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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

MissionTitle Ripples.png
Region: Transylvania
Zone: Besieged Farmlands
Start Location: Observatory
Start Coords: (544,1100)
Given by: Vampire Hunter
Type: Action
Recommended Level: 47
Requires: Test Run
Reward: 3,720 Experience
Repeatable: Yes
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

The Vampire Hunter knows all about pain and anguish, as well as responsibility. Someone with the power to do so needs to investigate the nearby farm, and uproot the suffering that flourishes in its fields.

Journal Entries

Mission Action.png Ripples       Main Mission
REPEATABLE (Recommended Level 47)
The Vampire Hunter knows all about pain and anguish, as well as responsibility. Someone with the power to do so needs to investigate the nearby farm, and uproot the suffering that flourishes in its fields.
Tier 1
Shredded screams and the stench of corpses fill the air at night. Whatever's happening at the nearby farm, its source lies in the secret world. And, contends the Vampire Hunter, so must the remedy.
  • Investigate the farm
  • Find something to burn the rotting corpses with
  • Burn the rotting corpses (0/4)
  • Investigate the atrocious smell
  • Kill the Plague Herald
Tier 2
The farm is a harvest of nightmares. These villagers were tortured and mutilated before being strung or piled up.
  • Investigate the east field
  • Burn down a haystack
  • Make all the haystacks burn at once
  • Kill the Herald of Ashes
Tier 3
The massacre stretches across the farm. Uncover more about the creatures that sow these dreaded seeds.
  • Investigate the nearby barn
  • Ignite an Inanimate Scarecrow (0/4)
  • Destroy the Headless Terror
Tier 4
Scarecrows - much like those on Henderson's farm - are fashioned in the barn. They too are made of old robes and stuffed with someone else's sorrow. Find the creature responsible.
  • Investigate the burned farmhouse
  • Defeat the Herald of Sorrow
  • Pick up the Herald of Sorrow's feather
  • Search for the Herald of Sorrow (upstairs in barn at 542, 838)
  • Complete the binding ritual
  • Kill the Herald of Sorrow


There are 4 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/4

  • Investigate the farm
    • Marked on your map at (564,1022)
    • Watch out for the various Scarecrows in the area, they can be more difficult than most mobs in the area
  • Find something to burn the rotting corpses with
  • Burn 4 of the rotting corpses
    • Laying on the ground in the marked area
    • Note: Once they are burning, if you linger near them, you will take environmental damage
  • Investigate the atrocious smell
    • A depressed area with green fumes, marked on your map at (553,956)
  • Kill the Plague Herald
    • He appears at the southern edge of the area as you approach

Tier 2/4

  • Investigate the east field
  • Burn down a haystack
  • Make all the haystacks burn at once
    • There are 5 in the area, each one guarded by a Scarecrow - (Charnel Cutter, Thing Posessed)
    • Once you light them on fire, if you stand next to them or cross their fire you take environmental damage
  • Kill the Herald of Ashes
    • You'll have to kill the Herald in the center of the fire pentagram, as if you attempt to pull it out too far, it will evade and return to the center.
    • You also have a limited time to engage him before the fires, and the Herald, disappear
    • Be careful of his Call to Crows, the stacks of Accursed it gives can do large amounts of damage

Tier 3/4

  • Investigate the nearby barn
  • Ignite 4 Inanimate Scarecrows
  • Destroy the Headless Terror

Tier 4/4

  • Investigate the burned farmhouse
    • Marked on your map, behind the barn, at (587,818)
  • Defeat the Herald of Sorrow
    • Use the Mutilated body in the burned out rins
  • Pick up the Herald of Sorrow's feather
    • Timed: 1:00 minute
    • It will appear where he died at
    • Make sure you can kill the Shade of Sorrow as well, as its attacking will keep you from grabbing the feather.
  • Search for the Herald of Sorrow
    • In the building at (542,838)
    • On the top floor, you will approach the pentagram painted on the floor
  • Complete the binding ritual
    • Use the feather placement that appears when you get close to the pentagram
  • Kill the Herald of Sorrow


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Ripples
Do not allow anyone to condemn your actions or non-actions. That is our privilege. And only for as long as you allow yourself to be judged.

There are revenant fields across the globe. Suffering has become a very popular crop - and more and more land is fertile for it. We do not have the means to uproot every single farm, but we do track them as best we can. It offers a glimpse of how the world's agony is distributed. Wallachia currently produces more than its fair share.


Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Ripples
I looked into the Vampire Hunter - a.k.a. John Smith of Nebraska. So I was half-right: family killed, just not by vampires. His trail's a bit helter-skelter. We'll let you know if the story gets interesting. In the meantime, don't let him give you any more morality lessons. Our only responsibility is to the share holders.

As for the farm, it's your basic revenant field. Revenants are all about finding ground that's fit to sow suffering. Reports suggest that Transylvania is particularly fertile.

Continue the good work out there - cutting through the indignant bullshit, burning the rotten corpses, etc.


Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Ripples
These are terrible times for agriculture. Farms everywhere are being overrun by portents of the coming doom. That is what revenants do - they sow death and seek to make it last.

One must not deny the Vampire Hunter his right to be indignant. It confirms his character.

Of course, he was wrong to imply that we had anything to do with this mess. The Illuminati, certainly capable of it. The Dragon, capable of anything. We may not always be above reproach, but ninety-seven percent of the time we are. That figure is a fact.

R. Sonnac

"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 3720
Anima Shards.png 1000
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 372
Anima Shards.png + 150
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag
Talisman Reward Bag.jpg 2 Talisman Reward Bag
Glyph Reward Bag.jpg 1 Glyph Reward Bag



Vampire Hunter: Shoots a crossbow bolt into a vampire coming up behind you
Vampire Hunter: Cool as a cucumber, aren't you?
Vampire Hunter: Thought you secret world folks knew how to take care of yourself.
Vampire Hunter: Or is it simply that your skin is so thick, fangs don't pierce them?
Vampire Hunter: Are you so powerful now you believe you're immortal?
Vampire Hunter: So did that one.
Vampire Hunter: I got no love for your world, or for you.
Vampire Hunter: We just happen to ride the same boat across these stormy seas.
Vampire Hunter: I'm down in steerage with the common people, but you?
Vampire Hunter: Well, you're riding first class with the royalty of the secret world, aren't you?
Vampire Hunter: Oblivious to the ripples you make by throwing rocks from the top deck.
Vampire Hunter: Ripples that end up killing innocents.
Vampire Hunter: There's a nest of vamps and I don't know what up on that farm.
Vampire Hunter: I've been hearing screams and other sounds, like nothing you ever want to hear again.
Vampire Hunter: Now I know my limits. I hunt vampires only.
Vampire Hunter: And I hunt them alone, on account of not having skin as thick as yours.
Vampire Hunter: I stay quiet and invisible
Vampire Hunter: and that's how I live to see tomorrow.
Vampire Hunter: If you got a single shred of dignity left, you'll go up there and face the consequences of your actions.
Vampire Hunter: You look them in the eye and you come to terms with what your secret world is doing to us all.
Vampire Hunter: (menacing you with a crossbow)Or so help me God,
Vampire Hunter: when this is all over
Vampire Hunter: I will hunt you down my own self.

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