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Since 2007, a variety of entities have contacted The Secret World community via gaming magazines, the TSW official forums, twitter and a variety of other social media sites. Some of the entities have had repeat contact with the community while others have only appeared once ARG.

Many of the participants from the The Dark Places (disambiguation) make an appearance in The Secret World. Much of the information from the Council of Venice systems malfunction ARG about the Council of Venice, the Phoenicians, and the interactions with the other secret societies are consistent within The Secret World.

Go here for an alphabetical listing of all pre-launch ARG characters and here to see a timeline and interactions map:Fan-made ARG participants are not listed outside of the individual ARG.

They are coming back

A friend

Main article: A Friend

A friend (Alias H.S., Hide Seek) is an enigmatic person who made several posts on The Secret World's forums. There is very little information on the person other than what can be speculated about him.


Main article: Apis

Apis is a forum member that introduces the community to multiple different puzzles for the Sanctuary of Secrets. There are many meanings to the name Apis, but based on what is known it most likely refers to the genus for honey bees.

Aveline Belmont

Main article: Aveline Belmont

Aveline Belmont is the main protagonist of many Alternate Reality Game events. According to the storyline of the ARG, Aveline was looking for clues of her great-grandfather, Nicolas Belmont's, past and his involvement with Roald Amundsen in opening the first 'gates.' She has since gone missing following the events of At the Door, when she went through one of these gates.



Main article: Carter

Carter is a resident of Kingsmouth, where she attends the Innsmouth Academy. She has a twitter account that she uses to communicate with Danny Dufresne and Andy Gardener.


Danny Dufresne

Main article: Danny Dufresne

Danny Dufresne is a resident of Kingsmouth. He is a fairly normal young man, who enjoys new technology playing video games such as Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty. Lately, he's taken interest in investigating the strange happenings of Solomon Island with Carter.

Danny Dufresne.jpg

Deputy Andy

Main article: Andy Gardener

Deputy Andy Gardener, a resident of Kingsmouth, is holed up at the Sheriff's office defending the area with other citizens from zombies. He'll speak with the players about the Draug and zombies that players have to face in Kingsmouth, and give tips about how to stop their invasion. Andy seems to have some psychological problems as a result of his father leaving when he was young.

Deputy Andy.jpg

Helen Bannerman

Main article: Helen Bannerman

Sheriff Helen Bannerman is a resident of Kingsmouth and the primary contact for what little remains of the population. Fairly pragmatic about her situation she has a number of tasks for a willing pair of hands, especially if they're armed.

Helen Bannerman.jpg


Main article: Melissonomoi

Melissonomoi is an oracle tied to the Sanctuary of Secrets and responsible for many clues and hints concerning TSW Alternate Reality Game events. The name also refers to the priestesses of Artemis, the goddess of the mountains, the forest and the moon.


Nicolas Belmont

Main article: Nicolas Belmont

Nicolas Belmont is a fictional explorer first introduced during the Dark Days Are Coming event, an apparent accomplice and companion of Roald Amundsen.

Roald Amundsen

Main article: Roald Amundsen

Roald Engelbregt Gravning Amundsen (16 July 1872 – c. 18 June 1928) was a Norwegian explorer. He led the first expeditions to reach the South Pole between 1910 and 1912. He disappeared in June 1928 while flying on a rescue mission with five others toward the North Pole.

Roald Amundsen.jpg


Sveinjt was a forum member on the official forums that came forth with information concerning Roald Amundsen and Nicolas Belmont. The letters he procured were found in his loft following the death of his father, whose handwriting lines the bottom of most of the pages.

The Dark Places

Main article: The Dark Places (Character)

The Dark Places is the name used by a mysterious twitter account involved in the Alternate Reality Game. The account was mentioned by Ragnar through cryptic tweets. Eventually, the community found the account, and The Dark Places (disambiguation) event started.

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