Dawning of an Endless Night

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Disambig gray.svgThis page is about the mission. For The Achievement, see The Dawning of an Endless Night (Achievement).

SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Dawning of an Endless Night
MissionTitle DawningOfAnEndlessNight.jpg
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Kingsmouth
Start Location: Jack's campsite
Start Coords: (617,134)
Given by: Automatic
Type: Story
Recommended Level: 3
Requires: Chaos Practice
Training Day
Might Makes Right
Reward: 72,178 Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

Kingsmouth, a once peaceful town in New England, has been overrun by the living dead. The survivors are holed up at the Sheriff's Office. Question them to learn more about this undead infestation.

Journal Entries

Mission Story.png Dawning of an Endless Night       Story Mission
UNREPEATABLE (Recommended Level 3)
Kingsmouth, a once peaceful town in New England, has been overrun by the living dead. The survivors are holed up at the Sheriff's Office. Question them to learn more about this undead infestation.
Tier 1
Jack Boone talked about how death and fog came to Solomon Island from the sea, and that someone brought it back with them. He believes that someone is still around, and that whatever the reasons anyone might have for being here, they should find out what the fog is, how it came, and what the people of Kingsmouth died for. He said the few survivors are mostly gathered to the east, at the Sheriff's Office in Kingsmouth.
  • Accept the mission "For a Fistful of Zombies" from Jack Boone
  • Complete the mission "For a Fistful of Zombies" for Jack Boone
  • Go to the Sheriff's Office in Kingsmouth
  • Complete the mission "Horror Show" for Helen Bannerman
  • Complete the mission "Elm Street Blues" from Deputy Andy
Tier 2
Helen Bannerman is in a state of emergency. Most of Kingsmouth is gone, overrun by fog and zombies, and she was happy to see anyone armed and ready to fight. There was always a darkness to Kingsmouth, she said, and she believes there's a chance they may have brought this upon themselves.
  • Find Norma Creed
  • Earn Norma Creed's trust by completing "They Never Stop Coming"
  • Check on Norma Creed
Tier 3
The Lady Margaret was a local fishing boat that had been lost at sea. When it returned to Kingsmouth, everyone in town breathed a sigh of relief at their friends' return, but then came the fog. Norma Creed's husband had been on board the Lady Margaret, and she believes it all started there, out at sea and that the fog came back with the sailors, but she never had the chance to ask her husband what had happened out there.
  • Investigate the Lady Margaret
  • Defeat the Captain
  • Examine the captain's log
Tier 4
The captain's log mentioned that several of the crew went mad after they had found a strange item out at sea, and that Dr Bannerman would be needed to talk to them when and if they were to return.
  • Ask Dr Bannerman about The Lady Margaret
  • Listen to Dr Bannerman
  • Ask Dr Bannerman about The Lady Margaret until he gives you a lead
  • Locate Dr Bannerman's clinic
  • Examine Dr Bannerman's files
Tier 5
Dr Bannerman's files combined details about the sailors he treated. It's clear from the notes that something happened to them out at sea that continued to affect them after they returned, both physically and mentally. Derrick and Lawrence creed were registered on their business address at 5 Main Street, and Joe Slater at his home address at 20 Arkham Avenue.
  • Find Derrick Creed
  • Find Lawrence Creed
  • Find Joe Slater
  • Reach level 12
  • Enter the sewer
  • Find Joe Slater
Tier 6
The sailors from aboard the Lady Margaret all met with grim fates. Derrick turned into a mindless zombie, and the only thing left of Lawrence was a half-eaten corpse. Joe Slater was still coherent, just, but he will certainly never be the same. He had transformed into half man, half sea monster. Though struggling to breathe, he described what they had seen out at sea. Dead ships caught in red seaweed, things moving in the fog. And something shining in the darkness, calling out like a siren song. They reached for the light and grabbed it. It saved them from the fog but brought it back to Kingsmouth. The siren song continues to torment him. He can still hear it, and only wishes it could be brought back to the darkness it came from.
  • Use the Siren Song and follow it
Tier 7
Whatever it was Joe Slater was talking about, a man called Beaumont seems to have it in his possession. He stilled the song and moved the mysterious item to a safer place, but he can't use it yet. He called it a key, but he has yet to locate the lock, and he cursed the Illuminati and their labyrinths.
  • Examine Beaumont's notes
  • Reach level 14
  • Follow the trail left by Beaumont
  • Find what Beaumont was looking for
Tier 8
The material left at the airport indicates that Beaumont had taken a scenic tour of the island, obviously looking for something, and marked a house in the Savage Coast to the south on a map. That house is the only clue left.
  • Travel to The Savage Coast
  • Go to the marked house
  • Enter the basement
  • Explore the Illuminati Basement
  • Unlock the Illuminati tunnels
Tier 9
You face a beast unlike anything you have seen, bristling with nightmares and dark as a hole cut out of the world. Fight for your life.
  • Defeat the Guardian

John Wolf came out of nowhere to chase away the Guardian, a creature infinitely more powerful than other beasts haunting Solomon Island. He cryptically spoke of Beaumont and the powerful item he's carrying, something John himself can't touch, doesn't dare touch. He expressed concern that you are not yet powerful enough to survive a confrontation with Beaumont, and suggested that you improve your weaponry before continuing your search.

  • Find John Wolf
  • Complete the mission "League of Monster Slayers" for John Wolf
  • Complete the mission "Taking the Purple" for John Wolf
Tier 10
John Wolf guided you to locate an incursion team of another secret society - the Phoenicians! They appear to have a vested interest in Atlantic Island Park.
  • Search the area for Phoenecian intelligence
  • Follow the map to find the first piece.
  • Defeat the Phoenecian scout
  • Pick up the first relic piece
Tier 11
The Phoenicans were onto something in their hunt for an occult object of great power. Hunting around the forest found the first piece of the object, it seems likely that other pieces will be nearby. Search the area on the map circled near the Atlantic Island Park parking lot.
  • Search near Nicholas Winter for information about the next relic piece
  • Examine the graffiti
  • Find the second relic piece
  • Examine the book
Tier 12
Two of the relic pieces have been located. A book near the second relic hints of a third party with some awareness of the secret world, who may have the final piece. Locate this author and search for the third and final piece.
  • Find the author who specializes in the occult
  • Search the lighthouse for the third relic piece
  • Combine relic pieces
Tier 13
A chance encounter lead to the discovery of a powerful occult talisman predating the existence of the Atlantic Island Park. Empowered by this talisman, it is now time to resume the hunt for Beaumont. After the encounter with the Guardian, John Wolf mentioned that there are survivors at Innsmouth Academy who may know what Beaumont is seeking.
  • Locate the survivors at Innsmouth Academy
  • Complete the mission "The Rec Center Cannot Hold" for Annabel Usher
  • Talk to the survivors at Innsmouth Academy
  • Break into the old block
  • Search the block for clues to the location of the Illuminati vault
  • Find the Illuminati vault
  • Open the Illuminati vault
  • Explore the Illuminati vault
Tier 14
Beaumont has already reached the archives, and has apparently found what he was looking for. The power he wields is an ancient sword, a weapon too powerful to combat. He used it to shut the door behind him and escape, but the information he needed must still be inside the archives.
  • Search the Archives to discover what Beaumont was doing here
  • Escape the archives
Tier 15
The archives housed cryptic information about the old mines in the Blue Mountains.
  • Travel to Blue Mountain
  • Investigate the disturbance
  • Stop the Draug From Attacking Red's Bait and Tackle
  • Look for survivors in Red's Bait & Tackle
  • Complete the mission "Ami Legend" for Red
  • Check on Survivors at "Red's Bait & Tackle"
Tier 16
Red, of Red's Bait & Tackle, suggested speaking with Eleanor Franklin in Blue Mountain. She has some history with the Blue Mountain mines, and may be able to shed some light on what Beaumont could possibly want.
  • Go to Blue Mountain
  • Reach level 25
  • Find Eleanor Franklin
  • Complete the mission "The Ghosts and the Darkness" for Eleanor Franklin
    • Locate the mine elevator controls
  • Return to Eleanor Franklin to learn more about the mine
  • Search the mansion for Edward Franklin's notes
  • Examine the notes on the wall
  • Pick up the large sasquatch skull
  • Bring the skull to the Sasquatch Chief to get their attention
  • Complete the mission "War of the Totems" for the Sasquatch Chief
  • Reach into the Sasquatch Chief's hidden stump to claim your reward
    • Install the Glyph into the slot of a Superior (Blue) quality weapon or talisman
  • Reach level 27
Tier 17
Edward Franklin clearly went a little mad, that much is evident from his notes. He started seeing things, he started dreaming. He would hear whispers in the night. And it all centered on the deep shaft within the old Blue Ridge Mine.
  • Go to the Blue Ridge Mine
  • Enter the deep shaft
  • Explore the deep shaft
  • Pass the Gaia seals
Tier 18
Beaumont was one step ahead. He had entered the deep shaft and his weapon was primed to strike at what he called an engine. His power is too great, and he can't be defeated. At least not this way. According to Ami, the only one who might be able to provide an answer is Old Joseph.
  • Visit Old Joseph's trailer park
  • Reach level 30
  • Speak with Old Joseph
Tier 19
Old Joseph talked about the history of the tribe, about the incident at the mine and how - int he aftermath - the tribe had split. The division of the tribe had been detrimental. It weakened the tribe's protection of the old wards. Something has been displaced and must be mended.
  • Activate the wards in Kingsmouth Town
    • Defend the wards in Kingsmouth Town
  • Activate the Wards in Savage Coast
    • Defend the wards in Savage Coast
  • Activate the Wards in Blue Mountain
    • Defend the wards in the Blue Mountain
Tier 20
The wards around the island have been reactivated and restored.
  • Go to the Wabanaki holy site
Tier 21
Joseph confirmed that the wards have been restored, for now, but that Beaumont has breached the sanctum of the mountain. He claims there is still hope. With the power of the wards and the spirits of the Wabanaki ancestors, the harm might be undone.
  • Go to the deep shaft
  • Find and confront Beaumont
Tier 22
The events in the deep shaft of the Blue Ridge Mine were a moment or a lifetime ago. Now you are alone in a cyclopean landscape, drifting...

You regain consciousness somewhere at once familiar and unfamiliar. Where is this place, and who has come here before you?

  • Find a way out of the ice caves
  • Escape the dream
  • Accept or reject the gift


There are 22 tiers to this mission.


  • TIP width Story missions often span multiple zones, take your time, they aren't intended to be done in one sitting.
  • Other missions in the area often complement the story mission.
  • Sometimes story missions require you to complete missions for other contacts, such as "Horror Show" for Helen Bannerman or "For a Fistful of Zombies" for Jack Boone. Those additional missions are hyperlinked to their own articles. If you need help, open that mission's article for additional details and walkthroughs.
  • Keep your eye out for width width item missions along they way, while they usually don't offer as much story content as the "main" mission types such as width Action, width Sabotage and width Investigation they can help you earn rewards and give you an opportunity to gain more gear.

Tier 1/22

Tier 2/22

  • Find Norma Creed
    • There are clues for Norma Creed's location on Helen's desk
Norma's Location      
She is found at a house off of Poe Cove at (359,106)

Tier 3/22

  • Investigate the Lady Margaret
  • Defeat the Captain
    • The Captain will come down the stairs from the front of the ship
  • Examine the Captain's Log
    • Use the yellow-outlined "Captains Journal" on the ground where The Captain died at
    • It's timed, you have 60 seconds to use it before it disappears. If it does disappear, you will be reset to the step "Defeat the Captain"

Tier 4/22

  • Ask Dr Bannerman about The Lady Margaret
  • Listen to Dr Bannerman
    • Wait for him to finish talking about The Lady Margaret
  • Ask Dr Bannerman about The Lady Margaret until he gives you a lead
    • Select "The Lady Margaret" from his Converse "Dialogue" section again
    • Once you get a check mark next to a dialogue topic, you have heard everything you can on that topic. You can selected again to replay it if you wish
  • Locate Dr Bannerman's Clinic
  • Examine Dr Bannerman's files
    • Use the door to enter Dr Bannerman's Clinic (Instance)
    • Use the computer and select "1" for case reports
    • Whenever a computer prompts you for a password, you can usually type "hint" to get a hint to the password
Clue 1      
Make sure to look around at all the objects you can interact with in the nearby area
Clue 2      
"Four Seasons" mentioned in the picture is the name of a song
Computer Password      
The password to the computer is "Vivaldi"
    • Read about the Lady Margaret incident

Tier 5/22

  • Find Derrick Creed
    • Head up Angell Street, and at (403,451) will be an entrance to the courtyard for the houses on Angell Street and Main Street
    • At (393,415) will be a fenced off yard in that courtyard area.
    • Derrick Creed is a Zombie in that yard
  • Find Lawrence Creed
  • Find Joe Slater
    • Go to his house on Belmont Avenue at (499,411).
    • A short cutscene will play where your character will notice a slime trail leading to nearby manhole cover
  • Reach Level 12
    • If you haven't reached level 12 yet, you'll need to do some more missions around town. You can always check our progression guide.
  • Enter the sewer
  • Find Joe Slater
    • When you come across a large Warmonger version of Draug, you cannot fight him immediately he will summon several waves of draug to attack you
    • Soon you find Joe Slater and a cutscene will play

Tier 6/22

  • Use the Siren Song and follow it
    • Leave the Kingsmouth Sewer (Instance)
    • Use the Siren Song in your inventory or quick access bar and follow the notes you can see
    • It will lead you to the Blue Ridge Tunnel
    • Enter the Maintenance Tunnel (Solo Instance)
    • Continue to follow the song inside the maintenance tunnel
      • The first laser barrier you come to is defective, go through it when the lasers flicker off
      • The second laser barrier is along the ground and can be jumped over
      • The third laser barrier is defective like the first - go through when the lasers flicker off
    • You'll enter a small room with some notes on the desk and the wall
    • A cutscene will play

Tier 7/22

  • Examine Beaumont's notes
    • They're on the desk
    • All laser traps are now disabled as you exit
  • Reach level 14
    • If you haven't reached level 14 yet, you'll need to do some more missions around town. You can always check our progression guide.
  • Follow the trail left by Beaumont
  • Find what Beaumont was looking for
    • The plans are on table in corner
    • There are two clues on the table, you can only interact with one, either will advance the story.

Tier 8/22

  • Travel to the Savage Coast
    • TIP You will want to be at least level 15 before entering the Savage Coast
    • TIP If you are not yet level 15, complete any missions you haven't yet or repeat a few.
  • Go to the marked house
  • Explore the Illuminati underground
    • Walk around a bit
  • Unlock the Illuminati tunnels
    • Pick up the book and read it for the clue to opening the door to the tunnel
    • Pick up the various key items
You can pick up all of them if you like, but the ones you really need are:

Balance (Yin/Yang) Skull Phoenix Pyramid Eye

    • Place the keystones in the door frame
Place the keystones in the door frame in this order:

Balance (Yin/Yang) Skull Phoenix Pyramid Eye

Tier 9/22

  • Defeat the Guardian
    • He will come out of the now open door, after the tunnel collapses
    • He will most likely be beyond your ability to kill, but the fight will be interrupted before either of you die.
  • Find John Wolf
    • He is located at Dream Quest Kindergarten (457,674)
  • Complete the mission width "The League of Monster Slayers"
  • Complete the mission width "Taking the Purple"

Tier 10/22

  • Search the area for Phoenecian intelligence
    • There should be an object on the ground near where "Taking the Purple" ended.
It's a Phoenecian Pack laying on the ground.
  • Follow the map to find the first piece.
  • Defeat the Phoenecian scout
  • Pick up the first relic piece
There is a zone champion boss that runs through this area so you may end up with more than you bargained for while fighting the scout.

TIP The relic piece will be added to your quick access bar. You can remove it if you'd like, simply drag it off the bar into the game screen.

Tier 11/22

  • Search near Nicholas Winter for information about the next relic piece
    • Search the area near Nicholas
There is a barn nearby.
  • Examine the graffiti
  • Find the second relic piece


Clue 1      
The graffiti reads:
Jack the lad
Lost his head
Left it where
The lovers kiss
Clue 2      
There is an area of the park called "Lover's Lake".
In the south end of the park there is an area called "Lover's Lake", on the center island on the NE pillar, there is a relic and a book.
  • Examine the book

Tier 12/22

  • Find the author who specializes in the occult
    • The book is "The Revenant Within" by "Sam Krieg"
    • The author's location is marked on your map
    • He lives in the lighthouse to the south-east
  • Search the lighthouse for the third relic piece
  • Combine relic pieces
    • Right click on any of the pieces in your inventory or quick access bar to combine them.

Tier 13/22

  • Locate the survivors at Innsmouth Academy
    • In the office of the main building, to your left as you come in
  • Complete the mission width "The Rec Center Cannot Hold"
  • Talk to the survivors at Innsmouth Academy
  • Break into the old block
  • Search the block for clues to the location of the Illuminati vault
    • There is a corpse with a book called "The Order of Great Works"
  • Find the Illuminati vault


In each room on the ground floor there are loose floorboards, interact with these to try to find the entrance.
On the ground floor, at the end of the left corridor (as you came in), interact with the loose floorboards to reveal the stairs going down to the vault.
  • Open the Illuminati vault


Clue 1      
This works much like the door in the marked house did.
Clue 2      
In each of the rooms in the old block, you will find similar objects such as an old skull.
Clue 3      
The book you found "The Order of Great Works" contains hints to the order of symbols.
The Order of Great Works

All things in their Place under Stars:

The stone Lodges Erected
To the Watchful Eye
Upon the Bones of the Opposers
And their Symbols, buried
  1. The Star of David
  2. The Masonic Symbol
  3. The Eye
  4. Skull
  5. Templar Cross
  • Explore the Illuminati vault
    • Walk around a bit and... cutscene.

Tier 14/22

  • Search the Archives to discover what Beaumont was doing here
    • There are books with guardians near them - keep looking until you find the book with dead guardians next to it.
    • It is located at 153,128.
  • Escape the archives
    • Go up the stairs behind where you found the book Beaumont was searching for
    • You'll need to fight The Archivist
    • You're looking for four glyphs on the floor that light up when you step on them. You have to light up all four for the secret exit to open.

Tier 15/22

  • Travel to Blue Mountain
    • Head down to the sewers
    • You may need to fight another monster
    • Climb up the ladder
    • Continue traveling to Blue Mountain
  • Investigate the disturbance
  • Stop the Draug from attacking Red's Bait and Tackle
  • Look for survivors in Red's Bait & Tackle
  • Complete the mission width "Ami Legend"
  • Check on Survivors at "Red's Bait & Tackle"
    • Go back into Red's Bait & Tackle and a cutscene will play

Tier 16/22

  • Go to Blue Mountain
    • TIP You will want to be at least level 23 before entering the Blue Mountain
    • TIP If you are not yet level 23, complete any missions you haven't yet or repeat a few.
  • Reach level 25
  • Find Eleanor Franklin
  • Complete the mission width "The Ghosts and the Darkness"
    • Locate the mine elevator controls
  • Return to Eleanor Franklin to learn more about the mine
    • The book you found in the archive had a reference to the "The Devore Mansion" which was sold to "E. Franklin"
  • Search the mansion for Edward Franklin's notes
It's probably not out in the open.
In the hallway just outside where Eleanor is sitting, there is a painting that says "In inferno nulla est redemptio", you can "use redemption" to open the door to a secret room. Interact with it.
  • Search the secret room
    • The notes are in a strongbox
    • If the door shuts before you leave, you can use a book on the bookshelf in that room to reopen it
  • Examine the notes on the wall
  • Pick up the large sasquatch skull
  • Bring the skull to the Sasquatch Chief to get their attention
  • Complete the mission width "War of the Totems"
  • Reach into the Sasquatch Chief's hidden stump to claim your reward
    • It can be a little tricky to find as it's hidden by bushes.
    • Install the Glyph into the slot of a Superior (Blue) quality weapon or talisman
  • Reach level 27

Tier 17/22

  • Go to the Blue Ridge Mine
  • Enter the deep shaft
    • Take the elevator in the first room to the right after you enter
  • Explore the deep shaft
  • Pass the Gaia seals
    • You first have to kill the Fiend of Corruption
    • Interact with the plant/roots and a passage opens up into lighted area
    • Walk into the lit area

Tier 18/22

Tier 19/22

Tier 20/22

Tier 21/22

Tips for Your Confrontation with Beaumont:

  • The Gaia Engine will help heal you
  • He will summon three doppelgangers, kill them as soon as you can.
  • He will summon hounds of corruption, kill them quickly.
  • He will use "Cellular Reconstruction" to heal himself, if you have a stun or knockback, use it to interrupt it.
  • When he is close to defeat, ignore any additional hounds that he may summon and focus on him. They will despawn when he is defeated.

Tier 22/22

  • Find a way out of the Ice Caves
    • You're in the Ice Caves (Solo Instance)
    • Just keep walking forward, and you'll advance
    • There are notes along the way you can pick up
  • Escape this dreaming
    • You will come into a room with various settings - you can use the "memory" of each setting for a dialogue
    • Continue to the north to exit
  • Choose to accept the gift or reject it.
    • Accept: Use the gift
    • Reject: Jump off the cliff


Tier 7

Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night
You are dealing with a first-rate trickster, someone with centuries of experience and a magic sword, someone right up the Dragon's alley: a high-level disruptor.

Of course, he's playing eveyone here, and he probably has an endgame lined up already - this isn't simply about the fog and the armies of darkness. This "Beaumont" has machinations in mind.

Track him down, get the sword, we can already hear the gathering storms, the thundering avalanche...but not until you're ready for him. You need to build your arsenal and your skill set. This is no two-bit wizard you're chasing, this man ranks high on the sorcery scale. This man is chaos incarnate, a force to be reckoned with, sword or no sword.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night
"Beaumont" - that name is triggering enough alarms to give Cassini an aneurism. We have him pegged in Kingsmouth on several occasions, first, oh, this is interesting, in the 1600s. The dawn of the Silver Age of the Illuminati, the heart of our North American debut. Color me intrigued.

Our target appears to have access to some pretty potent magic, including the magical sword. Quite possibly immortal, probably in charge of an undead army, maybe in control of the deadly fog. You'll want to get more comfortable with your own powers before you chase this one down.

Don't get me wrong: we're very interested, keep up the good work sport, etc. But! We don't want to see you dead for reals. You're not actually immortal. Just hard-headed and thick-skinned, blessed by fucking honeybees. You're not a god, not even a second-string deity. So pace yourself. You'll know when you're ready for the next step.

Fuck it, I'll just tell you when you're ready for the next step, m'kay?


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night
No Data
"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 7667
Anima Shards.png 800
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 767
Anima Shards.png + 120
Ashes, Green, 2pip.jpg 1 Talisman- Head, 2-pip

Tier 12

Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night
The discovery of these relic pieces explains what drew the interests of the Phoenicians towards the park. Seems they were also led on by Beaumont's machinations. Continue to track him down and be mindful of the depths in which we are being led — this man is a force to be reckoned with.
Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night
Did I mention I fucking hate purple?

Now we know the Phoenicians weren't at the amusement park just to enjoy a little family time. I can only imagine the repercussions from us beating them to the punch in gathering these relic pieces. Can't say I'm that worried about it. Just surprised by their interest in Beaumont as well. Seems he sparked quite an interest. Either way, job well done!

Keep up the good work and keep an eye out for any more Phoenicians storming out of the cracks.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night
The discovery of these relic fragments certainly explains the Phoenician's erratic behavior and their interest in the Atlantic Island Park. This also sheds more light on the interests of Nathaniel Winter.

Congratulations on beating them to the hunt. We'll review the information collected and provide details as they become available. In the meantime, continue to assume the absolute worst when dealing with the Phoenicians.

It appears we aren't the only ones with interest in Beaumont.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 5600
Anima Shards.png [[Anima Shards|No Data Cateogry:Mission stubs]]
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 560
Anima Shards.png + No Data
1 Talisman- Occult

Tier 22

Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night (Tier 22)
That was a fascinating conclusion to a fascinating model. Beaumont is no longer part of the equation, obviously. Sources claim the Illuminati got their hands on him, stuck him in one of their maximum security safe-houses.

The sword is still out there, however, and it's already causing ripples. Forget the warlock; the girl is definitely someone we'd be curious to play with. We'll file her away for future reference.

What was the cause of that blackout, by the way? You removed yourself from the equation for a good hour or so, very unusual.

Whenever it suits you, return to the Dragon. There are more storms to fan.

Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night (Tier 22)
So that was a bust. Fine, yeah, you nailed the Big Bad and you probably saved the world - or at least a small piece of it - so high five to you, but the sword would've been nice.

Also, WTF with being AWOL? When I call, you pick up, ASAP.

Wrap up whatever you're doing on Solomon Island - I'm sure you have unfinished business - and then stop by my office. We'll touch base, share war stories, compare scars, whatever.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Dawning of an Endless Night (Tier 22)
You went off the radar there for a bit, and it’s certainly unfortunate that you are not in possession of the sword, but we will make do. Whatever else is happening on Solomon Island, we are reasonably confident the situation will not escalate. That is really the best we can ask for.

Return to London at your earliest convenience for your next assignment, after you’ve finished any unfinished business over there.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 6849
Anima Shards.png 650
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 685
Anima Shards.png + 98
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag
Talisman Reward Bag.jpg 2 Talisman Reward Bag

Additional Rewards

Tier 1

Tier 2

  • None

Tier 3

  • None

Tier 4

  • 6,187 XP after reading Dr Bannerman's files

Tier 5

  • 7,412 XP after completing tier 5

Tier 6

  • 7,412 XP after completing tier 6

Tier 8

  • 7,667 XP 800 Anima Shards after completing tier 8

Tier 12

Tier 16

  • Glyph after completing tier 16


Tier 1 - As you approach Jack Boone      
Jack Boone: Don't worry, kid, you haven't gone back in time. I just happen to be the last of the cowboys.
Jack Boone: Got your Southern welcome right here. Mesquite beans, Texas style.
Jack Boone: Good oughta face evil on a full stomach.
Jack Boone: Name's Boone. I'm a troubleshooter.
Jack Boone: You and I need to have a pow-wow before you go shooting for trouble.

If your character is The Dragon:

Jack Boone: Chaos theory is all well and good in theory, but what we're dealing with here is chaos in practice.
Jack Boone: Now what will a Dragon make of that?

If your character is Illuminati:

Jack Boone: Illuminati may have legacy on Solomon Island,
Jack Boone: but you folks gave that up for the high life, and the low road.

If your character is Templars:

Jack Boone: You Templars may be taking the high road,
Jack Boone: but just watch you don't get saddle rash from the high horse, ok?

For all factions again:

Jack Boone: Sure you can be divided in purpose, but we gotta stand united against darkness.
Jack Boone: This ain't my first rodeo, I know we're gonna need all the unity we can get.
Jack Boone: Don't mean to say you've stepped into Hell,
Jack Boone: but when the wind blows west, you can just about smell the brimstone.
Jack Boone: All we know is death and fog came from the sea, or someone brought it back with them.
Jack Boone: If I was a gambling man, I'd put money on that someone still being around.
Jack Boone: Bunch of survivors holed up in Kingsmouth town.
Jack Boone: Follow that main road and the sound of gunfire, you'll come to the sheriff's office.
Jack Boone: Kid, whatever your reasons for being here, find out what those people died for.
Jack Boone: And you bring a reckoning.
Tier 1 - As you approach the sheriff      
Helen Bannerman: Heck if I know where you folks keep coming from. But anyone who walks through that door alive pretty much gets my amnesty.
Helen Bannerman: Something in your past colors you sourly to a badge, I'd ask you to call it quits in return. We agreeable?
Helen Bannerman: Well then. I'm Sheriff Bannerman. And this down-home little state of emergency is what's left of my jurisdiction.
Helen Bannerman: Sure we tried to hold as much of the town as we could, at first. More out of nostalgia than any civil defense plan.
Helen Bannerman: I won't tell you Kingsmouth was a slice of heaven in a snow globe... but it was ours. Now it ain't.
Helen Bannerman: There was always something running under in this town, maybe what's spilled out now.
Helen Bannerman: If that's how it works, I couldn't say hand on heart we didn't have it coming.
Helen Bannerman: But that fog, and the things in it, they didn't pick and choose when they came in. Most folks didn't stand a chance.
Helen Bannerman: Now, I can see you're armed, I won't kick up and fuss about that.
Helen Bannerman: Straight truth is you'll need to be. Just don't go thinking that means you're deputized or such.
Helen Bannerman: Heaven knows, if there was ever a time and place for the right to bear 'em, you're looking at it.
Helen Bannerman: Henry has his Word of God, that Roget woman has her crystal ball...
Helen Bannerman: and Norma out on the point's got a 12-gauge.
Helen Bannerman: My money's on Norma.
Tier 1 - When you check on Norma the second time      
Norma Creed: Well now. I'm not much fit for entertaining...
Norma Creed: but I reckon you ain't much in the mood for hospitality either.
Norma Creed: Am I right?
Norma Creed: Not a big talker, eh?
Norma Creed: I'm used to that from a surly husband and kids more comfortable with kicking a ball around than having a conversation with their Ma.
Norma Creed: Name's Norma.
Norma Creed: Norma Creed.
Norma Creed: Raised a family up here, before this dungeon thick fog came took 'em, is my story
Norma Creed: Helen sent you over to check on me, I reckon.
Norma Creed: Now your concern is wiked kind, but I don't need any pityin'.
Norma Creed: I got my shotgun, I got...what's left of my wits.
Norma Creed: I'll manage.
Norma Creed: Now this hullabaloo began after the Lady Margaret came back.
Norma Creed: My husband Larry, the others...
Norma Creed: we all thought they'd gone missing out there.
Norma Creed: That the sea took 'em.
Norma Creed: Day they came back, whole town could finally breath again.
Norma Creed: But then came that fog, like it was following them back to shore...
Norma Creed: "'Twas right, said they, such birds to slay that bring the fog and mist"
Norma Creed: Don't ask me where I got that from.
Norma Creed: Probably heard it on Oprah.
Norma Creed: Never got to ask Larry about what happened those weeks they were gone.
Norma Creed: Been around gift horses long enough not to look 'em in the mouth.
Norma Creed: He was back.
Norma Creed: Thought life would go on the way life goes on...
Norma Creed: one day at a time.
Norma Creed: When the fog lifts enough to see the Lady Margaret laid up in the harbour...
Norma Creed: covered in that red seaweed...
Norma Creed: I always wonder...
Norma Creed: if he'd still be here if I had.
Tier 4 - The First time you ask Dr Bannerman about the Lady Margaret      
Doctor Bannerman: The Lady Margaret was a traumatic experience for everyone on board.
Doctor Bannerman: They were changed men when they came back.
Doctor Bannerman: I visited with all of them in the days following their return.
Tier 4 - The Second time you ask Dr Bannerman about the Lady Margaret      
Doctor Bannerman: In my office, there are detailed transcripts of our sessions.
Doctor Bannerman: I’m afraid it all happened so fast that day there was no time to pack.
Doctor Bannerman: I hope they may shed some light on what happened out there.
Tier 5 - Talking to Joe Slater in the Kingsmouth Sewer      
Joe Slater: Look on your face says even my good side is worse for wear.
Joe Slater: I've been trying not to think about the... changing.
Joe Slater: Like it could all be a bad dream I ain't woken up from.
Joe Slater: Nightmares, all nightmares, since that storm blew us off course.
Joe Slater: Off the compass, off the map.
Joe Slater: We didn't tell anyone about the shit we saw. About the dead ships all caught up in red weed as far as you could see.
Joe Slater: About the things moving in the food... In the water.
Joe Slater: About what we saw beneath it all, deep into the abyss.
Joe Slater: Or what I found there. In that dungeon darkness, it shone like a signal flare.
Joe Slater: Like something fallen down from heaven above, you understand?
Joe Slater: A blade made of pure light, a thing of terrible beauty.
Joe Slater: I could hear its siren song, just... calling me.
Joe Slater: Last I remember was the Creed boys hollering as I took a hold of it.
Joe Slater: Or it took a hold of me. I wasn't strong enough, I know that now.
Joe Slater: They told me it pushed back the fog and the waves while I was out cold. Told me it saved us.
Joe Slater: It didn't save us.
Joe Slater: That thing brought the fog back to Kingsmouth.
Joe Slater: I brought the fog back to Kingsmouth.
Joe Slater: And I still hear that siren song! I know you hear it too.
Joe Slater: You could find it. You could stop the god-awful noise,
Joe Slater: put that burning brightness back where it belongs, in the deep, in the dark.
Joe Slater: I wonder what woulda happened if I never left that red sea.
Joe Slater: Maybe Joe Slater never did...
Joe Slater: and all this is just some pitch dark dreaming.
Tier 6 - After following the Siren's Song      
Freddy Beaumont: ... finally silenced that incessant noise and moved it. To a safer place.
Cassandra King: So where-
Freddy Beaumont: Away from here. I'm not in a sharing mood, Cassandra. And the moaning isn't helping.
Cassandra King: That's not what you said last night. Oh baby, I thought we had something, something magic... black as space and red as blood.
Freddy Beaumont: This is so very beyond you, little girl.
Cassandra King: Fuck off. I've seen the beyond and I'm a fast learner. I'm ready for more than... this. Give me something, let me in, let me do what I'm good at.
Freddy Beaumont: What, getting that boys to sign over their lives for a snog? I'll tell you what you can do. We're spreading an idea, but that idea won't take hold without carriers. You keep spreading those long legs of yours to recruit more foot-soldiers.
Cassandra King: Be still my beating heart. Here's what I don't get Beaumont. You have what you've been looking for, your precious magic sword. You control the armies of the living dead. You pretty much own this island. So the question is... why the sour face? I mean what is it that you're- You're missing something. Right? This is interesting. Your treasure - your precious - ... You can't use it, can you? I mean, the spirit is willing, but the flesh... Oh my, the flesh is limp.
Freddy Beaumont: Watch it, little girl, you have no idea what-
Cassandra King: What? What?
Freddy Beaumont: You want to know what this is really about, Cassie dear, when it all comes down to it? Change. Evolution. A new dawn. The world tree with shake, the sun will turn black and the gods themselves will fall. We are rebooting the world.
Cassandra King: That's the thing, isn't it? What everyone talks about. It's the big headline. The dawning of a new age. Right? Tokyo, the endless night. I like it. There's poetry to it, and oh does it suit you, the evil sorcerer thing. It's sexy.
Freddy Beaumont: The answer is in the archives, somewhere. It has to be. They knew about it, the gateway to the black heart of the island. I have the key... but the lock... the lock is the fucking thing.
Cassandra King: Wait, didn't you say that the lock-?
Freddy Beaumont: I've been around long enough to recognize the flavor of the day, Cassie. You're it.
Cassandra King: Oh. Really? So that's it? That's how you repay me... you piece of shit. No more. Take one last good look at what you're missing, lover boy.
Freddy Beaumont: Useless bitch. The Illuminati and they bloody labyrinths...

Tier 9

Tier 9      
An unexpected ally...


John Wolf: Goddamn. Well, you're lucky Boone's been keeping tabs on you, and that I got here when I did.
John Wolf: Don't go hunting lions with pea-shooters. Know your prey.
John Wolf: I been waiting for something to happen out here. It's been in the earth, in the air.
John Wolf: It's why Boone and me came out here even before the fog.
John Wolf: There's power on Solomon Island, the kind that spreads filth. It's waking up.
John Wolf: My friend Jack is fond of saying he's seen the worst of what this world has to offer, but he's dead wrong.
John Wolf: That was just the beginning. I always knew worse things were headed our way, and now they've arrived.
John Wolf: The man you're chasing carries something powerful, and potentially dangerous.
John Wolf: I'll do what I can to help, though I lack your particular talents.
John Wolf: It took me thirty years of looking to learn how to cast a simple spell.
John Wolf: Nope, I get too close to that artifact, it's a bad deal all around.
John Wolf: I hear the whispers even now, and I don't have your natural defenses. I'm afraid of what it might do to me, or what it might make me do to all of you.
John Wolf: I've been doing some digging, and as far as I can tell, this relic is what brought the fog here, or at least what controls it.
John Wolf: Whoever wields it holds the fate of Solomon Island in their hands.
John Wolf: I can't tell you where that tunnel leads, but the Illuminati dug and dug deep when they ruled this island.
John Wolf: It's a network that reaches from Kingsmouth in the east to the Academy in the west.
John Wolf: I don't know where this tunnel leads, but it's somewhere west of here.
Tier 14      
Encounter in the Archives


Beaumont: I've been in exile for a very long time.
Beaumont: I was forced by false prophets to flee my homeland in disguise, degrade myself by pretending to be something I'm not, to be much less than I truly am.
Beaumont: I spent a long time cursing my kind, planning my revenge and victorious return.
Beaumont: Eventually, I got on with my life, and now, they're all dead and forgotten by those who once worshipped them.
Beaumont: There's a lesson in there somewhere, I'm sure.
Beaumont: Thing is, I'm ready to be myself once again. No more disguises.
Beaumont: Their false prophecies perished with the White God.
Beaumont: I'm free, and I don't plan on anything... or anyone... changing that.
Beaumont: (Waving his sword around) It's beautiful, isn't it?
Beaumont: And to think, this thing was out there all along, while I wasted my time chasing a fucking hammer.
Beaumont: I got what I came for, and I need to be moving on. Places to go. Spells to cast. Gods to wake.
Beaumont: Spoiler alert! We'll fight. I'll win. You'll track me down again just in time to watch your world tumble into chaos.
Beaumont: Title scroll, lights come back up. Oh, wait, no, they won't.
Beaumont: If I could kill you, I would. I really, really would.
Beaumont: I don't like leaving matters unresolved.
Beaumont: I'd do it cleanly and painlessly. None of the fancy stuff; I'm not that sort of villain, no stage magician.
Beaumont: I take pride in my work, and I'm not afraid to get my hands... filthy!
Beaumont: But, unless I grind you to a fine dust, the fucking bees will just whisk you away to safety.
Beaumont: I've seen it happen enough times.
Beaumont: I'll just make sure you're stuck here awhile so that I can get on with things.
Beaumont: Farewell.
Tier 16


When you talk to Eleanor Franklin


Eleanor Franklin: Well hello there, my husband told me to expect you so I threw on the Gladrags.
Eleanor Franklin: I used to take any excuse to socialize, threw the best parties this backward island has ever seen.
Eleanor Franklin: But that coach turned into a pumpkin a long long time ago.
Eleanor Franklin: I share this pile with all my cats and all the ghosts.
Eleanor Franklin: Even moved the furniture down to give them the run of the upstairs.
Eleanor Franklin: And the view from those big windows.
Eleanor Franklin: Oh, it was a peach of a view when I shared it with Ed.
Eleanor Franklin: The peach trees are rotten through now.
Eleanor Franklin: This started changing with that back in that cold cold summer of seventy one.
Eleanor Franklin: Even before the ruckus with the Indian over that damned hole in the ground, Blue Ridge.
Eleanor Franklin: Something happened up there. Started eating away at him but he wouldn't admit to it.
Eleanor Franklin: When he came home, if he came home at all he shot himself in his study with all the books and maps.
Eleanor Franklin: And he shut me out and then there was the incident with the Indians.
Eleanor Franklin: Ed didn't need to kill anyone, it was self-defense but he was tormented by it.
Eleanor Franklin: He couldn't sleep, suffered night terrors.
Eleanor Franklin: He'd stay up all ways scribbling in his books, on magazine covers, on the table cloths, on the walls.
Eleanor Franklin: I could hear this incessant scratching in the dead of the night. After a while I stopped asking him to come back to bed.
Eleanor Franklin: I never did figure out where he kept all that writing.
Eleanor Franklin: When his crew was found dead in the mine it was the straw the broke the camel's back so to speak.
Eleanor Franklin: I found him hanging in the attic, his face was the color of a ripe plum.
Eleanor Franklin: But that's not how I remember him, not how I want to remember him.
Eleanor Franklin: He was a good man my Ed. A good husband. A good friend.
Eleanor Franklin: There's no shortage of secrets in this house but Ed lost his way and his mind.
Eleanor Franklin: Says he wants to know how to put it all together, but hes just broken memories now. None of them good.
Eleanor Franklin: Says the dreams came through and ate him up and unless something is done they'll eat us all.
Eleanor Franklin: Says its all in here somewhere but he can't remember where.
Tier 17      
After you pass the Gaia seal


Beaumont: Oh, thanks for letting me in, I couldn't have done it without you. I really couldn't.
Beaumont: Ah, please. I've fought gods. Even in your deepest, wettest dreams, you are no god.
Beaumont: I hope you appreciate the twist, I spent some time orchestrating it.
Beaumont: I mean, it's what I'm known for, my long cons. They've written sagas about it.
Beaumont: Maybe they'll write another one about this...
Beaumont: but, you know, probably not.
Beaumont: Your kind is always looking for villains.
Beaumont: So much better to have something - someone - to fight than face the reality of it.
Beaumont: That what you're fighting isn't physical, it isn't even metaphysical.
Beaumont: It's an idea made real. You can't shoot fireballs at an idea.
Beaumont: Ideas are like viruses, invisible, all-pervasive.
Beaumont: Invincible.
Beaumont: I was a convenient villain because I questioned their authority, questioned the very foundation of our society.
Beaumont: They banished me because they feared me, feared my ideas.
Beaumont: They feared what I could become, an end to their rule, a new beginning.
Beaumont: But they made a terrible mistake by sending me away.
Beaumont: I've been spreading the virus for a long, long time and now...
Beaumont: now the infection is complete.
Beaumont: What is it they say? "Dark days are coming"?
Beaumont: But no-no. They're right here.
Beaumont: This, my silent friend, is an Engine.
Beaumont: Lovely isn't it?
Beaumont: It's not often you get to see one up close, or at all.
Beaumont: The gods themselves would love to get their hands on one of these pretty things.
Beaumont: They keep the world turning, quite literally.
Beaumont: But they also do other things. You'll see what I mean.
Beaumont: And Yggdrasil shudders and groans.
Beaumont: Here we go, All-Father.
Beaumont: The final destiny of the gods.
Beaumont: On my terms, not yours.
After your encounter


Kyra Dexter: Mom. Mom! I think it's working!
Ami Dexter: Oh. I didn't actually expect that. I thought you were dead.
Ami Dexter: We got here as quickly as we could. I could feel the tremors inside my head. It's like I knew...
Ami Dexter: It's all coming undone.
Ami Dexter: For as long as I can remember, I've seen a great darkness on the horizon, and thought to myself,
Ami Dexter: "I sure hope that great darkness doesn't blow up today."
Ami Dexter: I'm pretty sure it just did.
Kyra Dexter: So now what? We're going to fight it...right, Mom?
Ami Dexter: I don't think so.
Kyra Dexter: Are you serious? What am I saying, you're always serious.
Kyra Dexter: But why, what's wrong?
Ami Dexter: Something has been displaced, or... It's like a tapestry that's coming undone.
Ami Dexter: I don't know how to explain it, and I certainly don't know how to fix it.
Kyra Dexter: Somebody must know. We can't just sit back with a bag of popcorn and watch the end of the world pass us by.
Ami Dexter: What can I do? I don't know enough about this darkness.
Ami Dexter: All I have are the voices in my head.
Ami Dexter: Joseph would know. He was always the one who knew what had to be done,
Ami Dexter: and I was the one who knew how to do it, even when I was a child.
Kyra Dexter: Only one way to find out, isn't there? Lets go see Old Joe.
Ami Dexter: You know we can't do that, Kyra. We haven't spoken in years. They'd just turn us away.
Ami Dexter: Blood is thicker than water - and that's not always a good thing.
Kyra Dexter: But it's family! And it's about saving the world...or at least this little piece of it.
Kyra Dexter: You're the one who keeps telling me that family's all we got, and we need to stick together through thick and thin.
Kyra Dexter: We're in the thick of it now, so you have to talk, and they have to listen.
Ami Dexter: But it's not just me and Joseph. It's Frank and Joe, it's the other people in the tribe.
Ami Dexter: The wounds go all the way back to your grandfather's death, and they're too deep to mend.
Ami Dexter: They're not going to listen, and they're not going to help.
Ami Dexter: We've been neither a tribe nor a family for a very long time.
Ami Dexter: We're on our own, Kyra.
Kyra Dexter: Old people can be so stubborn. And yeah, that includes you, Mom.
Kyra Dexter: If you're not going to do anything, then someone needs to,
Kyra Dexter: someone who doesn't give a crap about any of this stupid family stuff -
Kyra Dexter: before it's too late.
Tier 18      
Speaking with Old Joseph


Old Joseph: I feel terrible for her. For what's happened to her family, to our entire tribe.
Old Joseph: I don't blame her for not trusting us anymore.
Old Joseph: It wasn't like that when Ami was born. We were a tribe.
Old Joseph: Her father was killed - did you know that?
Old Joseph: He stood up for our beliefs, he tried to stop the miners from digging too deep.
Old Joseph: That was where it began. Some of the tribe... Some of us thought he was being unreasonable,
Old Joseph: that he was asking for trouble when he confronted the company. That blood would be shed.
Old Joseph: Him and his brother - Red - they wouldn't listen.
Old Joseph: Said it was now or never, that the miners had to be stopped.
Old Joseph: Foreman put a bullet in his head. Emptied his gun at the rest of us.
Old Joseph: He was screaming, like a man possessed. Like something had him, was inside him.
Old Joseph: His eyes were burning. His shadow...
Old Joseph: His shadow was twisted.
Old Joseph: There were riots, senseless violence...arrests.
Old Joseph: Then came the storms. This island was ravaged for weeks.
Old Joseph: After it quieted down, the rift in the tribe was too great.
Old Joseph: Some - too many - left.
Old Joseph: Others, like me and Red, we stayed behind, but it couldn't be mended.
Old Joseph: It's a terrible thing, to have to choose between the people you love.
Old Joseph: But I was tired, and I wanted to look ahead, not back.
Old Joseph: There was too much weight to carry, too much darkness...
Old Joseph: That is how Ami grew up, in the shadow of a broken family.
Old Joseph: So I understand her better than she thinks.
Old Joseph: I took the wrong path, and now it might be too late. But we have to try.
Old Joseph: Ami is right. We must trust her instinct.
Old Joseph: Something in the land has been displaced. Something has been broken. An oath.
Old Joseph: If we had kept to our word, if we had maintained the wards that protect the mountain, this would not have happened.
Old Joseph: The wards were built by our forefathers and the visitors who helped fight the darkness, the last time it fell upon us.
Old Joseph: Together, the two tribes created a seal that has protected us for generations.
Old Joseph: It has kept the darkness out...and it has kept the greater darkness locked in.
Old Joseph: We were chosen to protect and maintain it.
Old Joseph: A thousand years the wards have lasted. Until now.
Old Joseph: We have failed.
Old Joseph: And now we have to mend what is broken.
Old Joseph: And, like our forefathers, we cannot do it alone.
Tier 20      
Within the Wabanaki holy site


Old Joseph: All these wasted years -
Ami Dexter: We all played a part. We all made mistakes.
Ami Dexter: The only thing that matters now is that we repair the damage we've caused before it destroys our chance for a future.
Kyra Dexter: What? I thought we already fixed it. Well, not "we" as much as..." (looking at you)
Old Joseph: Your mother is right, Kyra.
Old Joseph: Yes, the wards are working again, for now, but the sanctum of the mountain has already been breached.
Old Joseph: The enemy must be confronted.
Old Joseph: (looking at you) Thanks to you, we have one last chance.
Old Joseph: With the wards repaired and our family reunited, we might have the strength to fight him.
Old Joseph: But we do need your help. We are mortals, while you...'
Old Joseph: You are so much more.
Old Joseph: The sword our enemy carries is both a weapon and a key, and the source of all his power.
Old Joseph: When you last confronted him you were no match for him. This time...
Old Joseph: This time you go with the power of all the ages.
Old Joseph: The wells of our forefathers have been filled, and you will drink from them.
Ami Dexter: Just think of it as an elixir. It's perfectly safe.
Ami Dexter: I think.
You drink from the pool
Old Joseph: We will channel the spirits of our ancestors to guide you,
Old Joseph: and the thunder of the gods from the north to still the black waters.
Old Joseph: You will wield this power, and the world will tremble beneath your feet.
Old Joseph: But be quick; such magic won't last, and we only have one opportunity to right our wrongs.
Old Joseph: Both the people of the dawn and the people of tomorrow pray for your success.
Kyra Dexter: Go team!
Kyra Dexter: Sorry mom, but it really as on of those "go team" moments.
Tier 21      
After the battle...


Beaumont: Cassie... Thank Ymir. I knew you'd come through for me. There'll be a place at my table, when...when I've taken back -
Cassandra: (laughs) Come through? For you? Do you have any idea who I am? Or who I am about to become?
Beaumont: (after Cassandra picks up excalibur) Don't...don't touch that! it's not for you. You have no fucking idea what you're messing with.
Cassandra: Funny, I was gonna tell you the same thing. I just hope you understand, Beaumont, it's not you...It's me.
Tier 22      
The ice caves.


In the ice caves after your pass the journal pages

Voices: Come, come.

As you're entering the dreaming

Voices: We can give you what you deserve. We can give you the world.
Voices: Come. Speak with us, and you'll see.

Further along the tunnel

Voices: Your potential is being wasted by your puppet masters.
Voices: Your future holds so much promise. We hate to see you held back by their narrow-mindedness and greed.

Still further along

Voices: We are generous and giving to those who aspire to greatness. Don't let your talents be wasted. Don't accept any less than what you deserve.

Entering the room with the memories

Voices: Look around. Witness the legacy of those who were brave and dared to dream.
Voices: You can rise higher and reach further than they ever did,
Voices: if you only accept our help and our gift to you.

Examining the gift of language, in the room with the desk and book cases

Voices: Some choose to be granted the gift of language,
Voices: to use words to seduce and change the world.
Voices: But true power cannot be contained by words, and true power can shape the world to your will.

Examining the memory of vision, in a stone room with paintings

Voices: Some choose to be granted the gift of sight, to envision and recreate beauty.
Voices: But beauty is hollow compared to true power.

Examining the memory of leadership

Voices: Some choose to be made into figureheads,
Voices: pale shadows of those who walk the true and enlightened path, alongside us.
Voices: Become the one who pulls the strings, not the puppet on the throne.

Examining the memory of wealth

Voices: Some choose material wealth, mere shadows of true wealth, true power.
Voices: You will have no need for paper and metal, when you carry within you something much greater.

Leaving the cave of memories

Voices: Come, and we'll speak of your future. We are fascinated by you. We want to hear everything about you.

Entering the room with a view of space

Voices: Good. Good.
Voices: The time has come to accept our gift to you.
Voices: We can give you everything, the world. You only have to choose to accept it.
Reject the Gift...


Voices: Run away. You won't be able to escape the end of days.
Accept the gift...


Voices: Good. You made the right choice. This is only your first step down a new path. We will give you all that you desire, as long as you stay true to us.

Other Information

Dr. Bannerman's Case Files

Case #40027 - Deviant Teenager      

Case #40027: Deviant Teenager

Regarding Patient: Danny Dufresne Contact Details: 10 Belmont Avenue Referral: Mr Rosen Reason for Referral: Deviant Behavior including voyeurism and graffiti Method: Helen thought that this assessment would be the best way to stop Mr Rosen from pressing charges. It was pretty funny, the youtube clip of Rosen in his underwear watering roses.

Diagnosis: Danny is a fine, healthy young man. His sense of humor might make him some enemies.

Case #43781: Lady Margaret Incident      

Case #43781: Lady Margaret Incident

Regarding Patients: Derrick Creed, Lawrence Creed, and Joe Slater.

Contact Details: Lawrence and Derrick Creed (Business address): 5 Main Street, 555-1--4 Joe Slater (Home address: 4 Belmont Avenue, 555-1782

Referral: They came to me after the Lady Margaret limped back into the harbor. All of them needed help, so I arranged separate interviews.

Diagnosis: It is too early to tell, but something clearly happened on that ship.

Derrick Creed

Derrick suffers from severe headaches and a keen sense of paranoia. The similarities with Joe Slater and Lawrence Creed are alarming. It seems the symptoms develop at uneven rates, but I fear everyone on the boat might be affected with this. Whatever it is.

Lawrence Creed

Second consultation with Lawrence today. The headaches are getting worse, to the point where he can no longer function normally. The paranoia has not abated and he has developed a new symptom: night terrors. I prescribed an anti-depressant, but if his development is anything like Joe's, I fear he will only get worse.

Joe Slater

I saw Joe again today. This was the fourth consultation, and I'm at a loss. He was barely coherent, his left leg twitched and he obsessively scratched his right arm. Paranoia has developed into severe delusions. Consulted with Hartmann in New York who suggested the symptoms are more likely signs of schizophrenia, which echo my earlier diagnosis. With others from the boat presenting with similar symptoms, however, and the patient's lack of response to medication, I fear this might be something environmental. Something eating away at the brain. Prescribed clozapine, but am not optimistic.

Case #42908: The Fortune Teller      

Case #42908: The Fortune Teller

Regarding Patient: Madame Roget (real name unknown) Contact Details: Lovecraft Lane Referral: Self Appointment Reason for Referral: Not disclosed Method: M Roget seems to suffer from a variety of deviant sexual fantasies, not least of which involve an inappropriate Doctor-Patient relationship.



  • The description for Tier 10 misspells "The Phoenicians" as "The Phonicians".
  • If you pick up helmet lights and other usable items inside the Blue Ridge Mine instance, you won't be able to delete them.
    • The helmet lights next to the entrance are fine.


  • "'Twas right, said they, such birds to slay, That bring the fog and mist" quoted by Norma Creed - Comes from The Rime of the Ancient Mariner[1]
  • The phrase "In inferno nulla est redemptio" on the picture in the Franklin Mansion comes from a responsory of the Catholic Office of the Dead, in the third Nocturn[2] of Matins[3][4], translated as "There is no redemption in hell".
  • The image for the memory of language is from "Mont Blanc" by Percy Shelley[5].
  • The image for the memory of vision is a painting done by the artist Raphael[6] and the quote is what is was engraved on his sarcophagus when he died, written by Pietro Bembo[7]
  • The image for the memory of leadership is the Cyrus Cylinder[8], a translation of which can be found at the British Museum[9]
  • The image for the memory of wealth is a picture of Xanadu[10], the fictional estate of the title character in the film Citizen Kane[11]




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