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SWLicon.png This article concerns content for Secret World Legends. For the TSW Classic version, click here.

Questions and Answers
Region: New York
Zone: New York
Start Location: The Labyrinth
Start Coords: (x,y)
Given by: Automatic assignment
Type: Story
Recommended Level: 6
Faction: Illuminati
Reward: 5,709 Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: SWLicon.png SWL
Added in: Update 2.0

The Illuminati have been tracking your progress in New England. It's time to face your superiors in New York.

Journal Entries

Mission Story.png Questions and Answers       Story Mission
UNREPEATABLE (Recommended Level 6)
The Illuminati have been tracking your progress in New England. It's time to face your superiors in New York.
Tier 1
Your primary contact is ready to debrief you after the events on Solomon Island. She's waiting for you inside her office in the Labyrinth.
  • Meet Kirsten Geary in her office
  • Leave the office
Tier 2
There's no room for stagnation within the Illuminati corporate structure. Either you're advancing through the ranks, or you're dead.
  • Figure out where you are, and why
  • Read the report that was left behind
Tier 3
The report contains a list of names, accounts, codes, and habits. One name in particular appears to have have caught the attention of Erin Mahler's internal investigation.
  • Leave Q&A via the elevator
  • Find the office of the agent under suspicion
  • Learn what you can from the agent's laptop
Tier 4
The agent is tracking numerous shipments around New York. One of the listed delivery trucks is in the neighborhood and scheduled to depart soon.
  • Find the delivery truck and investigate it
  • Look for the agent
  • Remove the spinal chip from the agent's corpse
Tier 5
Every Illuminati agent is grafted with a spinal chip - courtesy of Zurn. Something has gone very wrong in the warehouse and the mysterious agent's chip will hopefully shed some light on the situation.
  • Get back to Illuminati headquarters
  • Go to the server room
  • Report to Kirsten Geary
Tier 6
A storm is gathering in Egypt and all the major players are there. You need to make sure that Illuminati interests are well defended. A Council of Venice envoy will fill you in on the details when you arrive.
  • Travel to the Scorched Desert in Egypt through Agartha


There are 6 tiers to this mission.

Tier 1/6

Tier 2/6

  • Find out why you are in the room you wake up in
  • Go to the desk downstairs
  • Read the report that was left behind

Tier 3/6

  • Leave Q&A via the elevator
    • The code is printed in the report - 9101
  • Find the office of the agent under suspicion
    • Go down the hall and take the second left, the door will be open
  • Learn what you can from the agent's laptop
    • You'll need a password

There's a cell phone on the seat just to the left of the entrance


There's a receipt on the floor under the desk


There's a message from Cassini on the desk


The password is the dog's name, 'Kirsten'

  • Read the agent's emails

Tier 4/6

  • Find the delivery truck and investigate it
    • It's near the subway at (x,y)
    • Climb into the back of the van and ride it to the warehouse
  • Look for the agent
    • Work your way through the maze to where you see Egyptian mummies and museum items.
  • Remove the spinal chip from the agent's corpse

Tier 5/6

  • Get back to Illuminati headquarter
    • Get out of the warehouse -- at this point the warehouse goes black and various mobs will attack you. Use the forklift to get to the top of the crates and work your way across the top of the maze to avoid the various mobs.
  • Go to the server room
  • Report to Kirsten Geary
    • Watch the cutscene

Tier 6/6

  • Travel to the Scorched Desert in Egypt through Agartha


Dragon.png FROM: The Dragon
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Questions and Answers
Illuminati.png FROM: The Labyrinth
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Questions and Answers
Your field report has been received and is currently being analysed and evaluated. Thank you for your contribution. We will contact you if more information is needed. A reward and cash bonus has been credited to your account.
Templars.png FROM: Temple Hall
To: <Character Name>
SUBJECT: Questions and Answers
"Secret World Legends"
Exp.png 5709
Anima Shards.png 650
  SWL Patron Icon.png Patron Bonus
Exp.png + 571
Anima Shards.png + 98
Weapon Reward Bag.jpg 1 Weapon Reward Bag
Talisman Reward Bag.jpg 2 Talisman Reward Bag
XP Per Tier
  • Tier 1: 571 Exp.png
  • Tier 2: 571 Exp.png
  • Tier 3: 571 Exp.png
  • Tier 4: 571 Exp.png
  • Tier 5: 571 Exp.png
  • Tier 6: 2854 Exp.png


Tier 1

Solomon Island Debriefing      
Kirsten Geary: (On the phone) Ugh, listen to me. Li-Listen...
Kirsten Geary: Oh, stop crying, you are forty years old. It takes hours to die from a gut shot like that.
Kirsten Geary: Literally hours, it's a total drag.
Kirsten Geary: So I'll call you later. okay?
Kirsten Geary: Okay, ciao-ciao. (Hangs up)
Kirsten Geary: Ugh, new recruits, no stomach for field work.
Kirsten Geary: Solid results out there.
Kirsten Geary: Not the results we were expecting, but we have entire departments all about adjusting expectations.
Kirsten Geary: Heads will roll, whatever.
Kirsten Geary: What's buried beneath that rock stays buried.
Kirsten Geary: No shit it's a cosmic big deal, but forget all about it,
Kirsten Geary: or you'll follow Beaumont into a secure treatment ward at Arkham State Hospital.
Kirsten Geary: And we don't go to Arkham. Super unsanitary.
Kirsten Geary: As for the one that got away, she won't get away far.
Kirsten Geary: We've got our best recruiters reaching out to her.
Kirsten Geary: The magic sword is a nice-to-have, but opportunism like that is priceless.
Kirsten Geary: And if little Cassandra doesn't play ball, we'll put her through Questions and Answers to figure out the whole Morninglight angle.
Kirsten Geary: It's a win-win.
Kirsten Geary: At least we've kept the factional status reasonably quo, although I'm a little curious about what the Orochi Group is playing at.
Kirsten Geary: We do have strict non-compete spells in place, a lot of red tape and chilling effects, but I wouldn't put it past them to go behind our backs.
Kirsten Geary: Just like we're going behind theirs.
Kirsten Geary: Oh, you're an accessory no, incidentally.
Kirsten Geary: Executive summary, you did good work out there. High five.
Kirsten Geary: (You try to give her a high-five) Really, hm.

Tier 2

Questions and Answers      
Erin Mahler: (Turns on a monitor with 'Q&A' printed on it) Do you know what that means?
Erin Mahler: No, you don't. You have absolutely no idea what that means.
Erin Mahler: Today, we'll be doing questions, but we will skip the answers. We know the answers.
Erin Mahler: Miss Geary already debriefed you, there's no need for repetition.
Erin Mahler: How would you rate your performance? Don't answer that.
Erin Mahler: Didn't I tell you? We already know.
Erin Mahler: Bottom line, you failed.
Erin Mahler: Lucky for you, so did everyone else, which makes it hard to establish a cutoff point.
Erin Mahler: Geary's job is to make you feel special, to make you deliver.
Erin Mahler: Our is to simply... evaluate.
Erin Mahler: We look at facts. The facts concern us.
Erin Mahler: Your loyalty concerns us.
Erin Mahler: We have questions, but your answers are... irrelevant.
Erin Mahler: Frankly, actions speak louder than words.
Erin Mahler: The sword isn't the only relic of note to go off the radar lately.
Erin Mahler: An alarming amount of it ending up in the wrong hands. I.e. not ours.
Erin Mahler: The Phoenicians are involved.
Erin Mahler: (Referring to the Morninglight) Also, these people... No one knows quite what to make of them. We're filing it under T.B.D.
Erin Mahler: And then there's the Orochi Group...
Erin Mahler: We know exactly what to make of the Orochi Group.
Erin Mahler: They may appear to be on our side, but they are not. They are dangerous. They have ambitions.
Erin Mahler: And like us, they have eyes and ears everywhere.
Erin Mahler: Everywhere.
Erin Mahler: I'm going to tell you exactly what that means.
Erin Mahler: It means we're paying attention. All the time. To you, to everyone else.
Erin Mahler: Q&A isn't just me. It isn't even... us.
Erin Mahler: It's all of you. Vigilance is important. If you want to avoid seeing this room again...
Erin Mahler: You will learn to be vigilant.
Erin Mahler: This went well.

Tier 5

In the Server Room      
Leah Cassini: Have you tried turning it off and on? No?
Leah Cassini: Then please kill yourself.
Leah Cassini: Yo, I'm the sysadmin. I've been tracking you since that unauthorized email access.
Leah Cassini: Strike one.
Leah Cassini: Is the agent dead? Out there, I mean.
Leah Cassini: In the system his mistakes will live forever,
Leah Cassini: like stains under a blacklight. Dirty digital fingerprints all across the world.
Leah Cassini: Seriously, do these people even understand how technology works?
Leah Cassini: Everything is recorded, nothing is deniable.
Leah Cassini: We know your entire life story. It's chill though,
Leah Cassini: my job isn't in the details. Your weird-ass preoccupations are totally your own thing.
Leah Cassini: Can you... not try to make eye contact.
Leah Cassini: I also do numbers, data.
Leah Cassini: I ran all those shipping numbers you saw, which FYI takes longer than it does in the movies.
Leah Cassini: Yeah, Egypt, I bet you twigged when you got jacked by mummies.
Leah Cassini: Gold star. But check out all this activity in and out of the desert.
Leah Cassini: Let's say half of them are dummy shipments, to throw off anyone with too much time and satellite access.
Leah Cassini: That still leaves...
Leah Cassini: a lot. And what's weird is that this Egyptian mafia, The Kingdom, are super anal about export control.
Leah Cassini: As our rogue trader found out. Do you still have his chip?
Leah Cassini: No shit. Well, I know where Geary's sending you next.
Egypt Briefing      
Kirsten Geary: In summary, plenty of room for improvement.
Kirsten Geary: Now it's time for you to leave and me to chat with one of our rising stars. Ciao-ciao.
Kirsten Geary: I don't expect to see him again. We're making a few... cuts.
Kirsten Geary: Exciting news, you're going to Egypt.
Kirsten Geary: Well, exciting if you're into all beach and no sea.
Kirsten Geary: I prefer the Mojave. Hmm...
Kirsten Geary: the smell of the firing range, peyote, shallow graves.
Kirsten Geary: But enough about my childhood.
Kirsten Geary: Africa hasn't been a key action area for us since the 14th century B.C.
Kirsten Geary: Now our sources say something big is going down in the desert, a real game-changer.
Kirsten Geary: New England is so last week.
Kirsten Geary: The catch is that we'll have to work with Venice.
Kirsten Geary: The Council used to run the show...
Kirsten Geary: back when the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around Europe.
Kirsten Geary: These days they're all about being "neutral observers,"
Kirsten Geary: getting in the way of a good, old-fashioned honour system.
Kirsten Geary: But until we find a way to speed up their slow descent into the ocean,
Kirsten Geary: it pays to use and abuse them. We scratch their back, they crack down harder on the Templars.
Kirsten Geary: It's a public service, the modern world is so over big swords and bad teeth.
Kirsten Geary: Hook up with the Venice envoy, make nice, find out what they know.
Kirsten Geary: If you have to make a mess, make sure you don't spill any on the Orochi Group.
Kirsten Geary: They've been making a lot of noise about New England,
Kirsten Geary: and the word is that their Egyptian operation has been compromised.
Kirsten Geary: They're likely to pin it on us, if push comes to shove.
Kirsten Geary: I'd tell Orochi to go fuck themselves, but you know how it goes.
Kirsten Geary: They're the world's biggest transmedia conglomerate.
Kirsten Geary: Setting up a video conference regarding self-fucking would take forever.
Kirsten Geary: Ah! Time for my next-o'-clock.
Kirsten Geary: Don't worry, you're not on my cut list, yet. Ciao-ciao.

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