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Recommended Level:
Region: [[]]
Zone: [[]]
Starting Coords:
Given by: [[]]
Repeatable: Yes

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SWLicon.png This template is specific to Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, see Template:Missionbox

This template is to be used when creating Category:Missions pages. Although typically you will never use this template on its own. Instead it would be called as part of the Template:Missionpage template

The infobox will be beneficial in providing quick snippets of information to the user without forcing him/her to go rifling through blocks of text. They are very easy to use and will make the page look much better.


Place this at the very top of your page, and fill in the information provided (variable descriptions follow the code). If some variables don't have info, just ignore it, and it will be hidden in the template.

You should not need to add any categories to the page when using this template. They are automatically set by the template.

|name = 
|image =
|level = 
|region = 
|zone = 
|location = 
|startcoords = 
|endlocation = 
|givenby = 
|type = 
|faction =
|reward = 
|added = 
|removed = 
|repeatable =
|map =
|map2 = 
|map3 =
|map4 = 


For locations and names, do not use the [ ] brackets to make them links, the template will do that automatically.

Parameter Name Required Description Accepted Values Default
name No Name of the mission. text Pagename
image Yes An image of the quest giver NPC or location filename.extension pagename.jpg
level Yes Recommended level for this mission <integer>
region Yes Region this location is in "Solomon Island", "Valley of the Sun God", "Transylvania", or "Tokyo"
zone Yes What zone they are located in. See Locations for a list of zones (links below each section header). Zone name, as appropriate for that region
location No If the mission starts near a named located in on the zone map. Use locations listed on the page for that zone under "Nearby Landmarks". Text
startcoords Yes The coordinates where the mission begins within the zone. Use Template:Coords if it is on an open map, use (X,Y) if it is within an instance. See Template:Coords for formatting of this field.
endlocation No The coordinates where the mission ends within the zone. Use Template:Coords if it is on an open map, use (X,Y) if it is within an instance. See Template:Coords for formatting of this field.
givenby Yes The NPC or item that gave you the mission. Text
type Yes The mission type "Story", "Action", "Investigation", "Sabotage", "Assignment", "Dungeon", "Raid", "Item", "Scenario", or "Assignment"
requires No Any pre-requisites (usually another mission) that must be done before taking this mission. If multiple perquisites, enter the first one here Text
req2, req3, req4 No If there are multiple pre-requisites, use these to list additional ones Text
faction No If this is a faction-only mission, enter the required faction here "Dragon", "Illuminati", "Templar"
reward No The amount of XP awarded for completing this mission Number
added Yes The game Update that added this mission Number
removed No If the mission has been removed from the game, the game Update that it was removed in Number
repeatable No Is this mission repeatable "Yes", "No" Yes
map, map2, map3, map4 No If there are maps associated with the mission, they can be added here filename.extension