The Overlooked

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The Overlooked
The Overlooked.jpg
Map Coordinates: 643, 792
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Savage Coast
Type: Player versus environment

The Overlooked is the Savage Coast lair. It is populated by Filthy Humanoids and Shades, some of which patrol large areas.


The Overlooked is located just south of the Overlook Motel through a passage in the rocks off of the road.

Nearest Anima Well: The Lowland

Lair Effects

Creatures in The Overlooked inflict quite a bit of damage over time. Higher Penetration rating is good to help counter their high Block. Mobs are Immune to Hinder & Impair.

Lair: Increased Block Chance

Trigger: Whenever the target deals a penetrating hit, it applies a single stack of Filth Surge to its enemy target. Whenever enemy target blocks target, a single stack of Filth Surge is removed from enemy target. When enemy target has 3 stacks of Filth Surge, it is removed and replaced with Filth Discharge (Periodic damage).


Starts at location

Dead Filthy bird
Empty crate

Lair Bosses

Filth Vector

  • Type: Filthy Humanoid
  • HP: 340K
  • Associated Mission: Nobel Calling
  • Abilities
    • Pass Infection: Random target AoE that applies several stacks of Infected. Can be impaired.
    • Bestial Savagery: Unknown effect, very fast cast
    • Nasty Infections: Debuff placed on tank that inflicts damage on players that cleanse it.
  • Notes
    • His normal attack places all 4 types of dots on the tank (Accursed, Infected, Bleeding and Poisoned) as well as Nasty Infections.

Lost Sarcoma

  • Type: Zombie Hulk
  • HP: 295K
  • Associated Mission: Sinking Feelings
  • Abilities
    • Dead Weight: PBAoE attack.
    • Filth Eruption: 3 random target persistent AoE. Impairable.
  • Notes
    • Heals and DPS should stack up to reduce area covered by Filth Eruption

Shadow of Depravity

  • Type: Giant Shade
  • HP: 443K
  • Associated Mission: The Cover-up
  • Abilities
    • Scream Havoc: Large frontal cone AoE.
    • Sundered Shadow: Channeled attack on a random target. Will quickly kill heals and dps if not Impaired or line of sight is broken.
    • Inexorable: Unknown effect, Impairable.
    • Vileness Unbound: PBAoE placing filth pool on the ground.


This location is not included in any current in-game achievements.