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Adds a token icon.

NOTE: If you need to specify an amount, use Template:Cost


cache - Cache/Lockbox Key
scenario - Scenario Key
dungeon - Dungeon Key
lair - Lair Key
3af - Third Age Fragment (Currency)
mof - Mark of Favour (Currency)
as - Anima Shard (Currency)
aurum - Aurum (Currency)
patron - Patron (Special)
xp - XP
pax - Pax Romania (TSW)
weapon - Weapon Reward Bag
talisman - Talisman Reward Bag
signet - Signet Reward Bag (Need Art)
glyph - Glyph Reward Bag (Need Art)
investigation - Investigation Reward Bag (Need Art)
item - Item Reward Bag
dawnsfavor = Dawn's Favor (Currency)


Cache Key: Cache Key

Cache Key: {{token|cache}}

Scenario Key: Scenario Key

Scenario Key: {{token|scenario}}

Dungeon Key: Dungeon Key

Dungeon Key: {{token|dungeon}}

Lair Key: Lair Key

Lair Key: {{token|lair}}

Third Age Fragment: 3rd Age Fragment

Third Age Fragment: {{token|3af}}

Mark of Favour: Mark of Favor

Mark of Favour: {{token|mof}}

Anima Shard: Anima Shard

Anima Shard: {{token|as}}

Aurum: Aurum

Aurum: {{token|aurum}}

Patron: Patron

Patron: {{token|patron}}

Pax Romania: Pax Romana

Pax Romania: {{token|pax}}


XP: {{token|xp}}

Weapon Reward Bag: Weapon Reward Bag

Weapon Reward Bag: {{token|weapon}}

Talisman Reward Bag: Talisman Reward Bag

Talisman Reward Bag: {{token|talisman}}

Item Reward Bag: Item Reward Bag

Item Reward Bag: {{token|item}}

Investigation Reward Bag: Investigation Reward Bag

Investigation Reward Bag: {{token|investigation}}

Glyph Reward Bag: Glyph Reward Bag

Glyph Reward Bag: {{token|glyph}}

Signet Reward Bag: Signet Reward Bag

Signet Reward Bag: {{token|signet}}

Dawn's Favor: Dawn's Favor

Dawn's Favor: {{token|dawnsfavor}}