A Body of Work/tsw

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A Body of Work/tsw
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Location: C-4 Block
Start Coords: (903,1151)
End location: [[Harbabureşti]]
Given by: Villager's corpse
Type: Item
Reward: 149,600 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

A dead villager clutches a bloody note in his hand. It has a list of supplies desperately needed in the village defence.


  • None

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: The note is crumbled and only the heading can be spotted. Examine the note to see all the items listed.
    • Search the corpse and read the note
    • Locate a weapons cache
    • 0/3 Locate ammo boxes
    • Locate medical supplies
    • Bring the supplies to Harbaburesti's defenders



Dragon.png Illuminati.png Templars.png All Factions

Your field report has been received and is currently being analysed and evaluated. Thank you for your contribution. We will contact you if more information is needed. A reward and cash bonus has been credited to your account.


There is 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1

  • Search the corpse and read the note

Note: All supplies are in front of C-4 Block, within the area indicated on your map

Other Information

  • This mission is picked up on top of the C-4 Block which is only accessible via a zipline from the C-3 Block which in turn is

only accessible from the 2nd floor of the C-2 Block which you get to by jumping from the C-1 Block. This mission is best picked up while working on the Dead Reconning mission.



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