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The Secret World, Secret World Legends, The Park, Hide and Shriek, and all The Secret World, Secret World Legends, The Park, or Hide and Shriek art, images, and lore are copyrighted by Funcom.

All other content on this site is copyright by the respective authors, and is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.

This web site is neither endorsed by nor associated with Funcom.

The purpose of the CryGaia Wiki is for a collaboration of community members to add information about the universe. However, anyone is allowed to make edits to pages, while including misinformation. Although staff editors and reviewers will try to keep the content of this wiki strictly to verified game and lore content information, CryGaia Wiki cannot guarantee that all information on the wiki is confirmed to be factual or up to date. This is increasingly true due to the current development state of Secret World Legends.

Note that this does not mean all the information provided on this wiki is invalid; many of the articles you will find are indeed factual. Still, the wiki is open to edit by anyone with Internet access on most pages and some may be at risk of being vandalized or wrongly altered by a user.

If you find any part of an article misleading or incorrect, you are encouraged to edit the article to correct it or to discuss it on the respective talk page. If you're having trouble or the situation requires administrative assistance, report the page to a staff member.