Rocket Launcher (Abilities)

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Rocket Launcher are Rocket launching weapons in the ranged category. When not in use, players equip Rocket Launcher (Abilities) on their backs. They provide target based or ground based area effect damage. They can also be used by the player to "rocket jump" to a position in the Weapons range.


Main article: Skills

Rocket Launcher skill has just one Rank. Which is bought with 35 Skillpoints. Like any other Auxiliary Weapon too.

  • Damage: Areal Denial - Whenever you activate a rocket launcher ability, you leave behind a damage Area that last 5 seconds.

The damage area will affect up to 5 enemies in a 5 metre radius every second dealing 23 physical damage .


Main article: Ability

All Abilities require a Rocket Launcher in order to function. Passive Skills do also require a weapon and do not affect other Weapons than the Rocket Launcher.

For Auxiliary Weapons there are no Elite Abilities. But You can equip only one active and one passive in the 8th Slot each.