Into The Inferno

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Into The Inferno
MissionTitle IntoTheInferno 1024.png
Region: Solomon Island
Zone: Blue Mountain
Start Location: Overlook Motel
Start Coords: No Data
Given by: Daniel Bach
Type: Dungeon
Reward: 576,170 Experience Experience
Repeatable: No
Game Version: TSWicon.png TSW
Added in: No Data

Mission Introduction Text.



Danial Bach: Can't keep away, huh? Looks like you got the same jonessing as me
Danial Bach: And let me tell you, until it got its hooks in, I didn't do obsession. Even my ADD has ADD.
Danial Bach: It's where I get my edge (Shaking a pill bottle) "That and the fast food, to keep me real fast.
Danial Bach: No good now. Once you see that place, you've stared at the sun.
Danial Bach: Close your eyes and it's imprinted on your retinas. Deserts on fire, sky like an open mouth, twisted goddamn creatures with...
Danial Bach: a terrible fucking beauty. It's poetic.
Danial Bach: I hear them when I sleep, or sometimes when I'm awake. They know all our names, and all our bullshit. How to run an ego and stop just short of climax.
Danial Bach: They say they'll be my muse, my masterpiece, my Pulitzer. All access, all coke and BJs.
Danial Bach: Dante never had it so good.
Danial Bach: It's way past too late for me. Room's coming apart.
Danial Bach: Guess Wicker clocked out.
Danial Bach: I can feel it all, like a scab picked away to the mess beneath.
Danial Bach: But there's still time for you to do your thing, whatever that is.
Danial Bach: And, hey, if you see my old editor on the other side? Tell her we'll do lunch soon.

Final Cutscene

Saccharissa: So sorry.
Saccharissa: Your princess...
Saccharissa: is in another castle.
Theodore Wicker: (To Saccharissa) Saccharissa.
Theodore Wicker: (To the group) You came for me, I presume.
Theodore Wicker:
Theodore Wicker: a phantom itch now.
Theodore Wicker: We are not the same species, you and I ...
Theodore Wicker: I have no nostalgia for Earth.
Theodore Wicker: I cut it out.
Theodore Wicker: My body rejected it.
Theodore Wicker: Do you know,
Theodore Wicker: it was the soul I stripped away which allowed me to commit such awful crimes.
Theodore Wicker: Psychopathy is a quite human trait.
Theodore Wicker: Now I am beyond the cage of humanity. I am...
Theodore Wicker: rarefied.
Theodore Wicker: This dimension has worked a great alchemy on me,
Theodore Wicker: and in return I mean to restore it...
Theodore Wicker: to greatness.
Theodore Wicker: Every petrified forest must start from a single manganese seed.
Theodore Wicker: You're feeling short of breath.
Theodore Wicker: The atmosphere is oxidising your blood, turning it to metal.
Theodore Wicker: In my realm, that which does not make you stronger...
Theodore Wicker: kills you.
Theodore Wicker: Go back to your world.
Theodore Wicker: Go back with my thanks.
Theodore Wicker: When present matters are concluded, I'll see to it that the rifts are welded closed.
Theodore Wicker: You have my word.
Saccharissa: You, me...
Saccharissa: on a beach of razor fossils.
Saccharissa: The vultures of Leng plucking your nerve endings like a fabulous instrument.
Saccharissa: Call me sometime?

Journal Entries

Tier 1: Inside Room 13 is a door that shouldn't be there. What lies on the other side?




Theodore Wicker is a dangerous and unstable element in the fabric of Hell. We would rather see him free than chained as a mindless battery.

Hell is a stilled sea of oil, awaiting introduction of a spark, and we are curious to see the long-term effects of a man like Wicker. In time, Hell will burn through him, make of him another melted candle.

That is why we do not sign agreements with so-called masters of Hell.

Today, we aid Wicker. Tomorrow, whoever is best positioned to maintain the beat of the furious drum.


Wicker's making a play for Hell. Ideally in this situation, we'd back a winner for the sake of future cross-dimensional agreements. I like Wicker's moxie, but I'm still not convinced he makes an ideal trading partner.

You've decided to help Wicker on this occasion - essential, since he was being used as a battery to sustain a very substantial rift.

However, playing favorites isn't our current long-term strategy. Maybe we jump on the Wicker train eventually, but for now let's allow local politics to run their course.



Theodore Wicker is the self-proclaimed saviour of Hell – and you have freed him from his enemies. I can understand the impulse to help the sweet succubus and back the Oxford element, but frankly there in nothing of Oxford left in Wicker.

Nonetheless, he was being used as an occult battery to power a most unwelcome rift. Unplugging him was the right course of action.

As for Wicker’s desire to restore dignity to Hell, I would have more faith in the cause if the man wasn’t utterly and irrevocably insane.

R. Sonnac


There is 1 tier to this mission.

Tier 1/1

This is pretty much a one-way-only adventure. Just keep following the one and only path and you'll get where you need to be automatically. For details about the monsters that can be encountered and tactics for the boss fights, refer to Hell Raised for additional details.

Other Information

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