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What is an ARG?

An alternate reality game involves blurring the lines between reality and fiction. Most of The Secret World's PR in the early years was done through ARGs, in which community members try to solve puzzles in order to learn more about characters and the game. You can check out the latest ARG or start from the beginning with Dark Days Are Coming.

Are ARG events still being done?

ARG events are not announced officially, and there is usually no warning for one. On the official forums, there will usually be a thread, perhaps multiple, about the ARG with heavy posting, so keeping an eye on the community is your best bet to taking part in one.

What is the countdown?

The countdown was a timer that used to be on the old website at It was counting down to December 21, 2012. This was confirmed to not be the release date. After the website was redesigned, there no longer is a countdown.

What are tokens?

Tokens were given to people who participated in the They Are Coming Back ARG, and were received from the Sanctuary of Secret's website. No use for them has been given yet, only that people who received them should hold on to them.

Can I still get a token?

Since the website is no longer functioning, it is impossible for new tokens to be acquired.

I lost my token, can I get it back?

If you no longer have the image of the token, or the e-mail, it is unfortunate, but you probably will not be able to obtain your token. Sorry.