The Sound of Children

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The Sound of Children
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Carpathian Fangs
Start Location: The Nursery (Instance)
Start Coords: 221,175
Given by: Nursery Entrance
Type: Action
Requires: You Only Die Twice
Reward: No Data
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.7

This missions is granted automatically upon completion of the You Only Die Twice mission. After it has been completed once, it can then be picked up individually to rerun the mission from the door to The Nursery

It all happened in a blur of explosions and a thrilling leap from a bridge, but you managed to land just outside the Nursery. It is time to open the doors, shed light into the Orochi's loathsome activities, and discover what happened to the children


Tier 1

Council Agent: I give you,
Council Agent: the Nursery.
Council Agent: Be careful, this place...
Council Agent: it has bad memories.

Tier 3

Coming into Dr. Schreber's private lab

Emma is strapped to a table, unconscious
Council Agent: Oh, Emma. We found you
Council Agent: (Rushes to the table with Emma) Emma?
Council Agent: (Turning to you) They must have drugged her. Wake her, quickly.
When you bend over the table to examine Emma, the Council Agent injects in the back of the neck with something from a needle. You convulse and collapse to the floor.
Council Agent: We can drop the curtain on that farce now, can't we?
Council Agent: (As you struggle to remain awake) Oh, no-no-no-no. Shhhhh.
Council Agent: There now, sweet child.
Council Agent: You're just angry because you'd grown fond of that Council spy girl.
Council Agent: I rather liked her too.
Council Agent: It was pleasure,
Council Agent: but that game is now over, and it's time to sleep.
Council Agent: I promise, the best is yet to come.
You pass out. When you wake up, you are strapped to a table
Lilith: I promised you my name.
Lilith: There are so many names.
Lilith: Once upon a time, a prophet forced me to admit the seventeen names I used to sow mischief.
Lilith: Say my name. Abeko. Abito. Amizo.
Lilith: Say my name. Batna. Eilo. Ita. Izorpo. Kea! Kali!
Lilith: Say my name. Odam! Kokos! Partasah! Patrota! Podo! Satrina! Talto!
Lilith: I did tell you lies,
Lilith: but I am a mother.
Lilith: You've faced the descendants of some of my children.
Lilith: Every monstrous silhouette that haunts every legend, every myth, every night terror -
Lilith: they all trail umbilically back to between these legs,
Lilith: and I dissolved entire civilizations in the sizzling afterbirth.
Lilith: My body is a temple that outlasted all temples.
Lilith: Gods have worshipped here in blood and semen!
Lilith: Through me, you enter the population of loss.
Lilith: No things were before me not eternal;
Lilith: eternal I remain.
Lilith: Can you guess my final name?
Lilith: Lilith.
You start start to convulse, apparently involuntarily.
Lilith: Yes! Your body recognises my name,
Lilith: because it is etched in your communal memory,
Lilith taps your forehead.
Lilith: in the reptilian R-complex beneath your forebrain,
Lilith: because I encoded it there before the histories forgotten by the histories that your histories forgot.
Lilith: I...
A crippled, distorted child shambles into the room. Mostly likely one of the nursery's experiments
Lilith: (hums)
Lilith hums to the child, which calms it down, and places her hand on its neck, and breaks it. The child collapses.
Lilith: Time to make my egress.
An Orochi drone floats over you
Lilith: No, my dear,
Lilith: I do not expect you to die.
The drone shoots a cutting laser, starting at one side of the table you're on and slowly starting to work its way across the table - if it continues, it will cut off your legs.
Lilith: But there is something exquisitely humiliating in the agony of a hobbled immortal.
Lilith: Don't you think?
Emma appears to start to wake up
Emma: No...stop...
Emma: you're hurting... Stop!
Lilith: (hums)
Lilith continues to hum as she picks Emma up off the table and walks out of the room
You continue to struggle against your bonds as the laser works across the table.
Eventually, a couple of bees fly into the room. They slip into your mouth, and then you pass out.

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: The place is inexplicably foreboding, even from the outside. Sometimes bravery is entering the last place in the world you want to go.
    • Enter the Nursery
  • Tier 2: Bad things happened here. The feeling permeates the air and clings to you. That haunting music... Open all the doors and find all the answers.
    • Explore the Nursery
  • Tier 3: This place is a wind-up-box of horror. But there are still some secrets to uncover.
    • Objective: Find the Secret Room
    • Find Emma




The child cried out. The child does not cry out. Do you understand?

The Dark Mother is revealed. Birds scream her seventeen names before crashing into our windows and dying. All patterns are set to oblivion. Can you be the little chaos that disrupts apocalypse? Go now, little ripple maker. When a scalpel must kill a whale, where do you cut?

She is so many things. That is what makes her dangerous. But all those things balance on the twisted fulcrum of being a mother. That is where you will unbalance her.


Read this very carefully: Do not lose Lilith.

She's the real deal. Her seventeen names tripped some alarms on my computer. We're in an alert with a color I've never seen. Way past Defcon-5. The talking heads, the ones at the very tippy-top of the pyramid are sending word directly to me. They never do that!

I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of him, and I'm more afraid of the talking heads, and they're afraid of her. Stay on her. I don't know what will happen to either of us if you don't.

I'm not fucking around.



You must understand the scope of what you just discovered. You must understand that no words I type here will suffice. The darks days were a prelude. This is the apocalyptic battle we always knew would happen, that we always prepared for, and in that preparation, we may have seemed out of place and time to others.

This is the dread time.

Our moment.

The battle is joined. You have revealed the woman of seventeen names for what she is.

Hostis hvmani generis!

R. Sonnac


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/3

  • Enter the The Nursery
    • Use the door to go inside. Walk forward until the cutscene starts

Tier 2/3

  • Explore the The Nursery
    • The Council Agent is once again complaining about it being dark. Go through the rooms until you find the "Fusebox", use it to turn the lights on.
    • Go back to the first room, and the glass doors to the office will open up
    • Use the computer inside and select "Authorized Surveillance Access" to get the doors opened up.
      • If you stop to read the other entries:
        1. The Council Agent will bang on the window to tell you to hurry up
        2. One of the files will tell you not to turn off the music in one of the rooms
    • Go back into the hallway and through the door that is now open.
    • Eventually you will come into a room with cloud wallpaper. There is a radio on the back wall on a shelf.
    • Use the radio to turn off the music.
    • Once the music is turned off, the Orochi Nanny Drones will go from green happy faces (and ignoring you) to red frowny faces and attack you on sight.
    • Turning the music off also opens a secret room in the hallway outside of the room the radio was in.
    • Use the computer in that secret room and select "Authorized Surveillance Access" - you will get a message that doors will now open automatically
    • Return to where the Council Agent is waiting for you
    • You will be attacked by two or three Tortured Experiments when you go through the door she was waiting by
      • NOTE: In this hallway you will find a "Doctors Log" which will give the mission Where the Little Ones Go - you probably want to accept that mission while here since it involves rooms in this complex
      • NOTE: One of the rooms off this hallway is labeled "Weaponized Anima" - that room contains the device that will turn the Flamethrower you got from the Vampire Hunter as an end reward from Who Horrifies the Horrors? into the Flamethrower you can use as an Auxiliary weapon
    • When you get to the room at the end of the hallway, the Council Agent triggers an alarm.
    • You are attacked by 3 waves of three Infected Nursery Attendants and then finally by Dr Schreber
    • After you kill Dr Schreber you can go into the room he came from

Tier 3/3

  • Find the Secret Room
    • Use the computer in the room and select "Emma Smith" and then "Access Private Lab" and a passage will open up in the floor where one of the rugs was
  • Find Emma
    • Go down into the private lab, and you will see her strapped to a table
    • Cutscene plays

Other Information

  • After the cutscene in Tier 3, you will automatically be given the mission I Walk Into Empty
  • You will most likely want to complete the mission Where the Little Ones Go while on this mission since it starts and ends in the same instance as this one takes place in

Related Achievements


  • The child that comes in during the final cut-scene appears to be the child from the "Inhabited Child"
  • The laser cutting you while you're tied to the table in the Tier 3 cutscene is a reference to the James Bond movie Goldfinger
  • The song lyrics found in Directer Schreber's computer (Item 2, subitem 1) (As well as being found throughout Issue 7) are from the song Sleepless Lullaby by the band Bright September
  • The 17 names of Lilith:
    • Abeko
    • Abito
    • Amizo
    • Batna
    • Eilo
    • Ita
    • Izorpo
    • Kea
    • Kali
    • Kokos
    • Lilith
    • Odam
    • Partasah
    • Patrota
    • Podo
    • Satrina
    • Talto



The computer in the front office of the Nursery:

The computer in the hidden room:

Nursery Rooms:

Director Schreber's Computer


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