreading before it become uncontainable.



Ptahmose: I have failed.
Ptahmose: I have failed them, and I have failed you.
Ptahmose: This terrible city was supposed to remain hidden for all time.
Ptahmose: But perhaps it was inevitable.
Ptahmose: Secrets cannot be kept forever.
Ptahmose: And at least the Sentinels, my children, no longer stand alone.
Ptahmose: This is where the Black Pharaoh descended step by bloodstained step.
Ptahmose: Where his subjects were brought as slaves and sacrificed to his cruel god Aten.
Ptahmose: It is a city born in blood, and there is nothing to be learned from its horrors.
Ptahmose: Aten is no god, and the Atenist "religion" knows nothing of true sacrifice -
Ptahmose: made willingly, hearts filled with light and devotion.
Ptahmose: This thing called Aten only takes, demands and devours...
Ptahmose: men's innocence, their minds and souls and...
Ptahmose: nothing will still its hunger!
Ptahmose: We watched it once as it brought Egypt to her knees.
Ptahmose: And then we sacrificed ourselves and...
Ptahmose: others to stop it.
Ptahmose: The world is bigger now.
Ptahmose: Given a chance, the Aten will spread his darkness beyond Egypt.
Ptahmose: Already the bloodshed increases and the carrion-eaters gather around his altars.
Ptahmose: And my brave children cry out,
Ptahmose: afraid their strength won't be enough this time.
Ptahmose: I will not allow myself to believe they can fail.
Ptahmose: Because should they fail...
Ptahmose: then the next sacrifice of blood will be our future. And yours.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Ptahmose laments his failure to protect the valley and his children. They will need help to defeat the evil currently swarming through the valley. Carrion-eating ghouls are gathering in the ruins as they feast on the blood sacrificed on Aten's altars.
    • 0/9 Clear the ruins of ghouls
  • Tier 2: The ghouls have captured Marya soldiers and forced them to do the dark bidding of their masters. Free them from this gruesome fate.
    • 0/12 Free Marya captives
  • Tier 3: The Marya soldiers are free and ready once again to help the Sentinels contain the rise of the Black Pharaoh. Make sure they escape the ruins safely.
    • Follow the captives
    • Free a Bound Spirit of the Desert
  • Tier 4: Freeing the golem has given you an ally against the ghouls. If you free more of them, they might wreak enough havoc to make a resurgence impossible.
    • 0/12 Help the golem kill ghouls
  • Tier 5: With the ghoul encampment brutally decimated, you should look for the leader of their kind. Ghouls are rarely found far from their master, and whatever that master is, it must be found and destroyed.
    • Find the ghouls' master
    • Vanquish Str'ia the Enslaver




The important of family should never supercede that of the community, and one should never lose sight of the big picture. Ptahmose is having a crisis of confidence. Afraid that everything is falling apart, he is wondering if he made the right choices. It is understandable but irrelevant.

Everything changes, everything ends. That is the way of things. And his secret city is no exception. It used to be hidden from the world, now it's not. That's our cue.

You were right to even out the odds in the conflict. Until we know more about the secrets hidden there and how to use them, we should do all we can to maintain the present situation.


What an annoying little man. Did you sit through that entire sob story with a straight face? "Oh, my children." Boo-fucking-hoo! Quit your crying and get on with it man!

That city of his is all the rage at the water cooler this week, though. Keeping that shit hidden from all of us, for that amount of time, really is quite a feat. But it means we're three thousand years behind in the information curve, and that's not a good look for us. Hint: keep the information coming.

Feel free to continue helping them. Considering the father's crying and self-doubt, I don't think we can count on him to make the tough decisions. Maybe one of the kids still has some balls.



I must admit I have some sympathy for the old man. He know what it's like to be bound by oath and history; to have an entire world depend on you. In another life he'd be one of us.

It's not, and he's not, but I still don't think we should feel bad about giving him a hand whenever appropriate. His situation seems to warrant it. And if nothing else, the city he presides over most certainly does.

There have been rumours about it. The Oxford guys have been looking into it for centuries. Now it's important we find out as much as possible about it.

R. Sonnac


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/5

Tier 2/5

  • 0/12 Free Marya captives
    • Found in the area marked on your map, usually performing manual labor, sometimes guarded by Ghoul Subjugator
    • Click on them to "use" them and free them
    • Beware of a Burning Slavedriver that is sometimes in the area.

Tier 3/5

Tier 4/5

  • 0/12 Help the golem kill ghouls
    • Note: There are many "Spirits of the Desert" bound in the area. Releasing many of them will help you accomplish this quicker. And, will assist on the final tier.
    • Ghoul Thugs and Ghoul Magus

Tier 5/5

Other Information

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