The Darkness War (Mission)

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The Darkness War (Mission)
Recommended Level:
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Location: Wabanaki Trailer Park
Starting Coords:
End location: Wabanaki Trailer Park
Given by: Joseph Cajiais
Type: Dungeon
Added in: 1.0
Repeatable: No

Journal Entries

Mission Dungeon.png The Darkness War (Mission)       Dungeon Mission
In the distant past, foreign invaders and their nightmare allies attacked the island home of the Wabanaki tribe. The invaders sought to destroy the island's natural wards and release a terrible power. Re-live the ancestral memories of the Wabanaki and fight alongside them as you experience the Darkness War for yourself.
Tier 1
Let the powers of the lodge take you to a dream of the Darkness War.
  • Dream of the Darkness War
  • Reach the Norse landing
  • End the Mayan assault
  • Reach the Mayan landing
  • Kill the Mayan Battle Mage
  • Search the forest for survivors
  • Use the Wabanaki magic to get through the forest
  • Stop the Mayan Ceremony


See The Darkness War (Dungeon).




The conflicts of man, as with time, as with the Dragon, are cyclic. What has happened before will happen again, and again. You will come to understand that nothing can be "prevented." What is, is, and instead we focus on how the outcome can be steered.


Little trouble holding your peace pipe? Your biofeedback has been all over the place. If Zurn sees this he's going to make a show-and-tell out of you, I mean open you up like a frog in a lab class. I'm kidding, what happens in the smoke lodge stays in the smoke lodge...and in an encrypted folder marked "leverage".



How kind of you to return to the world of consciousness. As much as it's commendable to participate in local customs, perhaps you could choose not to inhale next time. Under current circumstances, if you go incommunicado we must assume the worst. Don't make us assume the worst.

R. Sonnac



Old Joseph: The land itself remembers the past, and memories can be made images.
Old Joseph: With our magic, harvested from the earth, we can bring those memories forth, live them again,
Old Joseph: see what our ancestors saw. As real as a waking dream.
Old Joseph: I'm sure those Hollywood types would love to get their hands on this recipe.
Old Joseph: Sit. Breath.
Old Joseph: Raise the anchor of your soul and let your mind drift out into the great ocean.
Old Joseph: You really do have trouble letting go, don't you?
Old Joseph: Close your eyes. Your spirit wants this.
Old Joseph: My voice will be your guide through the memories. Listen to it.
Old Joseph: Let me be your anchor to this place, and you won't get lost.
Old Joseph: I'll pull you back when you've seen what there is to see. Don't worry.
Old Joseph: I've done this before.
Old Joseph: At least once.
Old Joseph: Or maybe I haven't. My memories are not as vivid as the Earth's.
Old Joseph: It was back in the days of our forefathers, many, many lifetimes ago
Old Joseph: that our land was invaded by an army of darkness from the distant south...

Warp to Last Fight

Old Joseph: Even with the Norsemen on our side, the battle was hard,
Old Joseph: and the Mayans crept ever closer to the summit and to the gateway in the hills,
Old Joseph: the gateway that had long been guarded by our people.
Old Joseph: It was the place of whispers, our tribe knew, and anyone who came too close was poisoned.
Old Joseph: The enemy knew this as well, but they craved
Old Joseph: the poison. They sought it, worshipped it, and for this reason they could not be allowed close.

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