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TSWicon.png This article concerns content for The Secret World. For the Secret World Legends version, click here.

Venice Sinking/tsw
Region: Venice
Zone: The Sunken Library
Start Location: Arturo Castiglione's Office
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Arturo Castiglione
Type: Story
Requires: Preludes & Intrigues
Reward: 598,410 Experience Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.9

Wracked with paranoia, Arturo spoke of a compromised Council of Venice, of treachery and betrayal. "Trust no one," he said.



Arturo Castiglione: Latet anguis in herba.
Arturo Castiglione: Come in. Quickly.
Arturo Castiglione: Were you followed? Did you see anyone out there?
Arturo Castiglione: It used to be simpler. When you are young, the heroes and villains stand out.
Arturo Castiglione: They are so much easier to identify, white hats here, black hats there.
Arturo Castiglione: When you get older, it is not so easy.
Arturo Castiglione: The years devour your eyes. You lose your way.
Arturo Castiglione: Right and wrong. Do you even remember what they looked like?
Arturo Castiglione: You grope your empty sockets for them, crouching in the ever-dark,
Arturo Castiglione: afraid to call out, "Marco,"
Arturo Castiglione: because you're afraid of the voice that whispers, "Polo."
Arturo Castiglione: Someone is watching me.
Arturo Castiglione: Even here, in the stronghold of the Council.
Arturo Castiglione: Nothing is safe. I am in the dark. I cannot trust anyone close to me.
Arturo Castiglione: But you are not close, and so I choose to risk trusting you.
Arturo Castiglione: We have important matters to discuss, but I dare not while these invisible eyes and ears hang over us.
Arturo Castiglione: Search these fallen halls.
Arturo Castiglione: Find my malefactor.
Arturo Castiglione: Then, we can talk more.
Arturo Castiglione: Remember.
Arturo Castiglione: Trust no one.

Tier 3


Arturo Castiglione: Caspita! Meno male! She is alive...
Arturo Castiglione: (laughing)
Arturo Castiglione: You are back. You have discovered something horrible. yes? You are here to confront me.
Arturo Castiglione: Maybe kill me?
Arturo Castiglione: That was my plan... perhaps.
Arturo Castiglione: I was ready to die. It was all too heavy.
Arturo Castiglione: All the years, the skullduggery, the decay of the Council.
Arturo Castiglione: Sarah was the final straw.
Arturo Castiglione: I failed her, see. She was my protégé.
Arturo Castiglione: She was like a daughter.
Arturo Castiglione: I sent her to Tokyo after the explosion and... well...
Arturo Castiglione: But she lives! I have no time for death now.
Arturo Castiglione: There is much to be done.
Arturo Castiglione: Listen carefully. It is true.
Arturo Castiglione: I had dealings with the Phoenicians. Dealings of the secret kind.
Arturo Castiglione: I have done worse. I have paved so many dark roads with good intentions.
Arturo Castiglione: The Phoenicians wanted you kept out.
Arturo Castiglione: I conceded, but I made use of the time, yes? I showed you the room.
Arturo Castiglione: Now is the time for you to go to Tokyo.
Arturo Castiglione: The Phoenicians are there, either covering up their involvement, or profiting from it,
Arturo Castiglione: Do what you must, but before you go.
Arturo Castiglione: Take this. It is a simulacrum of Sarah. It is bound to her.
Arturo Castiglione: When you cross the Agartha portal to Tokyo, it will take you to her.
Arturo Castiglione: Find Sarah. Help her.
Arturo Castiglione: I would know that I have done at least this thing right.
Arturo Castiglione: I will not lay down anymore. I will defy the Phoenicians and all the looming powers!
(Into phone.)
Arturo Castiglione: What do you want?
Arturo Castiglione: No, I will hold them back no longer.
Arturo Castiglione: They are coming for you. They are ready.
Arturo Castiglione: The time you imposed has sharpened the knives that will be at your throat.
Arturo Castiglione: You have no more power over me.
Arturo Castiglione: In vinculis etiam audax.


Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Arturo has something important to tell you, but there are spying eyes and ears on you even now. Find the malefactor.
    • Search Arturo's Office for anything suspicious
  • Tier 2: Even the paintings have eyes. How long have outsiders spied on the Council of Venice? Find answers.
    • Examine the suspicious painting's name plate
    • Access the secret passage behind the painting
    • Enter the secret passage
    • Pursue the spy
    • Confront Arturo
  • Tier 3: <spoiler>The Phoenicians have infiltrated the Council. Arturo was blackmailed into aiding them. Who can you trust? No time to think. On to Tokyo.</spoiler>
    • Travel to Tokyo




Arturo's betrayal and change of heart were the most likely of the models. The intrigue and politics of this situation are just chess games and shadow puppet shows. Let it distract the others. Sarah is the important variable. How many hundreds have seen through her eyes? Follow the memories you once stole from her head, and find her.


Arturo goes on my "To Do" list. But since he turned on the Phoenicians, he goes on the backburner pile, because when you turn on the Phoenicians, your life expectancy reaches quagga status. What? Don't get it? A quagga is an extinct mammal, like a half-zebra/half-horse. God. Read a book. For now, leave Arturo to us. Get to Tokyo. When Zurn sends new recruits tripping the psychotropic fantastic, to relive the events in Tokyo, "Sarah" is always the name they remember. I don't have to tell you that. It's her memories. Connect the dots to the How and Why on this one. I can't have any more loose ends while I adjust the paradigm on a world with a collapsing Council of Venice.



I am disappointed in Arturo. Time ans compromise corrupt noble souls. Betrayal is not on our list of forgiveable sins. But he did counter-betray the Phoenicians, and there is no time. Journey to Tokyo. It would seem this Sarah is one whose memories our new recruits relive. That warrants investigation. Could a lone operative survive in that Dantesque hell of a subway this long? I trust you will give this all due alacrity.

R. Sonnac


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/3

  • Search Arturo's Office for anything suspicious
    • Inspect the painting of Marco Polo at (98,244)

Tier 2/3

  • Examine the suspicious painting's name plate
    • The globe is the key. Venice will set you on the path.
  • Access the secret passage behind the painting
    • Next to the painting is a globe
    • There is a secret switch where Venice is.
  • Enter the secret passage
    • The paining of Marco Polo will move and an opening will appear behind it
    • A cut scene will play. You will see Lidiya in the passage
  • Pursue the spy
    • Get through the lasers without being hit. Best way to do this is to turn sprinting off.
    • When you get to the river, go to your right, at the end of the passage is a ladder to climb up
    • Avoid being shot by the snipers by breaking their line of sight
    • Avoid the run turret by timing it and hiding behind the pipes
    • At the end of the catwalk, you can climb up on the pipes by using a red elbow section. Use your 'strafe right' key to move along the pipe
    • A Phoenician Hoplite will come out of a door, attack and kill him
    • Cross over the river via the catwalk
    • There will be another pipe to get onto and climb across
    • Run behind the gun turret
    • You may be sniped again, if so, duck into the alcoves to get out of sight
    • Pick up the Gate key on the grating right before the yellow-outlined gate control on the wall
    • Go around the corner and up a ramp
    • Another Phoenician Hoplite will attack
    • Go to the end of that catwalk and then up another ramp
    • Run past the gun turret when it is turned away from you and then cross over the river behind the gun
    • Jump down one level, and then run down the catwalk to a ladder and climb back up to the top level
    • Cross over another pipe
    • You'll have to either have enough HP to make it past the gun turret, or will have to have destroyed it previously
    • Make your way to the end of this cross walk and cross back over the river
    • Drop down to the bottom level and go around the corner into the next section of sewer
    • Run to the end of this passage, cross over the river again, then run run back up the passage to a ladder
    • You'll have to cris-cross over the river a couple times and either destroy another gun turret, or run through it's fire
    • At the end, you'll have to fight the sniper, a Phoenician Epilektoi
    • He will drop a small yellow-outlined Gate key when it dies, it can be hard to see. Picking it up gives you a Rusty key
    • Jump back down and the yellow-outlined gate you passed earlier will open now
    • A cut scene will play and Lidiya will escape on a rubber boat
  • Pick up the dropped letter
    • A note on the catwalk near you
  • Confront Arturo
    • Use the door next to the note

Tier 3/3

  • Travel to Tokyo

Other Information


  • "Latet anguis in herba" means "a snake is hidden in the grass"
  • "Homo homini lupus" means "man is wolf to man"
  • "In vinculis etiam audax" means "in bonds, yet still bold"
  • Images in Arturo's office:
    • Leda and the Swan
    • Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge
    • The Apotheosis of Henry IV and the Proclamation of the Regency of Marie de Medicis on May 14, 1610, by Paul Ruebens
    • The Worship of Venus, Titian
    • Marco Polo, by Nico Phinea
    • Self Protrait as Bacchus, Caravaggio
    • View of the Entrance to the Arsenal, by Canaletto
    • Primavera, by Sandro Botticelli






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