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Type: Category:Other monsters
Difficulty Rating: Elite
Level: {{{level}}}
Damage Type: None
HP: 22,398
Region: Tokyo
Zone: Kaidan
Location: Orochi Tower - Anansi
Map Co-ords: (313,232)
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW


AIMEE is an artificial intelligence designed by Anansi Technologies, found in the Anansi Omega floor of Orochi Tower. She is the electronic voice heard throughout the Tower.

She was taught by her creators to learn by "jumping" on other entities, which she later discovered meant that she was killing them. Because of this, she developed a gratification system for "jumping," so she tries to "jump" on you as well when you reach her in the final room.

Special Abilities


  • AIMEE does not directly deal damage to you. Instead, she creates Projections of herself that attack you, and electrified barriers across the room. She also spawns Core Maintenance Units that make her invulnerable to damage.
    • Unless AIMEE herself is vulnerable to damage, kill the Projections as soon as they spawn to minimize the damage that you take. While they are attacking you, dodge the Focused Eradication ground effects and move to the side when the Projections cast Telekinesis.
    • Destroy the Core Maintenance Units when there are no Projections. Focus all damage on AIMEE as soon as she is vulnerable; the faster you can kill her, the less complicated electrified barrier patterns you have to deal with.
    • Avoid standing in the electrified barriers, as they deal moderate damage every half second. Defeating all Core Maintenance Units will also remove these from the room.
    • Kill the Projections and Core Maintenance Units when you are standing next to them, as they explode upon death and deal moderate damage to players at range.

Related Missions

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