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This template is to be used when creating Category:Destructible objects pages. Typically things like crates, fake walls, etc that are meant to be destroyed during the course of a mission.

The infobox will be beneficial in providing quick snippets of information to the user without forcing him/her to go rifling through blocks of text. They are very easy to use and will make the page look much better.


Place this at the very top of your page, and fill in the information provided (variable descriptions follow the code). If some variables don't have info, leave it out, and it will be hidden in the template.


Do not add categories in the page content. They are automatically set by the template!

|name = 
|image = 
|hp = 
|region = 
|zone = 
|location =
|mapcoords = 

Property descriptions

  • Name - Name of the object. The name will default to that of the page name, so in most cases this is not needed and can be ignored.
  • Image - Filename for the image of the monster. Just use the image name, do not include "file:" or any other formatting. This will default to <name>.jpg - and will only need to be defined if it is something different
  • hp - Enter a number for the Health/HP the object has.
  • Region - What region they are located in. See Locations for a list of regions (section headers on that page). For example: Solomon Island or Valley of the Sun God.
  • Zone - What zone they are located in. See Locations for a list of zones (links below each section header). For example: Kingsmouth or Savage Coast. For a mob in a dungeon, put the dungeon name here, as listed on the Locations page.
  • Location - What location they are located in on the zone map. Use locations listed on the page for that zone under "Nearby Landmarks". For example, in Kingsmouth zone, a location would be Wispwood.
  • Mapcoords - The coordinates where the object is located within that zone. If there is a map of the zone this can be made linkable by using the Template:Coords {{Coords|x|y|zone|name}}, otherwise (x, y)


  • Do not place brackets around region, zone, location etc. Page links are created by the template.
  • Try to use Region / Zone / Location / Dungeon names exactly as listed on the Locations page or the various zone pages, in order to make auto-linking work properly.