When the Hatchet Falls

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When the Hatchet Falls
Region: Transylvania
Zone: The Shadowy Forest
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Tibor
Type: Sabotage
Requires: A Trail of Breadcrumbs
Reward: No Data
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.7

This missions is granted automatically upon completion of the A Trail of Breadcrumbs mission. After it has been completed, it can also be picked up individually to rerun the mission Tibor

According to Tibor and Luminita, children have gone missing from the Romany camp. Could this have something to do with the local Orochi activity? The strange child-monster that terrorised the werewolves? Search for the truth



Luminita and Tibor are talking to each other

Luminita: I used to play with her. She was only two years older than me.
Tibor: She'd just received her weapon.
Tibor: She could hit a tin can from a hundred meters away. She was really good.
Luminita: I don't know why she went into the forest without the adults. Or why she brought her brother.
Luminita: That was stupid.
Tibor: He was one year younger than me.
Luminita: (Noticing you) Hey. Have you seen any kids out there?
Luminita: A girl, about this tall. (Motioning with her hand)
Tibor: And a boy with curly hair. He's much shorter than me.
You shake your head no
Tibor: Oh.
Luminita: I didn't think so.
Luminita: The grown-ups have been looking for many days.
Luminita: There's no trace of them. Neither Ylenia or her brother Mika.
Tibor: They've been eaten by werewolves.
Luminita: Don't say that!
Luminita: Maybe they were captured by vampires.
Tibor: Or kidnapped by ghouls.
Luminita: Or by those creepy farmers.
Luminita: They're stupid, and dangerous, and evil. Milosh said so.
Tibor: They scare me.
Tibor: I don't scare easy!
Luminita: Or... maybe they just go lost in the woods. It could happen...
Tibor: It's pretty easy to get lost out there.
Luminita: If they did, we will find them. Right?

Tier 4

Upon entering the facility:

Council Agent: My, you look dangerous
Council Agent: So dangerous.
Council Agent: I think I would cut myself if I tried to touch you.
Council Agent: Do not worry. I am not Orochi.
Council Agent: But I know who you represent.
Council Agent: Your reputation precedes you.
Council Agent: We also know about this.
Council Agent: These secret wars are bad enough, but when they take the children...
Council Agent: For this, the council cannot remain neutral, cannot sit idle.
Council Agent: And so here I am. And here you are.
Council Agent: We can help each other, da?
Council Agent: I do not think we will find the little ones here.
Council Agent: But we will find answers.
Council Agent: This facility is abandoned, but...
Council Agent: Such deadly toys.
Council Agent: Shall we break them, you and I?
Council Agent: Oh, my name?
Council Agent: Tell you what, if when this is all over,
Council Agent: you and I live to die another day,
Council Agent: I will tell you my name.
Council Agent: A good incentive, da?

Tier 7

Council Agent: I spy, with my little eye, something...
Council Agent: Ah yes... For your eyes only, darling...
Council Agent: It is called the Nursery. Not so far from our position.
Council Agent: It was part of a now defunct Orochi program to gather and accelerate gifted children,
Council Agent: children with preternatural potential.
Council Agent: The experiments took a darker turn.
Council Agent: Horrible surgeries, mutations, genetic manipulations. They...
Council Agent: they were birthing monsters like...
Council Agent: I am...sorry.
Council Agent: I used to be a mother, a long time ago.
Council Agent: (hums)
Council Agent: (Cradles the Orochi tablet like a small child while humming)
Council Agent: We must find the little ones - the children of the Romany camp and any others these Orochi dogs have stolen away with.
Council Agent: The Nursery is under lockdown. Go. Try to find a way inside.
Council Agent: I will see what more information I can uncover here.
Council Agent: Do not worry. I'll catch you up.
Council Agent: You are too much fun.
Council Agent: (leaning in like she is going to kiss you, but doesn't) I promise, the best is yet to come.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: What of the Dimir farm? That place reeks of charnal horrors. Perhaps you will find clues to the missing children there
    • Search the Dimir farm for information about the missing children
  • Tier 2: he frightful letter, from Olga to her dead husband, shows her to be disturbed but not likely the one kidnapping the children. This leaves you little to go on. Perhaps you will find a clue in the ghoul camps.
    • Search the ghoul camps for information about the missing children
    • Take the Tracking Device
  • Tier 3: The ghoul-nibbled Orochi corpse had a tablet with a message regarding a compromised facility and two "runners." A tracking device was included. Seek out what this Orochi agent died trying to find.
    • Search for the missing children
    • Examine the Microchips
    • Follow the Blood Trail
  • Tier 4: The trail of clues and blood lead to the Hatchet Falls facility. you must gain entry.
    • Enter the Hatchet Falls facility
      • Left-click the door once to select it and validate the objective. Right-clicking it doesn't work.
    • Unlock the door to the facility
  • Tier 5: The metallic halls bend the unsettling quiet. This facility is no longer manned, but the automated security is fully functioning and deadly. What happened here? Have a cautious look around.
    • Explore the Facility
    • Bypass the first security door
  • Tier 6: You have made it past the first security door. Keep going.
    • Explore the facility
    • Bypass the second Security Door
  • Tier 7: You have made your way deep into the Hatchet Falls facility. Find information that will shed light on the missing children.
    • Access the secured files
    • Read the Secured Files
    • Locate an Orochi agent with level 6 clearance



Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Climbing Zagan
The Council moves unlike the Council. Is a thing only that thing when it behaves as itself? Or does it transform into something else? Every action splinters an entity into a thousand alternate selves. We reinvent ourselves with every step. Those who reinvent themselves purposefully are admirable or dangerous. Or both. Which version of you will enter this Nursery? Which will leave? Follow the song.
Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Climbing Zagan
So the Council is actually making a move on this? I didn't get the memo, and I hate being out of the loop. See what you can find out from this agent. It's not often they take actual, proactive action, but then, kids in danger do make for a big emotional catalyst. It's what PR sound bites are made of. Until we run the whole game board, we have to play the politics too. So cooperate. Be sure to say things like, "Think of the children!" every so often. Get to the bottom of what the Orochi are doing with children all the way out in Count Chocula's armpit. If you can, find out before the Council does. A step ahead. That's how we dance.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Climbing Zagan
I am surprised to see the Council of Venice charging forward into this. Inaction would reflect badly on us, so lead that charge. Find this Nursery place, and open its secrets to the light of our good judgement. These crimes against children are more extensive than we feared. It is starting to resemble the disaster that was the Children's Crusade, but that is a horror story for another time. Merry hunting.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png [[Experience|No Data]]
Anima Shards.png [[Anima Shards|No Data Cateogry:Mission stubs]]
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + No Data
Anima Shards.png + No Data


There are 7 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/7

  • Search the Dimir Farm for information about the missing children
    • Go to the area marked on the map, at (1066,1060)
    • There are numerous Tamed Wolves in the area, that are not friendly and will attack
    • Enter the building
    • Use "Dimir's Letter" on the table, just to the right as you come in.

Tier 2/7

  • Search the ghoul camps for information about the missing children
    • Go to the area marked on the map
    • There are numerous Bog Ghouls in the area
    • Use the "Ghoul-Gnawed Orochi Corpse" at (683,1041), in front of the overturned van
  • Take the Tracking Device
    • On the ground, next to the corpse
    • You will receive an Orochi Field Tracker in your inventory in case you need to use it manually, but it will normally start on its own.

Tier 3/7

  • Search for the missing children
    • Go to the area marked on you map to get in the general area, then use the tracking device to find the exact location.
    • You're looking for coords (522,896), across the road from the Anima Well. There will be blood spatter on the ground.
  • Examine the Microchips
    • White [ ] brackets in some blood on the ground
  • Follow the Blood Trail
    • Leads to (568,849)
    • Or, you instead of following the trail you can cross the road and jump down at the waterfall in order to avoid fights
    • Look for a door at the base of a waterfall

Tier 4/7

  • Enter the Hatchet Falls facility
    • Use the door.
    • Nope, it's locked.
    • Stand in front of the retinal and palm scanners to the right of the door in order for the quest to advance
  • Unlock the door to the facility

Tier 5/7

  • Explore the Facility
    • Walk until you get a cutscene
  • Bypass the first security door
    • The door is protected by an electric field as well as a mag-lock.
    • Go into the room to the left of the electrified door and get the Blue Mag-Lock Key
    • Take the stairs downstairs to the generator
    • There is a Generator User's Manual with instructions
      • Switch generator to manual mode using the breaker (A)
      • Spin valve control wheel (C) to close valve.
      • Monitor pressure gauge (B).
      • Use primer (D) to increase the rate of rising pressure. Spin valve control wheel (C) to decrease the rate of rising pressure.
      • Press ignition (E) when pressure reaches 70% capacity.
      • Danger! Do not let pressure capacity reach 100%. Should this occur, evacuate the room immediately.
    • Once you successfully used the Generator, the lights will be on and you can go back upstairs
    • With the lights on, you can now see an Aegis Portable Shield Generator in the same room as the Blue Mag-Lock Key was in
    • Destroy the backup generator
    • Click on the door to get through to use the Blue Mag-Lock Key and get through

Tier 6/7

  • Explore the facility
    • Avoid the camera lights!
    • When you get to the door with the keypad, the code is "1878"
      • To figure out the code:
        • Use the crates to jump over the top of the grid
        • There is a "Reminder" note taped to a bunk in one of the rooms that says "1878"
        • You would then go back to the keypad
    • Inside that room, get the Soviet EMP Pulser
    • Come back out of the room, and use the crates to jump over the lasers
    • When you get to the second set of lasers, use the Soviet EMP Pulser on the electrical box to disable them
    • When you get to the door with the electrical box next to it, use the Soviet EMP Pulser to disable it
    • Get the Red Mag-Lock Key from inside the room
    • Destroy the Aegis Portable Shield Generator to drop the shields and get out again
    • Leave that room, continue down the hall, still avoiding cameras
  • Bypass the second Security Door

Tier 7/7

  • Access the secured files
    • In a room to your left as you come into this area will be a new Blue Mag-Lock Key and Red Mag-Lock Key
    • Leave this room and continue down the hall
    • There will be a large door flanked by two smaller doors
    • Use the computer behind the large door to disable the security
      • The password for the computer is "password"
    • You will see a cutscene
  • Read the Secured Files
    • After the cutscene is over, use the computer again
  • Locate an Orochi agent with level 6 clearance

Other Information

  • Completing this mission automatically starts the You Only Die Twice mission
  • While in the Hatchet Falls Facility (Instance) - If you didn't set off any alarms on the way to the secured files, you should be able to access the back room where you will encounter Janos Dragosani. Killing him starts Dead Chamber mission
  • While in the Hatchet Falls Facility (Instance), there is lore hidden the machine gun post between the stairs that leads down to the room containing the final terminal and access to the Janos Dragosani encounter. You probably wont notice there's a gun position there until you're leaving the instance. NOTE: Not the gun surrounded by sandbags, the one under that.

Related Achievements


  • Dialogue in Tier one - "you and I live to die another day" is most likely a reference to the James Bond film Die Another Day
  • Dialogue in Tier seven - "For your eyes only darling" would be a reference to the James Bond film For Your Eyes Only
  • The mission that this one leads into (You Only Die Twice) would refer to the James Bond film You Only Live Twice
  • While in the Hatchet Falls Facility (Instance) - If you go into the hallway you initially had to ignore because of security cameras, there is a door that leads into a storage room. Behind the crates in there is a dead Orochi Group soldier. He apparently had himself a little hideout back there - complete with a sandbox, beach chair, umbrella, and beer. It looks like he shot himself with his gun.
    • On the table across from him is several books, written by Sam Kreig



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