The Filth Amendment

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The Filth Amendment
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Start Location: Orochi Research Base (Blue Mountain)
Start Coords: 673,821
End location: [[The Quarry]]
Given by: Samael Chandra
Type: Action
Reward: 444,440 Experience Experience
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: Update 1.0

This Orochi operation has been compromised. They no longer have the means to contain their experiments. Track down Subject Zero, and uncover more about Orochi's devious research on the island.


Dialogue Scene Name

Character Name: Dialogue

Journal Entries

  • Tier 1: Tier Objective Text
    • List objectives

Tier 1: Subject Zero was a focal point of Orochi experiments on the island. Find out what the experiment was exactly, and contain the threat.

Tier 2: The quarry is no longer of this world. And, most likely, neither is Subject Zero. Look for signs of its existence among the Ellri Seaweaver prisoners. Perhaps one of them has the clue you need.

Tier 3: Subject Zero was drawn into the writing centre of the quarry.


"The Secret World" "Secret World Legends"
444,440 Experience total 2,550 SWL Token XP.png Experience
26,670 PaxRomana.png Pax Romana 600 SWL Token Anima Shard.png Anima Shard
2 Sequin of Solomon Island 1 Weapon Reward Bag.jpg Weapon Reward Bag(s)
Signet reward bag 2 Talisman Reward Bag.jpg Talisman Reward Bag(s)

TSWicon.png TSW XP per Tier:



Orochi have the means to push things beyond measurable limits. Warning signs are an affront to them, as are notions of balance and consequences. They see a stop sign and they must stake it through the heart of anyone in their way.

We cannot count on them to plug this result into a revised model. In fact, we must expect them to continue making the same mistakes. They will follow Subject Zero with Subject One, then Subject Two, then Subject Three - each more predictably ill-fated than the last.

It is our role to swallow such endeavours, to make them part of something greater and more dynamic.


Who contacted you about Subject Zero ? I want names, license plates, social security numbers.

Seriously, give me something.

Fun fact : Orochi plus Filth experimentation equals major bad deals.


Your appetite for truth and justice is insatiable. In the course of your tireless pursuit, try not to swallow anything that Orochi may try to feed you.

Let me put it this way, a subsidiary called Sycoil pumps up oil and another called Zagan pumps out baby food. Now, I have it on good record that - at a certain point in the Orochi chain - both pump through the same treatment channels.

I should very much like to divulge a few other rumours about Orochi. However, I should also like to be a gentleman.

At present, I am having an awful time trying to reconcile the two.

R. Sonnac.


There are 3 tiers to this mission.

NOTE: This mission is much harder than other missions in the Blue Mountain zone, and should not be attempted solo unless you are extremely overpowered for this zone.

Tier 1/3

  • Use a nearby terminal to determine Subject Zero's location
  • Go to the Quarry

Tier 2/3

  • Search for Subject Zero amonst the prisoners
    • Note: The Prisoners are encapsulated in a red aura. A random prisoner will trigger the next tier. So, may have to check many.
  • Check the Orochi PDA
    • Dropped by the correct prisoner

Tier 3/3

  • Destroy the Mother Pod Spikes to access Subject Zero
    • Long Range is easiest, otherwise monsters around the spikes will attack as well. They are easy kills for AR or similar long-range attack.
    • The spikes will regrow if you take too much time to kill them all (because of fighting additional monsters). They must all be dead at the same time for it to count.
  • Destroy Subject Zero

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