The Kindly Ones

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The Kindly Ones
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Location: Harbabureşti
Start Coords: (1090,1009)
End location: Blajini Camp
Given by: Petru
Type: Action
Reward: 498,660 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

Petru leads a makeshift refugee camp for his strange kind, the Blajini, uprooted by the conflict in Transylvania. Though they are safe for the moment in Harbabureşti, he fears for his compatriots still trapped in the valley..



Petru: (Speaking before a crowd) Comrades! A revolution is impossible without a revolutionary situation!
Petru: We have been driven from our homes, from our birth lands, by imperialists.
Petru: Imperialists with fangs!
Petru: We stand before a capitalistic vampiric army
Petru: bend on sucking the people dry for their own private profit.
Petru: We must organise! We must revolt!
Petru: (Turning to you) They are resistant to change...
Petru: but change is being thrust upon us whether we want it or not.
Petru: My own kind is the worst.
Petru: The Blajini do not realise that what serves society will server them also.
Petru: We've been isolated for too long.
Petru: I have read the works of Marx and Lenin.
Petru: I understand that without a revolutionary theory there cannot be a revolutionary movement.
Petru: Revolutions are the locomotives of history!
Petru: But locomotives also need passengers, and
Petru: (looking at the 'crowd' that was listening to him earlier) we are a bit thin in that department
Petru: I have put a message to my people on the magic tape
Petru: to let them know that they may come out of hiding and follow you,
Petru: that you will protect them and bring them to this shelter.
Petru: (Handing you a small cassette recorder) They will do so, because they are sheep.
Petru: I want to teach them to think for themselves, but until then it is good they are sheep.
Petru: Sometimes, history needs a tiny nudge in the right place.
Petru: (Turning back to the crowd) Abolish all private property!
Petru: Faeries of the world, unite!

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Petru has prepared a message in the Blajini tongue on an old tape recorder. He asks that you use it to spread the word that safe having, and a socialist movement, awaits in Harbabureşti
    • Inspect Petru's drawing
    • Find a vantage point overlooking the Olaru Farm
  • Tier 2: It seems some Blajini have made it as far as the Olaru Farm, but have been unable to cross the siege lines. Begin your search there.
    • Head to the Olaru orchard
    • Search for the hidden Blajini
    • Coax the Blajini out of their burrows (0/3)
  • Tier 3: Now the orchard is emptied, search the Olaru wheat field for further Blajini stragglers.
    • Head to the wheat field
    • Search for the hidden Blajini
    • Bring of the Blajini out of hiding (0/2)
  • Tier 4: With the human residents gone, some Blajini may have barricaded themselves in the farm complex.
    • Head to the farm complex
    • Search the buildings and outhouses
    • Bring the Blajini out of doors (0/2)
  • Tier 5: Finally, Petru's drawing indicated another possible hiding spot out beyond the borders of the farm.
    • Find the ravine behind the berry field
    • Search for Blajini in hiding
    • Call the Blajini out from their burrows
    • Lead the last stragglers back to Harbabureşti




Interesting. These are creatures of older soil, separated from the movement of the world for centuries. Reduced to a forgotten footnote of myth. An irrelevancy.

Now violent change is pressed upon them, and they respond in turn with change. From the death of tradition, the shoots of new thoughtforms. Do they adapt or die? Of this we are uncertain, but we welcome the glorious uncertainty.

You are witnessing the alchemy of chaos firsthand; blood is not all that has been shed in this valley. Let the vampires cast their bones, and we shall observe where they fall.



I don't mean to sound racist, but these guys remind me of this line of dolls from the 80s. It's on the tip of my tongue. Never mind, I'll get back to you if it comes to me.

Anyway, good thinking re: getting on the trail and winning hearts and minds out there. I wouldn't kiss any of their babies, you don't know where these things have been, but still.

If you want to really do them a favour, talk them out of that whole Marxist angle. Take it from me, I went to Cal-Berkeley, I know a thing or two about social classes.



Of course our remit can be stretched from the protection of mankind alone. After all, it was under our amnesty, and our watch, that the Shades of Ealdwic were set up to take in the, well, "supernaturally dispossessed."

Times of conflict always lead to a new influx of the weird and wondrous to our city. Shelly will be thrilled no doubt, but on the positive side of business will boom across the hidden markets and lost rivers of London.

And perhaps, once said conflict has ended, they will have a home to return to. Let us hope so.

R. Sonnac


There are 5 tiers to this mission.

When you accept the mission, you are automatically given Petru's tape recorder

Tier 1/5

  • Inspect Petru's drawing
    • On a stump, a little ways away from Petru
  • Find a vantage point overlooking the Olaru Farm
    • Climb up the scaffolding marked on your map, at (1003,991)

Tier 2/5

  • Head to the Olaru orchard
  • Search for the hidden Blajini
  • 0/3 Coax the Blajini out of their burrows
    • Play Petru's tape recorder from your inventory
    • You need to be standing pretty much right on top of the mound for it to work
    • If you get "There seems to be no Blajini hiding in this mound" then move on to another mound

Tier 3/5

Tier 4/5

  • Head to the farm complex
  • Search the buildings and outhouses
    • Go to door of any building
  • 0/2 Bring the Blajini out of doors

Tier 5/5

  • Find the ravine behind the berry field
    • Marked on your map at (1172,734)
    • You have to go to the far end of the indicated area before the mission updates
  • Search for Blajini in hiding
  • Call the Blajini out from their burrows
  • Lead the last stragglers back to Harbabureşti
    • They move kind of slow, you'll have to keep waiting on them, but if you get too far ahead they will speed up eventually
    • You will be ambushed by a Blajini's Bane on the way back to Harbaburesti

Other Information

Related Achievements


  • The sayings on Petrus tape recorder:
    • Acum! - "Now!"
    • Asculata mia! - "Listen to me!"
    • Urmateza sa vina la mina. - "Follow to come charge to battle." "La mina!", literally meaning "At the trail!", is an idiom roughly corresponding to "To arms!".
    • Alatura-va revolutzion! - "Join the revolution!"
    • Vina! - "Charge!"
    • Urmateza persoana cu banda magica. - "Follow the person with the magic tape."



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